Plumas County Wireless Alert

Cartoon by Florie Freshman

Plumas County Planning Commission is drafting a new telecommunications ordinance.

Unfortunately, they are allowing the very firms that face new safety rules to water down the law. Under the draft ordinance, most proposed wireless sites—even next to your home—would not require notification or even a public hearing. Supervisor Michael Sanchez has tried to silence Plumas residents suffering from microwave injuries who wished to speak at public meetings, violating their civil and 1st amendment rights (see video below). Planning Dept. Director Randy Wilson has encouraged companies like AT&T and Verizon to evade the new ordinance (and its safety regulations) by submitting building permits for their towers before the ordinance is approved.

This “wireless wild west” hurts us all.

New cell towers being planned for Plumas County would:

  • Risk Wildfire: In 2007 a “small cell” in Malibu, CA burned 4000 acres, costing $14 million. A list of many other fires and cell tower mishaps can be found here.
  • Threaten Wildlife: After towers were “upgraded” at Mt. Nardi Wildlife Refuge in Australia, 66 once-common birds disappeared or became rare. Sierra Valley wildlife is at risk from the tower complex planned for Beckwourth Peak this Spring. Wireless is pollution.
  • Diminish Recreation: Who wants to hike a peak with radiating industrial equipment on it?
  • Threaten Public Health: National Toxicology Program’s $26 million study found “clear evidence” wireless causes heart & brain cancer. World Health Organization calls it a 2B carcinogen. Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity is on the rise. Watch news coverage about how the wireless industry is “war-gaming the science.” More studies here.
  • Increase Liability: Major insurance companies do not cover wireless health damage. Lucrative contracts expose landowners to future lawsuits.
  • Depress property values: Homes near towers sell for less due to awareness of risks.


  • Call County Supervisors (530) 283-6170 – demand wired co gets priority, and all cell sites comply within a new ordinance that puts health & safety (not telecom profits) first.
  • Contact Plumas County Planning Commission at or 555 Main St. Quincy 95971 – support an ordinance prioritizing wired communications, 100 ft. height limits, setbacks from schools, neighborhood notification, hearings on ALL sites, no “fast track” or other exemptions for small cells & a residential ban. We owe it to our kids.
  • E-Mail USFS at – deny PSREC’s permit for proposed Smith Pk. cell site.

A message from Plumas County Residents for Safer Telecommunications and Stop Smart Meters! Get in touch and stay informed! POB 682 Portola CA 96122  / (888) 965 6435 / Donations of any amount gratefully accepted / Local Consultations and Affordable EMF Meters Available.

April 17, 2018 Plumas District 5 Supervisor Debate- Telecom Question:

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