Smart Meters: Bad for Bees, Bad for Us

Here is the latest video of our intrepid director Josh Hart on his bike as he keeps tabs on PG&E’s contractors Wellington Energy as they continue to install smart meters against the wishes of both the City of Scotts Valley and the County of Santa Cruz.  Don’t piss off the bees, PG&E.   They might sting you- or worse- stop pollinating your food crops.

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3 Responses to Smart Meters: Bad for Bees, Bad for Us

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  2. Johnny says:

    I like the work you’re doing. Awesome! The people here in the county are with you on this issue.

  3. Maen says:

    I am nervous about the future and about that smart meter that located behind my 3 years old girl’s wall. We need more work to stopped PG&E from doing there project.

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