Video Coverage of Santa Cruz County Protests

Hot off the presses, our video engineers have been working overtime to bring you the latest coverage of the citizen uprising against smart meters that has been going on in Santa Cruz County.  Keep an eye out for those Wellington trucks- PG&E can run- but they won’t be able to hide for long.

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8 Responses to Video Coverage of Santa Cruz County Protests

  1. Bob Dickson says:


    PG&E CORPORATE says the signal radiation from their individual Smart Meters is Low.

    But PG&E CANNOT demonstrate that the RF and EMF radiation is low enough to not interfere with the millions of necessary electronic signals between the brain and cells of NEWBORNS, INFANTS AND CHILDREN while they sleep in order for them to develop and grow the organs and systems necessary for their lives.

    PG&E just says “Its safe.”

    That is exactly what PG&E said when they killed and sickened thousands of children and entire families as documented in the Erin Brockavitch Movie. First PG&E said it was safe, then they lied further, then they kept the truth from the families of those affected, then they tried to cover up the truth, then PG&E destroyed documents to further cover the truth. That is who PG&E CORPORATE is, not the heroic linemen that also get treated like dirt by PG&E Corporate.

    Peter Darbee, the CEO of PG&E should be charged and put in prison for massive crimes against children and humanity.

    All of these radiated signals can be sent through shielded cables so the children will be saved and safe, but Peter Darbee wants to take the money that it would cost for the shielded cables and instead take it home for himself, for his own personal use.

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  3. Klondike Kat says:

    What I don’t understand is the “mandatory” aspect of this program. If PG&E is so confident that these new meters will bring customers untold benefits, then a free market approach would make these desirable to have. But that is not how it is working out. Something is very wrong when the government (CPUC) is forcing these on the public without us having a vote on the issue. Something is very wrong when the only option is “take it or live in the dark.” It sounds like mafia tactics.

  4. Sc Bear says:

    I stopped the instalation of the meter on my property, . Pge called me and said I was threatening them after I told them that my 2 year old has had problems sleeping since MOST of my neighbors meters were installed. They TRIED to scare me straight, Not going to happen,, DO NOT LET PGE INSTALL on your property. These are Not good. I have Lost what little respect I had for pge, Now they will NOT be allowed on my property,,,, good luck,,, WHERE ARE OUR LOCAL REPS ON THIS ISSUE,, Lets vote them OUT for doing a great job of doing NOTHING!

    • onthelevelblog says:

      Absolutely- it’s becoming more and more untenable each day each day that passes that more local governments continue to let PG&E force smart meters onto us. If we wait until the 14th, THOUSANDS WILL BE INSTALLED. Call your supervisor NOW 831 454 2200 and DEMAND an immediate ban. Also watch for Wellington trucks and FOLLOW THEM BACK TO BASE. We will resume protests once we discover where they have moved the trucks. PG&E corporate are a bunch of cowards, hiding behind outrageously high and outdated FCC standards. PG&E could care less about 2 year olds or anyone of us!!! If the supervisors won’t act, we need to stop them ourselves!

    • Carl K. says:

      Is it true that some people are being threatened by PG&E to either install or have their power cut off? Can you confirm if this is happening?

      • onthelevelblog says:

        We haven’t heard that PG&E has actually cut off power to anyone who has refused a smart meter (and TURN has also said this). Getting your power cut off seems to be implied however by PG&E’s ‘no opt out’ policy. We know that electrically sensitive people have voluntarily cut off their power to avoid the EMF’s, which basically amounts to the same thing. Please report here if anyone has had their power cut off. Increasingly, sheriff’s depts (as in Sebastopol) are willing to enforce trespassing laws against Wellington energy if they come on to your property uninvited.

      • Carl K. says:

        Thank you onthelevel. I do not understand why PG&E thinks a mandatory 100% opt-in program which was approved by a government agency (that is unelected by the people) is remotely a good idea. It isn’t, and is the very thing that will doom this program to failure.

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