More Smart Meter Health Impacts Reported

People continue to report health effects from wireless ‘smart’ meters wherever they are installed.   “R.H.” from San Diego recently wrote in to the EMF Safety Network and reported cardiac symptoms that were so severe and erratic that they had to move out of their house. People are not making these symptoms up.  This technology is destroying people’s lives and it is being forced on us.

In Stratford, Ontario, Martin used an EMF meter to measure the pulses of radiation coming from his smart meter, which occur almost continuously as you can hear in the video.

Martin also documents damage to a shrub near the ‘smart’ meter:

It seems that the utilities would rather blunder along, hurting millions of people while attempting to hide the truth of their reckless mistake rather than admit that they are making entire communities sick.

There is increasing awareness that neither utilities nor the FCC took into account human health impacts from multiple wireless meters, or their effect on the natural world over time.  If you have been affected by ‘smart’ meters, or know someone who has, send your account to the EMF Safety Network here.

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