Cell Phone Brain Tumor Victims Speak Out

This press conference, held at the beginning of October at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco to coincide with the release of Dr. Devra Davis’ new book Disconnect, is heartbreaking to watch.   These families who have suffered from the effects of cell phone radiation are a warning to our society- either we take the threat of microwave radiation emitted by all mobile devices (and the infamous ‘smart’ meter) seriously or we risk a future where these cases become painfully commonplace amongst our friends, family, or even ourselves.  The information is being covered by the media, but will we listen, or just deny the truth and disconnect from those who are trying to warn us?

When health damaging microwave radiation is contained in a device that is pushed by industry and allowed to be sold without warning labels by government, that is negligence.  When it is forced on every single home and business in the state of California, with no right to opt out even if you are suffering terribly from the scientifically documented (and growing) affliction of electrosensitivity, that is criminal.

Call your state Assemblymember/ Senator right now and get all your friends to do the same.   We demand an immediate moratorium on any further ‘smart’ meter installations.  Get contact info for your state legislator here:

Assembly:  http://asm.ca.gov/defaulttext.asp

Senate: http://senate.ca.gov/

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