Direct Action Stops ‘Smart’ Meter Installation in Larkspur, Marin County

While on the way to the Larkspur ferry about a month ago, I came across a Wellington Energy installer in Larkspur placing ‘smart’ meters on people’s homes.   I followed him to a number of houses, speaking with residents about the effects of the meters.  Every single person refused installation.  The video starts when the installer arrives at a house where the occupants weren’t home (and thus unable to refuse).

I took direct action to protect health and property by peacefully resisting the installation and keeping the installer curbside for just under an hour.

The CHP and Sheriff pulled me over after I had left, detained me, and told me that if I did that again they would place me under arrest.  I told them that I had a ‘lawful excuse’ for what I was doing- that I was acting to prevent the greater crime of ‘smart’ meter microwave exposure, and that I would do it again given the chance.

People say they feel powerless to stop this program.   But actions over the past few weeks have shown that is not the case.   When people organize and resist it makes a difference.  Just don’t let them have the power over you or your community.  Don’t go along and don’t accept it.   Get in their way.  Defend against microwave trespass.

If you can prevent one installation, then that’s one less ‘smart’ meter and one less family who will be exposed.  Working together, we have more power than most people realize.   Don’t surrender that power to gutless bureaucrats and compromised commissions.

The power is with the public and they know it.

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  1. Carla L says:

    I don’t think you (whoever did this video) had permissin to trespass. I would not want you videoing on my property.

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