Marin County Outlaws ‘Smart’ Meters as Local Government Resistance Spreads


The County of Marin- north of San Francisco- on Tuesday became the 2nd County in California, after Santa Cruz, to pass a law banning PG&E’s new wireless smart meters.  The move comes after two successive board meetings were packed by over 100 outraged members of the community, and a successful blockade of a dozen Wellington Energy ‘smart’ meter installation trucks was carried out in West Marin in late December, resulting in the arrests of two local mothers.

Other local governments are poised to follow Marin County’s lead, including San Luis Obispo County, the City of San Clemente, and the City of Monterey.  The Chronicle reports that PG&E says they will continue to install the meters despite the growing revolt against them:

In Marin County, PG&E has already held about 35 community meetings and open houses, (PG&E spokesperson Jeff) Smith said. The company, therefore, doesn’t need to pause the program, he said.

“Continuing the program will allow all our customers to enjoy these benefits,” he said.

This is a little bit like a rapist, who refuses to hear his victim when she says “NO” repeatedly.  In convincing himself that she will benefit- or receive pleasure from what he is doing, he carries on regardless of her increasing protests.  Smith uses the fact that PG&E has held a number of meetings in the County as justification for their continued installation.   “Sweetheart, you’ve gone on 4 dates with me already, therefore I don’t need to pause my advances.”

If PG&E won’t respect the wishes of the population, and our democratically elected representatives, perhaps the sheriff will have to shift his attention from peaceful protesters to Wellington installers.   These are guys just doing their job though.  What would be most appropriate in this situation would be to jail the criminal thugs at the top of the corporation- for espionage, home invasion, and crimes against humanity.

Listen to Stop Smart Meters! Director Josh Hart and Rebecca, an electrically sensitive woman from San Diego who was forced to give up her professional practice and home and move out of state because of the ‘smart’ meter program, interviewed on the KPFA morning show yesterday.

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6 Responses to Marin County Outlaws ‘Smart’ Meters as Local Government Resistance Spreads

  1. Susan B says:

    Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters, 1/1/11: shows how Smart Meters actually exceed FCC standards for radiation exposure in CA.
    I have received a Smart Meter – it has made me sick in profound ways. SM’s are extremely dangerous devices, I am convinced of this, so are my doctors. My story: SM’s should be banned nation-wide, and removed from all homes and buildings where they have been placed.

    Smart Meters are a grave menace to public health, our liberties, freedoms, and privacy. If this precedent is allowed to exist, we shall lose far more. Even with just this outrageous device, the following can (and likely will) happen:
    1. the health of Americans will be destroyed. I have all but one symptom named in a report of health effects from RF radiation – and that includes a new, disturbing, virulent form of skin cancer on my face (smart meter located by head of my bed).
    2. hackers, government, or private companies could choose who to sicken with radiation exposure – no one would be safe. They would have a device on our homes and buildings that can be dialed up to sicken or even kill the occupants. This is not science fiction, this is a reality, now.
    3. privacy destroyed – our indoor air space permeated with radiation emissions, where once, we had the choice to have a healthy home
    4. privacy destroyed – data gathered on our activities and how often we are there, this can be hacked into or misused by government or private companies
    5. security issues
    6. interference with other devices, including medical devices and technologies in the home. This can be deadly.
    7. Power given over to government, corporations (often owned by international interests), terrorists/hackers who can now harm us in our homes from a great distance.

  2. RobertWilliams says:


    PG&E has already killed people in Hinkley, California and San Bruno California and other places less well known.

    Why are you people complaining about Wireless smart meters? Do you think you deserve better than those adults and children that have already been killed by PG&E?

    I just don’t understand you people. PG&E has a record of killing and sickening people throughout the state and that’s not going to change.

    Why don’t you people just accept it, like the rest of us?

  3. Susan B says:

    Proof largest SmartMeter producer has them made in China. Remember Chinese drywall? That pales beside this. Good points made above.
    Landis+Gyr Chosen by China to Help Build World’s Largest Smart Grid — BEIJING, Jan. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —

  4. Shucks the Explorer says:

    Santa Cruz County banned the meters? I thought it was just a temporary thing.

    • onthelevelblog says:

      3 month emergency ordinance that expired on December 31. If residents of Santa Cruz County want their reps to protect them from SM’s now is the time to put the pressure on.

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