Smart Meter Interfering with your Appliances? We’ll be right out. Smart Meter Interfering with Your Sleep? Sorry you’re out of luck.

Corte Madera resident Jane Levinsohn showing how a 'smart' meter made her motion sensor lights switch on for no reason. Photo Courtesy Marin IJ

It was reported in the Marin IJ Tuesday that a Corte Madera resident- Jane Levinsohn- complained to PG&E that after a ‘smart’ meter was installed on her home, her outdoor motion sensor lights were switching on and off for no reason in the middle of the night.   PG&E came out and tried using a ‘lower power’ version of the wireless meter, but the interference was still a problem.  They eventually replaced it with the old analog meter.  This is just one of hundreds- perhaps thousands of cases of electronic interference reported after a wireless meter is installed.

That’s just electronic interference.  What about human interference?  Despite thousands of requests to remove the meters because people are getting sick, as we and others have been documenting, PG&E- backed by the CPUC, has turned a deaf ear to these complaints.  We wonder what exactly they think of the thousands of people like you and me who are reporting headaches, sleeplessness, ringing in the ears, etc.

Do they think we’re crazy?

Do they think we’re just making it up to make their lives difficult?

The  viewpoint that people who complain about health effects of wireless technology are just crazy- part of the ‘tinfoil hat brigade’ or are just making it up- that perspective is simply no longer credible.

Why?  Because there is now peer-reviewed scientific evidence that certain people are indeed sensitive to microwave radiation at levels far below where the FCC sets its safety limits.  Does this really come as a surprise though?  Humans and all other living things send and receive electromagnetic impulses on a cellular level.   The surprising thing would be if wireless signals did not interefere with human biology.

It’s certainly a sad day when machines get priority over human beings.  But that is exactly what we are seeing unfold before our eyes.   PG&E, the other utilities, and the telecommunications industry as a whole are burying their collective heads in the sand, and trying to bury evidence that people are getting hurt.

To admit that people, plants, and animals are being wounded by wireless technology means that we need to question this blind rush to a wireless future.

With the mandatory wireless smart meter program, they’ve pushed it too far.  And when Republican grandmothers start risking arrest,  I think they are beginning to realize it.

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11 Responses to Smart Meter Interfering with your Appliances? We’ll be right out. Smart Meter Interfering with Your Sleep? Sorry you’re out of luck.

  1. RobertWilliams says:


    Each wireless meter costs the customer almost $300, about $600 for gas AND electric. That stimulates the economy as the economy is measured and reported.

    There are 38 million people in California. Even if millions get sick from the wireless signal radiation, many die (like from cigarettes) and some children’s development is stunted, there are still plenty to populate the state.

    Even if much of the $ we pay leaves the state to PG&E shareholders in other countries, it still gets reported in our economy and that is what is important.

    You people should stop worrying about children and grandmothers and neighbors and let PG$E do its thing.

    • Matthew Rensen says:

      A meter stimulates the economy? Nonsense, all it does is take money out of your pocket an gives it to someone else. You are paying for it, even though you did not ask for it.

  2. Josh says:

    Well-put and keep up the fight.

    Perhaps you should get some info about what devices (light the lady’s lights) reliably experience EMI from smart meters, and make that info available to people who don’t want them.

    That way, at least people will have some recourse that will be respected by those in positions of power. It’s not a substitute for continued activism on the health issue, but for people who are getting sick now and trying to figure out what to do, it might help offer them relief in the short term.

    Are there any fairly cheap devices out there that reliably experience EMI from smart meters and have been deemed sufficiently important to warrant replacement of the smart meters with analog meters?

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  4. Lou says:

    Since the first day the new meter was installed, we have had interference with our cable tv every few minutes on all channels. I live in Texas and have Time Warner Cable. We are already seeing an increase in our electric bill. Our old meter worked just fine and we have kept records all these years and our old meter was consistent.

    Right after it was installed, one calm night our electricity went on and off for several minutes. That had never happened even in the worst storms or winds up to 90mph.

    The Oncor guy who installed our meter admitted that he didn’t like the new meters. We’ll never get anything done because most people are not paying attention. I’ve talked to various people and their comment is “what is the smart meter?” Then others claim that they won’t get one because they have TXU. Well, I have TXU and my next door neighbor has a different company and we all got the smart meter. The whole town got them, but many people are uninformed because they don’t pay attention.

    The big question is will the cable companies protest or just let it go and let the consumer suffer. We pay a lot for our cable service.

    • Hi Lou! We are in Texas, too, here at Everyone in Oncor’s service area (from about Round Rock to the Dallas area) will get a smart meter from Oncor. TXU, Direct Energy, Reliant, etc. are all just billing companies. Oncor owns all the lines and equipment and they are installing EVERYONE. You would not believe the money they spent just to bully and harass me for months when I refused them access to change my meter. Mafia is not an extreme description.
      In southeast Texas (Houston), Centerpoint is the owner of all the lines and they are the ones installing smart meters in their service area. We consumers have no choice in that. If anyone in Oncor’s service area wants to keep a smart meter off their house, they need to take the steps to physically cover it. There are several posts on this website ( with photos showing how.

      For specific information, contacts, and help in Texas, feel free to contact us at
      info AT That info is also on the website

  5. Mia Nony says:

    Why not use several?

    Post a sign refusing smart meter on the grounds that they are hazardous by virtue of being installed under live electrical load which risks arcing, pitting, scorching, fire, delayed fire, and which can lead to malfunction of any structure’s entire wiring system, which would require a forensic arc assessment to be carried out on the entire house after the fact, due to the greatly increased risk of fire, immediately or much later on.
    Electrical appliance behaviour may be a sign of a much worse post installation condition.
    Electricity is a VERY unstable substance. A non professional should NOT install this kind of device under live full electrical load, not ever.

    “Capitalize” on the fact that there are certain materialistic issues that are deemed to be worthy of removal of a smart meter, like malfunctioning garage doors, security systems, anything which could lead to direct liability for the utility corp, etc.

    Build a small totally enclosed foyer around your analog meter wall with a handy viewing window for a meter reader. Only allow a meter reader entry into the foyer area in your firm and prepared presence and only after proper identification has been provided.

    Do not engage in any phone or in person verbal exchange with any installer or utility rep without a recording device and a witness. Better yet, insist on snail mail and get everything they might ever threaten or mislead you about put into writing. Guarantee threats won’t happen.

    Use a generic analog meter form to post your analog meter readings on the locked gate or at the entrance to your property every month on the date before your
    billing period ends.

    Install a solar powered or motion activated garden pest deterrence system around the meter area.

    Post a sign indicating that unusual guard dog training methods are used at this address.

    Install either a legit camera surveillance security system or decoys cameras aimed at your well barricaded analog meter.

    If you have any barricade that uses screws, fill the screw slots with some kind of weld bond glue that becomes as hard as metal.

    Consider getting someone who knows wiring to secure your barricade by counter sinking large 1/2″bolts through to the interior side of the meter wall, preferably smooth carriage bolts.

    It is bad enough that you pay to run the meter. Don’t provide the electrical power for them to get rid of your barricade. If you have an outdoor outlet, disconnect it.

    Cite the declarations of all the witnesses for the frequency trial taking place right now in oregon to block these frequencies.
    Start with the declaration by military expert witness Barry Trower who was instrumental in weaponizing low level frequencies :
    The following documents outline the current case.

    Trower – Addendum A – January 2012
    Havas – Addendum B – Boston Petition – January 2012
    Havas – Addendum C – International Appeals – January 2012
    Havas – Addendum D – Presentation – January 2012
    Morgan – Addendum E – Poster – Re-evaluation of the Interphone Study – January 2012
    Morgan – Addendum F – Poster – Exposure Limits The underestimation . . . especially in children – January 2012
    Morgan – Addendum G – Poster – 108 How Many Brain Tumors v3 6-8-09 [Compatibility Mode] – January 2012
    Morgan – Addendum H – Poster – Incidence Rate Model 5-8-11 – January 2012
    Morgan – Addendum I – Mobile Phone Use and Brain Tumors in Children and Adolescents – January 2012
    Plaintiffs’ Response to Portland Public Schools’ First Set – January 2012
    Second Amended Declaration of Curtis Bennett – January 2012
    Amended Declaration of Barry Trower – January 2012
    Amended Declaration of Dr David Carpenter – January 2012
    Amended Declaration of Lloyd Morgan – January 2012
    Declaration of Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy – January 2012
    Declaration of Dr. Magda Havas – January 2012
    Havas – Addendum A – Studies – January 2012

    Cite international EMF safety laws and work safety laws which are being violated by the electrical induction caused by these frequencies.

    Cite the established work of Andrew Michrowski to which ever tax funded state or provincial department over sees building code enforcement.
    The high level corrosion to metal caused by the frequencies enabled by smart meters radically accelerates corrosion of all metal in any house or office or council or elected office structure, not least of which are the metal components in the electrical system.

    On a related subject, EMF/microwaves/RF is harmful not only to living creatures but also to hard materials and infrastructure.

    Dr. Michrowski writes:

    “I came across this during a survey for a legal case involving a brand-new underground electric distribution system + gas + optoelectronic network + water + sewage in a “high-tech” tourist-promotion downtown upgrade of rue Principal in Sutton, Eastern Townships, Quebec. In that urban-development district, some sewer tops (manhole covers) were rapidly rusting — or, more accurately, “shrinking” — in a strange non-rust-like colour.

    Instead of the familiar reddish-brown of oxidized iron, the surface was turning yellow (with spots) then orange.

    “I was able to obtain the power density data. At the wireless technology bandwidth the phenomenon became pronounced: in a few months the equivalent of 1 to 2 decades of traditional rust-corrosion was occurring.

    “Then, as a presenter at the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) international meeting in Ottawa, I attended a series of thesis presentations by several teams of University of Waterloo students who were reporting a new type of corrosion. Their observations were taken at the Chalk River nuclear reactor (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, the world’s largest research reactor and one of the first to be built). It had been in good maintenance for decades — until recently.

    “The doctoral students examined [the Chalk River nuclear plant] with special (and extremely expensive) spectroscopy equipment.

    “Their data revealed a linearly frequency-dependent, electron-stripping process that is so accelerated that there is no time available for oxidation (normal, red-brown rusting) to occur. This new corrosion phenomenon follows a fractal geometry pattern (branching out after each penetration-stripping), rather than progressing layer by layer.

    “This new branching degenerative phenomenon is designated “Pit Corrosion”. (It’s also been nicknamed “Tora Bora” corrosion, on the analogy of the multi-directional caves which the Taliban dug in the Afghan mountains, in order to confuse intruders.)

    “When downtown Ottawa underwent extensive, national-security-related laying of communication systems — optoelectronic cables with nuclear-coating and with high bps count — I noticed which manhole covers (including brand new ones) were yellowing away in a similar manner to that described above. These were in near-fields of the “environmental/background level” power density, equivalent to what was noted in Sutton, Quebec.

    “Even without the use of sophisticated meters, you can now observe across the landscape — where there is significant presence of background microwave emissions — reinforced concrete sidewalks, bridges, and building foundations being ‘eaten away’. Weakened window frames, popping panes and so on, are occurring.

    “Adding to the overload are more wireless gadgets: so-called SMART meters, often communication-deficientD.E.C.T. (radiofrequency or “cordless” phones), colour-TV cellphones, Wi-Fi tablets, and other bandwidth-hungry wireless devices.

    “Meanwhile Canadian municipalities express alarm, getting up-in-arms over the extraordinary new maintenance expenditures — many billions of dollars (trillions for their US colleagues) — which they face trying to maintain the provision of essential services. The infrastructure is corroding away thousands of times faster than planners expected their amortization plans to cover.”

  6. oc says:

    i am having some strange issues with my access point dropping, my 2 servers locing up when they are close to the smart meter that is on other sise of the wall.
    my servers and my AP are about 5 to 8 feet away from smartmeter.
    I never had the problems of this nature before, they all appeared after the smart meter was installed. random lockups of 2 freshly rebuilt servers, random access point drops, very strange.

    so, can someone suggests where can i get technical specifications of smart meters that are used by SDGE in Southern California.


    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      oc, this sound very serious and could affect your business operations negatively.
      You might need to hire a computer engineer to get to the bottom of this.
      But as an electrician, the protocol for troubleshooting is to eliminate suspected sources of the problem first, and then see if the problem goes away, then you will know what it was before spending endless dollars chasing things.
      Get rid of the SmartMeters first before investing any more money trying to solve this problem, and if everything works fine after the SmartMeters were removed, you should “backcharge” SDGE for all related losses to your business operations and also forensic and investigative work by electricians and and IT professionals. Unfortunately, you might have to hire a law firm, but make sure all legal fees are reimbursed by SDGE should you prevail !

  7. JLG says:

    A few months back a set of smart meters were installed on my duplex and ever since I have had nothing but problems with my cable tv weird tiling of the picture and skipping of audio. I have had ( and in no way am I exaggerating ) about fifteen techs from the cable company out to try and figure it out (which will be sixteen after tomorrow.)
    When I tell them it did not start until the meters were installed I think they think I’m nuts or imagining it something. I have had a couple techs say it’s an interesting theory, but they were not sure if there is a connection. I guess if after the sixteenth tech comes out tomorrow and can’t fix it I will call PG&E and request they remove the meters and replace them with the old style ones and see what happens. Makes me wonder how many other people are having this kind of problem out there?

  8. Redi Kilowatt says:

    In what region of the country do you live ?
    I read that in some regions, the utilities are using SmartMeters that utilize a powerline carrier (PLC) method to transmit the billing data from your meter to the utility once every 4 hours, but there also could be be transmissions more often than that to keep in sync with the PLC system. PLC systems have been found to interfere with other radio and electronic devices.

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