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Lately, we’ve been getting inundated with e-mails from all over the country, which is good news as the ‘stop smart meters’ revolution is growing.  The bad news is that we’ve been unable to respond in a timely manner to a number of inquiries.  If you have sent an inquiry and have not heard back, we apologize.  We’ll get to it as soon as we can.

Developments are coming so fast and furious now that we have just started using twitter to get the word out about breaking news stories.   You can follow us.  We are “stopsmeters.”

Latest exciting news from California is that the City of Seaside in Monterey County on Thursday became the 30th local government in the state to demand a halt to the program, and the ninth to criminalize smart meter installation.  It was a unanimous vote.  Coverage in the Monterey Herald here. Earth to the PUC and the Utilities- no one wants your hazardous, inaccurate, spy meters!!

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