All Eyes on Japan

Our hearts go out to the people of Japan who are now struggling with the triple calamity of earthquake, tsunami, and now possible nuclear meltdown.   The extent of the insanity required of electric utilities to build nuclear reactors at sea level near major faultlines has now been revealed for all to see.   And of course our California utilities are not exempt from this insanity, with San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear power plants built in the same vulnerable locations.

What the Japanese nuclear crisis means for the west coast of the US is still uncertain, but there is certainly the possibility of widespread contamination, given that the jetstream is blowing straight from Japan to California.  And detailed expert analysis indicates that this crisis is far from over and may get very much worse.  Worth keeping an eye on.

Is this ionizing radiation emergency the right time to shift focus away from the non-ionizing radiation emergency that PG&E and many other utilities are inflicting on us?  No!  Just the opposite.   Our growing calls for a moratorium on further installation are more pressing now than ever.   If California does suffer radiation impacts from the crisis in Japan, the last thing we need is for everyone to be doused by levels of microwave radiation that are violating FCC standards as we are dealing with fallout from across the ocean.

Energy companies are taking the same extreme risks with public safety and health the world over.  Nuclear power, unsafe gas transmission practices, wireless radiating meters on your home.  It’s all part of a sick way of looking at the world that says your health is expendable, but powering an increasing number of meaningless electronic toys is not.   Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather live simply and reduce energy consumption than be subject to the horror of climate catastrophes, nuclear fallout and generations with damaged hereditary material.  When all is said and done, it’s just not worth it.

Now is not the time to let PG&E or the other utilities off the hook.   Why not head out to neighborhoods where ‘smart’ meters are being installed, and pass out some flyers to warn residents (we can provide these).  In times of crisis, we need to stick together and offer mutual aid.  In the meantime, it’s probably not a bad time to stock up on Miso soup, tinned food, water, potassium iodide tablets, and keep a close eye on Japan.

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4 Responses to All Eyes on Japan

  1. RobertWilliams says:


    The California Utility Company, PG&E, has already killed people in Hinkley, California and San Bruno California and other places less well known.

    Why are you people complaining about Wireless smart meters? Do you think you and your children deserve better than those adults and children that have already been killed by PG&E?

    PG&E Corporate has a record of lying, covering up, killing and sickening people throughout the state and that’s not going to change.

    I don’t understand you people trying to protect yourselves and your children. Why don’t you people just accept it, like the rest of us.

    It is obvious that PG&E lies for money. But PG&E is the official word so even if something terrible happens to my wife or children, it’s not my fault.

    Stop the dam scientists from reporting cell damage and breaks in DNA chains in human cells and breaches in the blood-brain barrier of lab rats from the Wireless smart meter type of radiation and stop talking about it.

    Just accept it, like the rest of us.

    • Judy says:

      Hi Robert,
      Maybe you can con your brain into thinking that PGE corruption and abuse is just a FACT and all sane people have to get used to it – but guess what? Some of us are facing this overwhelming, blatant abuse by PGE and the CPUC for the 1st time – like our eyes have opened up to what has been going on from corporate fraud and abuse and are DAMN mad and not going to take it anymore. That’s healthy and the opposite of the ostrich, giving-up, head in the sand version you seem to be expressing. Up where I live, we’re coming together as a neighborhood and doing what we can to research, educate ourselves, send letters to the board of supervisors, send a registered letter to PGE saying that we refuse the installation of these toxic meters, install protective cages around our meters, get on the delay list at PGE, call Wellington, and everything else we can think of. And when the Wellington trucks show up in our neighborhood (soon it seems) we’ll come out of our houses and say NO!!! – put our bodies between the installer and the meter (even neighbors, not just our own) and do everything we can to stop them. These actions are enlivening, not deadening – and are in alignment with our hearts, not just our heads and resignation, resentment, blah, blah, blah. The world is in utter crisis and until we stand up and say “NO!” to all that we can personally address, then we’re part of the problem, not part of the solution. Being involved with strong, positive change allows us to feel the power of choice rather than being victims of others!

    • Monique says:

      Dear RobertWilliams I understand your frustration at PG&E which is behaving as all criminal enterprises do, with stand over tactics, no remorse, nor any accountability for their actions, yet just because you have decided to conform and play the Ostrich and give up (it does not mean that other people should). The smart meter issue is not about which persons life is more important than the next. All persons lives are important, this is why the issue is uniting people hand over fist, they have had enough of PG&E strong arm deceptive tactics, and they know very well the implications of doing nothing, which will cost them their health. Your negative comments “GET USED TO IT” are nothing constructive and real defeatist in attitude, which will NOT work, you see the people are UNITED and they will NOT fail in the mission to protect their health and that of their loved ones and neighbours. With UNITY comes VICTORY – there is NO OTHER WAY -keep fighting the good fight with tact and intelligence. Bully’s will always loose, Robert be conscious of this.

  2. I have seen someone calling themselves “RobertWilliams” comment on other smart meter stories at other websites and he is firmly against smart meters. If this is the same person, I think he’s being dramatic to make a point, not really suggesting everybody just be quiet.

    Or I could be wrong…

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