Packed House at Stop Smart Meters! Santa Cruz Forum

Thank you to the panelists, moderator, and 200+ people who packed the house last night in Santa Cruz for our ‘Wise Up to Smart Meters’ Emergency Townhall Forum.  Press coverage in the Mercury/ Sentinel and related coverage on KION.  Please attend events planned this week:

Friday, August 5th 11:30am PROTEST Sheriff Wowak’s defense of corporations over the public safety.  Courthouse Steps, 701 Ocean St. Santa Cruz

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4 Responses to Packed House at Stop Smart Meters! Santa Cruz Forum

  1. Ed Zachary says:

    What a hoot! Anti-Smart Meter protest leaders schedule a protest meeting in a building that’s a Wi-Fi hotspot. The leaders and the whole audience were bathed in RF signals similar to that they’re protesting from Smart Meters the whole time they were there. Next time they had better all wear their tinfoil hats.

    I didn’t see any reports of people suffering hysterical symptoms while at the meeting, but then we are all bathed in RF signals every day of our lives. Broadcast radio, TV, cell phones, Wi-Fi, police cars, taxi cabs, GPS satellites, boats in the harbor, radar from airports and airplanes, RFID readers, radio dispatched repair trucks, CB radios, radio controlled model aircraft, ships at sea, short wave enthusiasts, and these are just the deliberate RF emitters. Good luck getting away from RF folks, and keep those tinfoil hats on.

  2. Karen says:

    Some People do not look at the Big Picture when it comes to how this would effect nature and our species. It saddens me to know that people are fouls which chose to focus on petty things like a conference hall. We’re talking about people homes and the right to make a decision on if they want something that harm there health on there premises. This is not something to joke about. To educate your self on the matter look up this web-site.

  3. Shawn Lee says:

    I know when the gas smart meter was installed my wireless outside temp reader quit working. If it inter-feres with that what else does it do? How does it effect Bats from using their “radar capabilities to find pests?” It isn’t just one per household being installed but two. To top matters, PG&E went over a 6 ft LOCKED gate to get to our meter to switch it out. They called litterally minutes before invading my privacy and stated “a report of a damaged meter”………OH really. So if they really can access my property ANYTIME, why did they come up with the lame story of a damaged meter?!?!?! As mentioned above, it is an invasion of our privacy, and a way for PG&E and other power companies to stick-it to us. Once they have access they will be able to charge increased rates for power used during peak hours……….which is 7 am to 9 pm. So if you work, and need to do laundry, fix dinner, or anything that uses electric. Well I rise @ 4:30 am, leave the house @ 6:30 am, and go to bed @ 9pm. So Jsh and ED, once PG&E implements higher rates based on time of day you do laundry, cook dinner, watch TV and play on the computer you will be charged a higher rate. Then who will be complaining?

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