Santa Cruz Man Assaulted By Installer, Camera Broken

Wellington employee accused of assaulting a Santa Cruz resident and breaking his camera

This account came in this morning and it is very alarming.   It’s clear that PG&E is getting desperate and is resorting to physical violence to force their meters into our communities.  Alan is currently at the police station filing a police report about this incident.  We must come together and refuse to go along with these illegal, violent installations.

Today, September 14, 2011  – Alan Fischer Chestnut St,  Santa Cruz, CA


I received a ring on my doorbell at about 10:45 AM and when I went outside I realized that a technician from Wellington corporation (working for PG&E) was already installing “smart” meters on my building which is only several feet from where I sleep. He was working rapidly and would not stop to acknowledge me throughout most of our interaction. I told him that I am disabled and had been assured when I talked to PGE representatives that I could “opt out”, at least temporarily, from having smart meters replaced on my building until a later date, if at all, (which I understood meant the whole building, but now am told that what I was told was incorrect.) I informed that although I was upset about the violation of my rights and well-being that I knew he was just a worker and did not consider him my enemy.

I asked him to stop and consult with his manager or boss before continuing since it was my understanding that this installation would not happen at this time and I am extremely sensitive to EMF frequencies among other things which make me ill. He refused to stop and ridiculed my concerns. He commented that if anyone interfered with his work he was instructed to call the police. I requested he call the police and stop work until the police arrived. He ignored me and continued working. I then went inside and returned with my camera and took several pictures of him installing, along with my sign protesting such installation thrown on the ground. I then attempted to get a photo of his front showing his name badge. He immediately grabbed my camera and squashed it in his fist, breaking the lens out (the lens extends when on) and destroying it. He then shoved me on the right shoulder. My neighbor had arrived in the middle of this and I demanded my camera back and he gave it back. He did not apologize and continued with a menacing attitude. I demanded he call the police and said I would if he did not. He then called the police. I called a number for legal support in front of the technician and asked my neighbor to stay, hoping that would deter any further assault. The technician ridiculed me for using a cell phone.


When the police officer (Ken Deeg, Officer 135) arrived, I noted again my disability and request that the technician stop and call his boss or PG&E and that local ordinances legally prohibit smart meters. The officer said the legality issue had nothing to do with him and stated the technician was authorized to do everything he was doing. I asked to file a police report regarding my camera and the assault. He told me to leave so he could talk to the technician in private. After a lengthy consult, he then spoke with me and gave me his card. He recommended I not take action against the technician because the technician would also press charges and I “would lose.” I asked if this meant if I did not press charges, the technician also would not and he agreed. He then pushed up close to me several times to demonstrate how I was in the “technicians space” apparently to indicate that I was at fault in this way. This was inappropriate, especially as he did not say, “the technician claims you did…” such and such, but seemed to take his side as truth without question. He was not interested in hearing details from me, only the technician. I am concerned because although he was generally professional, he seemed to be taking sides without investigating all the facts first and seemed to be already prejudiced against me or my position. Although I requested to file a report asking what I needed to do about three times, he left without that happening. When I called the police station later in the day, I was told I need to follow up with the same officer – possible case #7848, but am told this is probably the “installers case against me.” Still haven’t been able to file a report…

Editor’s Note: You have the right to demand that any installer leave your property and they are compelled to do so by law.   If they refuse, you can call the police and report a trespasser.  These are your basic property rights, whether you are an apartment dweller, a homeowner or a worker at a business.

Update from Alan Fischer Friday Sept. 16th:

Several things: (1) after two nights I am amazed and devastated at how bad these are. I feel like I am being electrocuted, subtle but not subtle – in other words nervous system assault intense, but on a initially imperceptible level. I am extremely sensitive, canary in the coal mine. 8 meters several feet from my bed…exhuastion making it hard to think clearly. (2) The same worker is still working on this complex. I am shocked that after I told PGE about this, the police were informed (police report) that not only have they not pulled him off installation, the still have him working here! (3) I appreciate the support and I need help figuring this out – hard to think clearly and get rest under the circumstances.

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20 Responses to Santa Cruz Man Assaulted By Installer, Camera Broken

  1. Debra says:

    I think we need to organize a posse that will be ready to come to the defense of innocent people who are being bullied by these sub-contractors. We also need an attorney on our side. Aren’t there any electro-sensitive lawyers out there who are just as mad as the rest of us about this tyranny? If we had five guys show up to defend this disabled guy, I think the contractor would have left pronto! I also think we need to humiliate these sub-contractors; make them question the issue; wake them up out of their ignorant stupor. Tell them that it’s their children that they’re going to be losing to brain cancer — and after their child DIES, they’ll be bankrupt from all the medical bills. Tell them that it’s called K-A-R-M-A.

  2. Todd says:

    This was a horrible thing that happened, and I think you were totally withibn your rights to take photos. And I disagree with the officer. If you pressed charges, I’ll bet the worker would at least get cited for breaking your camera.

    But what happened to you is not a Smart Meter issue. It’s an issue with an unprofessional worker.

    • I disagree with you Todd. I think this incident is part of a pattern of intimidation, threats, and where necessary, physical violence utilized to force the meters onto communities. Why is this man still out on the streets working installing smart meters, threatening and assaulting people with the apparent blessing of the Santa Cruz Police Dept., Wellington Energy and PG&E? This is the modus operandi of the utility industry in 2011 America. They are a criminal enterprise and a racket protected by the state. Communities must wake up and organize to protect yourselves cause there ain’t no one gonna do it for you!

  3. karyn says:

    Totally agree with Debra..completely !

  4. claire says:

    This is not Ok, especially if he was told that he could OPT OUT! We need a leader that will help us to organize against this oppression. I am concerned about the potential fires that can come from these smart meters as I have a gas line for my fireplace that is adjacent to the meter space. We need some help!

  5. Earlene says:

    Utility company using it’s muscle to force their equipment on O U R property and breaking personal property without regard?

    This is absolutely unbelievable and soooooo wrong!

  6. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death says:

    This installer and his boss should GO TO JAIL!!! Santa Cruz County passed an emergency one-year ordinance criminalizing the installation of PG&E’s ‘smart’ meters, following Marin County’s emergency action and the release of a study that showed that violations of FCC limits on human exposure to microwave radiation were likely from the new meters.

  7. John Thielking says:

    It is time to start a movement to have a city or county owned utility to replace PG&E. Marin did it recently. The city of Santa Clara has done this a long time ago. You can too. In Marin right now they don’t generally install smart meters, but your neighbor may “opt out” of the local utility and go with PG&E if they really want so this is not guaranteed that you won’t have a smart meter installed next door to you. Another option if you live in a condo may be to get the homeowners’ association to pull a “mobile home park” style of organization for peoples’ utility bills and kick PG&E out of the building. In this case, the association owns the meters and bills the residents utilities on their homeowners’ association dues bills. The association then has the power to decide if the meters are smart or not. Or the landlord of a regular apt building could also bill the utilities on top of the rent if he/she owns the meters. You may still end up with one smart meter that PG&E will use to bill the building, but that’s better than having a whole bank of them right next to a disabled resident. You could also try putting tin foil and screen wire over each smart meter, leaving a patch of screen wire as a window to allow each meter to be read manually. Expect to replace the foil and screen wire at least once a month as the meter reader will likely remove them when they stop by. Good luck.

    • Jim says:

      Besides the power company and PUC, put the landlord and association on notice that they could be held liable too!

      Put their personal toys on the line and they will think twice before continuing. All these people who cooperate with this after being put on notice of all these valid issues may lose their fancy houses and cars if $100 million in damages happens from a small outage. Wide spread outages, even more!

      It is a fact that mass hacking of mechanical meters is impossible.

      This whole idea of remote RF control on/off of your entire house is insane!

      Here’s the example letter text link

      Scroll down on that page for more text.

  8. OC says:

    People, post a few highly visible NO TRESPASS signs on your yard immediately. Then arrest any installer for TRESPASS and call the police to come wrap up the arrest. If they do not leave or act anything like this story’s installer you can upgrade the charge to ASSAULT BY TRESPASS. Also, it doesn’t hurt to pack your piece openly for additional leverage.

  9. Shucks the Explorer says:

    So PG&E comes onto your property, bullies you, and then threatens you with arrest for defending your own property. And the police look the other way.

    And a “judge” oversees the CPUC meetings and shields the PG&E executives from having to answer any real questions from the very public for whom it is supposed to work.

    What the hell is wrong with this picture? It sounds rather like the good old mafia, only nice and legal and sanctioned by the state doesn’t it?


  11. M Anderson says:

    I witnessed an installer trying to install a Smart Meter at the Village Faire Antiques barn in Aptos last week. A couple of dealers told the installer that he needed to talk to the owner before doing this. The installer was courteous and left some paperwork for the owner to call. There was no confrontation at any time.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      so M,
      was this installer sporting a hardhat and face shield ?
      If so, he must have been wearing riot gear, not installing a meter !

  12. Redi Kilowatt says:

    I looked at the first page of this thread, I see that the Wellington employee was wearing a hardhat, but no goggles or a face shield. Rat him out to PG&E for a safety violation.
    Also I noticed that this non-electrician was wearing a heavy leather electricians tool pouch on his belt, but only 2 tools in it. He could have easily put those screwdrivers in his pocket. I guess by giving the installer an electricians tool belt makes him feel “impotent”.

  13. Pat the meter installer says:

    I say to all of you paranoid about electricity and modern conveniences should just turn off the switch. Problem solved, or better yet, move to mexico

    • Eastwood says:

      Howdy Y’all, Neal here from up north in Michigan.
      These quote “smart” meters have to be stopped dead in their tracks.
      They only save the big utilities money by killing jobs.
      Pat, you SHOULD be ashamed of yourself, BUT…you won’t. You, personally are helping put people who read meters out of work,but you don’t care as long as you get paid.
      I am an old southern boy at heart, and if I or my family or friends had witnessed anyone,disabled or not, being mistreated by one of these installers, well…..I don’t want to come off as an internet badass, but, they wouldn’t be able to leave until the police had arrested him, me, or both.
      STOP being afraid, wounds heal eventually, and if everyone stands together,there is no limit to what can be accomplished.
      Peace……until your backed into a corner!!!

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Your job is just temporary, wha chew gonna do when they come for you ? with your pink slip.
      You will have no real qualifying experience under your belt, just a few months of being a slave for the corporations doing temporary unskilled labor.
      Good luck on finding another gig. Consider the military, the job doesn’t pay one quarter as much as a meter monkey, but it will be even more dangerous.

  14. the Truth says:

    You people need to let PG&E install all the necessary smart meters. You are only holding back progress. There is NO such thing as being sensitive to EMF frequencies. If you really were, then you would not be able to even go outside or enjoy wi-fi connections. There are many stronger Electro-Magnetic fields you are exposed to. Take of your DAMNED tin foil hats and stop harassing people who are only trying to do their job. If you really believe that they are setting this up to get your information and “control” you, then why are you even on the internet? Shouldn’t you be in the forest somewhere living like monkeys?

  15. john says:

    I’m not an activist but I can honestly say this. About a year ago I thought it was old age, I started having headaches, ringing in the ears, ran up huge medical costs having them check me for everything, from hearing loss to a tumor check. Nothing. I opted out of the smart meters about 4 months ago and within weeks of them being removed all of my symptons are gone. I am feeling totally healthy as fit again. It’s amazing.
    (note, my gas meter was near my bedroom and my electric meter was attached on the living room wall behind the couch.) Some people might have the meters far away like in the garage, others in apartment complex might have 4 meters behind their bed. I hate having to side with the activists but the smart meters are really not healthy.

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