Occupy Your Utility: San Diego Fights Back

This video was recorded by Occupy San Diego last week.  They interviewed Susan Brinchman, who has been at the forefront of the fight against ‘smart’ meters in Southern California.   Her organization, The Center for Electrosmog Prevention, has been making waves and countering utility company lies all over the southern part of our state.  More and more people are catching on to the corrupt, damaging nature of the ‘smart’ meter program, and adopting these evil little devices as a symbol of where our system has gone horribly wrong.  Here’s to the fighters who just won’t quit and the people risking arrest!

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2 Responses to Occupy Your Utility: San Diego Fights Back

  1. Susan says:

    This interview was my first, shows my hair that is falling out from the meter, too. 🙁 But very happy to be filmed by them and accepted by the Occupy organizers in San Diego. Bravo to them, they could see the link to corporate greed clearly.

    Another, filmed by our CEP volunteer at Occupy San Diego, the next day (10/10/11):
    Occupy San Diego: Smart Meters Are Causing Harm

  2. Janet Warren says:

    What are my options? I do not want a smart meter but I can’t afford the “penalty fees” for opting out?

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