CPUC Grants SCE Customer an Analog Meter

In a replay of his declaration that a PG&E customer could “go back to an analog meter,” CPUC President Michael Peevey last week granted a Southern California Edison customer the same request. “That’s an affirmative answer,” he told Topanga resident Elizabeth Barris when she pleaded to be allowed an analog.

This happened during the public comment period of a October 6th meeting in Los Angeles, one of several southern California CPUC meetings scheduled this month.

Peevey’s comments: “Well, we certainly had that experience [asking for and getting an analog] with PG&E, when they expressed a willingness to remove the meter. And I would assume [Southern California] Edison would do the same thing. Gentleman?…. That’s an affirmative answer.”

Now the CPUC has granted this sort of public request for an analog meter twice. But currently there are many, many more people in California who are desperate to have analogs put back on their house, or keep the one they already have.

Is this the hoop we must pass through? Public begging at scheduled CPUC meetings? This piecemeal approach is an unconscionable way to address the serious health consequences that the “smart” meters are causing for thousands of state residents.

In addition, the issue which Ms. Barris raises, but which President Peevey refuses to address, is the cost of opting out to analog. Ms. Barris quotes a cost of $4000 for her landlady to opt out.

View entire meeting: http://www.californiaadmin.com/cpuc.shtml

This segment occurred at about 1:28:00.

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10 Responses to CPUC Grants SCE Customer an Analog Meter

  1. Redi Kilowatt says:

    WOW, $4000 for her landlady to opt out ! Is this for multiple meters or just one, please let us know, this is very important.
    I think we all know why these sub-contractors have been ordered to slap in as many new of these useless, cheap , dangerous and falsely advertised meters as they can. It’s because they will want to charge a fee to remove them. It’s a sham.
    More than half of the new meters are not even communicating with the data collectors in Marin and S.F., and probably never will be, they still need to be read by meter readers.
    These simple cheap meters are transmitting RF 24/7 for nothing in most cases, and the ones that do only transmit total usage data of the meter once every 4 hours, and nothing else. There are no Home Area Networks, because they are just a pipe dream, and they are completely separate from the PG&E revenue collection radio system and cost thousands of dollars to the customer anyway. There is no possible way that PG&E is going to pay for these HANs. The new residential meters are worthless pieces of foreign made electronic wireless junk, that are made by workers who earn $2.50 a day !
    I will never allow anyone to put a piece of junk on my privately owned meter enclosure, especially one that transmits RF for no reason, and I’ll be damned if PG&E tries to charge me a fee to read my analog meter, it’s been built into my rates for decades
    I think the shit is about to hit the fan, and people are going to protest this corporate money grab that is the meter project. Some people don’t know what is really going on, but there are many more that are starting to understand. REFUSE, REVOLT and RESIST this scam.

  2. Julie S. says:

    SCE just called saying they are going to put a tag on our analog meter saying not to replace it. Is this a victory? Does this mean SCE has given in and is going to leave us alone about the smart meter?

    • We have heard that SCE is putting yellow tags on meters that people don’t want swapped out. However this is not a clear victory- the utility industry and their lawyers are pushing hard for an ‘opt out’ program that would charge you hundreds of dollars to safeguard your health and privacy. We recommend that you secure your meter against theft by the utility, and declare a smart meter free zone in your neighborhood- these meters transmit for a mile or two range so you might be getting radiation from your neighbors meters as well. Fight them off together!

  3. Liz Barris says:

    Yes, it is true. Edison wants $4,000 a year extra merely to go form RF to analog. Yes, we do have multiple meters in one account and are in a high paying bracket because of this, however, we could continue paying the same rate and get the analog. They do not have to make it double. This is a scheme to discourage people from switching to safe analog and it is working!!! My land lady and I are now at war over this meter. She wants me to pay the whole charge or she won;t do it. I have been trying to get my neighbors on board, and some of them are coming around, so that we all share the extra cost, but still, it is a lot of money and we should not have to pay one penny to keep these cancer meters off our property and out of our lives!! I am going to start a petition about this and will post it here soon.

    • Christine W. says:

      I would like to sign that petition. I live in Southern California, and Smart Meters were installed in our City over a year ago. I have been searching for a petition to sign to stop Smart Meters (or restore analog meter service) but haven’t found one in my area.

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  5. Mr D. Murray says:

    When our electrician upgraded our home we needed SCE seal of approval. When they came out to inspect it the employee came with a new meter. We told him we did not request it nor did anyone say we had to have it. He sold it to us as “an upgrade to this ugly old one no different and it wont cost you anything extra to install it” That was 4 years ago. Might explain the constant ringing, high pitch squelches I constantly hear in my ears for the past several years. We want ours removed! Our city Lakewood Ca is on the list as to paying dues to be a part of this secret is yours? http://www.icleiusa.org/about-iclei/members

  6. Susan says:

    I have tinnitus too. I just discovered we have a smart meter. SoCal Edison said we only have the option of switching to digital. Do I have to go a hearing to be able to get the analog?

  7. Richard says:

    Just out of curiosity…How long have you noticed having tinnitus?

    I ask only because I’ve had tinnitus for decades, and long before the advent of the wireless microwave technology that is currently under suspicion…

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