Southern CA “Opt Out” Approved

From EMF Safety Network April 20th post:

On April 19th, the California Public Utilities Commission approved a smart meter opt out program for Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) customers, similar to the PG&E opt out program approved in February.

SCE:  Starting May 9, customers may opt out by calling 1-800-810-2369.  For customers already on the delay list, calling the number will enable them to enroll in the opt-out program and keep their current meters. Customers who have a smart meter, but would like to opt out, can have their meter exchanged for the type (i.e., electro-mechanical analog meter or non-analog, non-smart digital meter) that was previously in place.

SDG&E: Similar opt out program approved, using analog meters.  SDG&E will begin removing smart meters within 20 days.  Call 1-800-411-7343

Unfortunately, the punitive, arbitrary, and likely illegal fees to opt out continue to be imposed by the CPUC.  Approval was given to interim fees of $75 for set-up and $10 per month for meter reading, and CARE fees of $10 for set-up and $5 per month. A second phase of the CPUC proceeding will be held to evaluate cost, and community wide opt-outs.

Meanwhile the CPUC also approved new metrics to track how the smart grid projects are delivering value to customers. These metrics include tracking: load and demand response programs, home area network usage, customer complaints, malfunctioning meters, and others.

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9 Responses to Southern CA “Opt Out” Approved

  1. robert hefner says:

    A Corix person installed a meter on my house after my wife told him not to. It was installed against our will. I never wanted it installed. Do I now have to opt-out and pay $75 to have them put an old meter back on? Also $10 a month to have it read. Can’t I go to their level pay plan and have it read only once a year and only pay $10 a year? SCE says that the $10 is so someone can read the meter. So one time a year is $10 a year. Right?

    • Jim says:

      The meter that they put on my house when I signed up for the opt out program turned out to be a meter that still functioned just like a smart meter. It looked like an analog meter but when I researched it on the internet I found out that it had an RF transmitter in it along with a 32k memory card to collect data. So the meter can be remotely operated. I got so over dosed with the smart meter that now I am EMF sensitive. I can tell when I am around anything that emits RF signals. My ears started ringing really loud one night and I knew it was the meter and when I took a reading on my EMF detector sure enough it was transmitting big time.

      So why do they need to charge $10 a month when they can read it remotely?
      Edison is getting to be a real scary company and so is the CPUC for letting them get away with this kind of stuff.

  2. Garrett says:

    Thanks for the info. Quick and easy.
    Bummer we have to pay extra monthly
    not to have it. Wonder how long it will
    take for that fee to start creeping up. lol

  3. Rosa says:

    This is so creepy that SCE, etc can creep to pour community without further notification that it will change your meter when in the first place it’s not broken (as the saying goes” why fix when it’s not broken in the firstr place”). I agree with Robert, Once a year to read and one time fee of $10. SCE people should not have an extra excuses since they pretty much know how much consumption is used per family. THIS IS A RIP OFF!!!

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  7. Charles Kimbrough says:

    When I opted out of the smart meter. SCE will not let me put an Sangamo watt hour meter 74505106 on my house. Instead they put their Silver opt out meter on my house’ Which still emits radiation. I don’t know what to do.

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