Smart Meter Legal Rights: The Fine Points

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The fine points of “smart” meter technologies.

By Ken H.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005, section 1252, allows opting-IN to a “smart” system by customer request. The utilities however, and under an assumed color of right, are forcing this “smart” pill down our throats while trying to charge us if we spit it out, and the CPUC- against its own Code, State and Federal Law- is supporting them.

Energy savings and securing our infrastructure are not the goals here, it is the gathering of your personal information, controlling your energy usage and making money.     The World Bank reported in 2010 that US per capita electrical usage is below 2000 levels.

The “smart” system destroys your constitutional protection from unreasonable search and seizure while documenting your private habits within your home. California Constitution Article 1, Sections 1 and 13, U.S. Constitution Amendments 4, 9 and 14.  No group has the right to your personal information.

Extortion is defined as “the acquiring of anything through the use of force or threats”. California Penal Code sections 518 & 519 and the United States Code section 1951.  “Your info or your money.”

“Smart’ technologies do not strengthen the infrastructure of our nation, they merely allow the fine manipulation of utility usage within the aging system. Fact: microelectronic systems are more sensitive to natural and manmade damage or manipulation that could cripple our way of life, than electromechanical (analog) systems.

The “smart” meter grid will also introduce an unregulated electromagnetic radiation source to our lives that is far greater than current cell phone or other wireless usage. Seeming lack of definitive evidence of harm from this radiation IS NOT proof of safety.     Consider the history of DDT.

The Public Utilities Code section 745(d) states, in part, “On and after January 1, 2014, the commission shall only approve an electrical corporation’s use of default time-variant pricing in a manner consistent with the other provisions of this part, if all of the following conditions have been met:

(1) Residential customers have the option to not receive service pursuant to time-variant pricing and incur no additional charges as a result of the exercise of that option….”

“Service pursuant to…” is having a “smart” meter capable of supplying the information to run the “smart” system.

You have the rights and voice to deny extortionate demands and protect your privacy, health and finances.

Pay your bill, pay no extortion, defend your rights.

Say NO to “smart” meters every way you can.

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2 Responses to Smart Meter Legal Rights: The Fine Points

  1. Redi Kilowatt says:

    I agree, the thing that I hate the most about the SmartMeters is the time differentiated pricing schemes set to be tested in a year or two. This program is to be an experiment, last for two years and be evaluated to show if it really does help shift electrical usage to off peak hours and save customers money. If this plan fails, it will have to be scrapped by law. That is the only privacy issue with the SmartMeter program. As for all this other propaganda about surveillance of personal activities, that is pure bunk.
    The whole SmartMeter program was created to automate meter reading and increase revenue with these time differentiated pricing schemes.
    One the first count, the program is a complete failure because the telemetry chosen (Silver Springs radio smart grid) does not support the measuring of the bi-directional flow of current. Hence, meter readers are still needed to read the customers who are on the advanced technology theories about de-centralized generation (DG).
    This multi-national centralized generation of electrical power in the world might come to an end.
    The corporations have set this up to make huge profits, but this is not the best way to handle the future needs of customers and the environment.
    In centralized generation, there is also a huge amount of waste. Long transmission lines have large amounts of voltage drop, cause fires, wreck the environment and are prone to problems.
    This corporate way needs to be scrutinized and scrapped. What we all really need is to think outside of the corporate box and expand our efforts to create more micro power grids and utilize solar, wind, geothermal and other sources on a more local level. This is called decentralized or distributed generation (DG).
    There are many people in this country that believe that the corporate way is the only way, but they are brainwashed.
    There are strong movements starting up to challenge the status quo about electrical power all over the world. In Marin, there is the Solar Times
    Check it out.

  2. John Malthouse says:

    I agree with the majority this commentary, re: safety, grid upgrading and thinking outside the current corporate box. The consumer should be looking to becoming independant of the grid and the current reshaping of corporate takeover of it. Well done!

    With respect to the data collection and associated privacy concerns, I cannot agree that it is “pure bunk”. It is not. The personal electronic data being collected and the consumer concerns around are very valid. If the smart meter roll-out is world wide, and it is, can you imagine how this personal info could be used in countries that do not tolerate oppositional views or opinions by its citizens?

    Considering the errosion of democracy and increasing invasive manner of security in North America, I am very concerned with the trend and the smart meter is the ultimate device for closer scrutiny. It is Orwellian!

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