Hundreds of Californians gathered last week at five separate CPUC hearings around the state to voice opposition to smart meters- and the fees being charged to avoid them.

One woman at Thursday’s hearing in Santa Rosa asked the gathered crowd to raise their hand if they believed that the CPUC could be trusted to make a fair decision in this case.  Not one of the 200 assembled raised their hand.  A former PG&E meter reader testified about the company attempting to cover up the many fires that smart meters are causing.  Speaker after speaker told horror stories of the health impacts they have suffered from smart meter radiation. The public was united in its opposition to the forced technology, demanding a no-cost opt out for individuals and communities.

Merry Christmas, Grinch.

Stop Smart Meters! hired a bus (the “Analog Express”) and organized dozens of people from the Bay Area to speak at this hearing.  We sang smart meter themed Christmas Carols and upset the CPUC staff, who turned red and asked that we cease our merriment at once.  The CPUC provided a wireless mic for the public to use (can you believe their insensitivity to electro-sensitivity?) so a Stop Smart Meters! volunteer quietly swapped the mic to a safer, wired version.  We also interviewed some PG&E staff who were brave enough to show their faces at this event.  Video to come….

Thanks to everyone who rode the “Analog Express” with us and everyone who spoke out at the hearing.  It is clear that problems with smart meters are growing and so is the movement to stop them.

Please support the work of Stop Smart Meters! with a donation of any amount, so we can expand our activities in 2013. Thank you.

We wish you all a safe, peaceful, analog holiday season.


EMF Safety Network’s report on the Santa Rosa hearing

An article was published by the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (which misrepresents the position of the World Health Organization but is otherwise more or less factual).  Apparently no other media outlets covered the hearing, despite the fact that they all received media advisories.

Lyrics to “Smart Meter Meltdown” by Ellen Cecil (sung to the tune of “White Christmas”) are here (in pdf).

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  1. Reader says:

    Check it out…60.00/MONTHLY will be the opt-out charge for one customer who doesn’t want a Smart Meter!
    Another may get hit with a 125.00/month charge.

    Because it will cost so much to get a meter reader out there, say the electric co’s.

  2. Jim says:

    From wikipedia:

    Lack of savings in results (from smart meters)

    There are questions whether electricity is or should be primarily a “when you need it” service where the inconvenience/cost-benefit ratio of time shifting of loads is poor. In the Chicago area Commonwealth Edison ran a test installing smart meters on 8,000 randomly selected households together with variable rates and rebates to encourage cutting back during peak usage.[19] In the Crain’s Chicago Business article Smart grid test underwhelms. In pilot, few power down to save money. it was reported that fewer that 9% exhibited any amount of peak usage reduction. and that the overall amount of reduction was “statistically insignificant”.[19] This was from a report by the Electric Power Research Institute, a utility industry think tank who conducted the study and prepared the report. Susan Satter, senior assistant Illinois attorney general for public utilities said “It’s devastating to their plan……The report shows zero statistically different result compared to business as usual.” [19]


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