Two Mothers Arrested as Naperville Armed Police Assist Forced Smart Meter Deployment on Private Homes

(ILLINOIS)  Naperville Smart Meter Awareness (NSMA): Two Naperville mothers were arrested today in conjunction with the forced installation of smart meters. NSMA President Kim Bendis and Board Member Jen Stahl were arrested today during a forced installation at Jen’s home.

Details are still pending but Kim was witnessing the event from Jen’s property and was video taping. Three officers shoved her against a tree, pried her camera from her hands, and cuffed her. Both Jen and Kim were taken into police custody sometime in the 2:00 hour CST.

Kim is a mother of 3 school aged children. Jen has 2 school aged children and a toddler at home. All children are safe and are being taken care of by family or friends.

This is an extraordinary tragedy as there is still a pending federal lawsuit and the issue of smart meters has not been decided in Naperville.  This demonstrates the lengths to which the city officials have been willing to go to force residents into compliance.

Sources close to the group say that during a closed door council session there was discussion of the strategy the city would use this week to obtain 100% compliance on installations. Residents have been told the city is willing to use whatever means necessary.

Lisa Rooney of NSMA says:

“Two of my cherished girlfriends were arrested today for something that we all believe in so passionately. I respect them intensely for going this distance to protect our rights.
I am also saddened and feel this sense of protection for both of them. The events of today can not be undone and they will settle in with each of them for a long time.

It has been an emotional day.

Here is the latest as of 6pm CST:

Jen has been released and will be charged with 2 misdemeanors for ordinance violations.
Kim has also been released. She is likely to be charged with attempting to video tape a police officer (?) and resisting arrest. Kim was released on a $200 bond. The resisting arrest charge is sketchy and as we find out more, I’ll let you know.”

Naperville Police Threaten to Shoot Dog Unless Given Permission to Install:

Note that Illinois’ unconstitutional eavesdropping law is being challenged by the ACLU.

Videos of installs are on NSMA’s youtube channel.

Chicago Tribune coverage

CBS Local Coverge

The city stated:  “The city has always had and maintains the right to access our equipment and today we were simply exercising that right.”   

Would a jury agree?…Private property is private property.  “Access to equipment” does not include forcing of a new carcinogenic device against the will of the property owner.

The City of Naperville just crossed that line.  Hopefully it will come back to bite them.

Call Governor Quinn – Phone: 312-814-2121 and tell him that the world is watching.

Call President Obama and ask him whether forcing hazardous radiation-emitting meters on sick children’s homes is an appropriate use of stimulus funds (in his home state).  1-202-456-1111

Call Naperville Congressman Bill Foster 202-225-3515

You might also wish to visit the City of Naperville’s Facebook Page and let them know that they are breaking the law and that it will not be tolerated.

Council of Criminals

Email the Naperville City council:,,,,,,

Naperville City Manager, call (630) 420-6044 e-mail
His personal FB page

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16 Responses to Two Mothers Arrested as Naperville Armed Police Assist Forced Smart Meter Deployment on Private Homes

  1. This is absolutely outrageous and disturbing. How can some utilities be allowed to commit such an offense, while others allow homeowners to opt out and not have the dangerous smart meter installed on their own property? Having the police assist with this violation is despicable. I hope that a decent lawyer steps forward to help in this case and make sure that Naperville is punished and sued. Naperville needs to learn that they cannot force people to accept a dangerous device against their will and better knowledge. The same goes everywhere. People need to stand up and fight this infringement of our rights. People power, not utility power. Take back our power!!!


    Unfortunately it appears that Naperville is negligent in training their officers in established case law.

    The SCOTUS let stand the findings of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled the IL law against the recording of police officers in the performance of their duties was a violation of the first amendment…….

    There is also an injunction issued by the 7th preventing prosecution of this law….

    Please share this with your attorneys…….

  3. Lisa G in NZ says:

    thanks for letting people know about this… the leftist borg is alive and encroaching on freedom in Naperville! why is it illegal to video police? I bet that is NOT illegal…

  4. Terri says:

    So, the City of Naperville (CON) thinks they can, with absolutely NO LAW to back them up, force you to have a cancer-causing, fire-starting, overcharging, non-tested for human safety meter on your home. It isn’t this way everywhere. There are civilized officials all over the country and the world that are giving people an option to opt out. I just talked with a lovely woman in Lafayette, Louisiana today, where customers were given that option last year, with no resistance from their brilliant city. The CON artists from Naperville are not going to like the backlash their ill-advised actions are going to create, and create quickly.

  5. Jason says:

    Reprehensible! Kudos to the woman who videotaped this. The world needs to see the totalitarian takeover unfolding all around us.

  6. Terri says:

    Posted at City of Naperville FB: “Perhaps the City of Naperville can use this workshop to study up on not trampling on the rights of their citizens. It is despicable that they have arrested law-abiding women in their city for trying to protect their families from cancer-causing, fire-starting, bill-increasing “smart” meter electric meters. Read more here:”

    I encourage others to post as well. We need to stand together!

  7. K. Becks says:

    Has the judge in Naperville been made aware of this OUTRAGEOUS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR against law-abiding mothers on their private property ?


    THe person who had their dog threatened might want to contact The Animal Defense FUND to sue for animal cruelty.

    WHAT kind of MEN threaten unarmed innocent mothers on their own property and fa;sely arrest, threaten, bully, and harm innocent children? CRIMINALS!!!!

  8. Why write to the city manager when you can follow the link from his facebook page and write to his wife instead? Nothing like taking work home with you – I can’t imagine she’s gonna like getting a bunch of emails from appalled citizens of Naperville and everywhere else for that matter. Write her now at

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  10. Susan B says:

    To ALL Whom The World Is Watching,

    The City Council and Mayor of Naperville look like despotic anti-Americans today – your conduct ithis week is going to be long remembered. I would say your political days are over, and there will be legal action that you will undoubtedly face. Your forced installation of smart meters, using police like pit bulls to arrest innocent mothers trying to protect is horrific, reminiscent of regimes such as we see in North Korea. You have truly lost the path to leadership and I recommend immediate resignation.

    You are obviously ignorant of the fact that smart meters do harm people, even killing some. If you have even a shred of decency left, you will apologize and remove all the smart meters from all homes in Naperville. I recommend you all resign.

    I am disgusted that American citizens can be treated like this in a country that fought long and hard for freedoms. If we can’t control our own health, what freedom do we have? If we can’t control our own homes and not allow an obvious danger on it, what rights do we have?

    I am truly and totally upset today and will help make your conduct a national example of what not to be and what not to do.

    I hope that it does not come out that ANY of you have a financial interest in this installation. That would be criminal.
    Susan Brinchman
    Director and Founder, Center for Electrosmog Prevention
    P.O. Box 655
    La Mesa, CA
    Smart Meter Dangers
    Southern Californians Against Smart Meters
    American Coalition Against Smart Meters

  11. C. Allen says:

    I am the Plaintiff who filed the Smart Meter law suit here on the Pacific Island of Guam. The case is still in the works in the District Court of Guam. In the mean time,
    I built a CAGE over my meter and BOLTED IT DEEP IN THE WALL .
    I received a letter from the Guam Power Authority saying that the will by-pass my house for the time being. The Court documents that I filed also mentions possible future attempts at EXTORATION -OPT-OUT FEE’S. You can view my laws suit by googleing “Guam Smart Meter Law Suit. The Point is this,….”Tell all of your friends to BUILD A CAGE OVER THEIR METERS .

  12. Maureen says:

    Fire up the attorneys! I hope Naperville gets their pants sued off them.

  13. Hawk says:

    It is my understanding that when ever any police departments for example wether it be chicago or even naperville who have committed crimminal activity. Can be superceeded by order of the people of illinos or of the town, to replace the naperville police department or suspend in the case of a crimminal investigation of thier department. And the sheriff would replace & provide the services and duties of peace officers. Till any length of time deemed by the people of that town or county. If the people of naperville decide to pursue actions against the department ( since it is only an agency), I belive the people have the full rights under the Constitution. And wether they decide to replace the department or not. Or persue certain individuals commiting the crimes.

  14. Iam the Plaintiff in the Guam Smart Meter Settlement , of June 10, 2013.
    And on this past Friday, June 7, 2013 , I became the first (1st) person Exempt from having a Death Meter, here in the Northern Mairiana Island / Guam.

    I can’t tell you the terms of the agreement, but let’s just say , I’m as happy as a Fat Kidd in front of a Buffet full of cake and ice cream .

    1. Guam Power Authority Settlement / Fact !

    2. Guam Power Authority caught Toung Tied / BUSTED !

    If the Public only knew what I “Won”, they would be Pissed Off that they have not been inclued and DEMAND to be treated the same as my District Court Settlement Agreement ; and would surely Jump on the Band Wagon.
    GPA will Never Tell why the case has been Sealed. Stand by…..

    Christopher Allen / Guam / Plaintiff

    • Paul H says:

      Congratulations! You give us hope when posting wonderful information such as this. You fought for your life and won.

      Be careful to monitor any PLC and if you have a cell phone make sure to use a battery operated am radio tuned to 530KHz for detection of a timed heart beat with a double beat type emission. Scientists have been successful stopping a frog’s heart by using this procedure.

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