Don’t Look the Other Way; Do What’s Right

Opportunity to Speak to the California Public Utilities Commission: 

Thursday, April 4th  8:45am sign in for a 9am start. California Public Utilities Commission 505 Van Ness Avenue – Auditorium, San Francisco, CA 94102

Any member of the public can speak for at least 1 minute if you arrive before the end of public comment.  It’s the law!  Tell your story.  It’s your right and your responsibility.  Many people are unable to attend these meetings due to geography and/or wireless pollution in the public hearing room.  If you’d like to represent one of these people whose voice is being silenced and read their statement into the record at the meeting, contact info[at]stopsmartmeters[dot]org.  Thank you all for continuing to be vocal!  Down with “opt outs”– we never opted IN!!  Stop Smart Meters!  Altogether!  Stop the extortion!

<New voices are encouraged to attend and speak out at this meeting>

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6 Responses to Don’t Look the Other Way; Do What’s Right

  1. Paul H says:

    I was brought up without a television and was taught not to believe everything that came across the screen. We didn’t have a microwave or anything wireless due to a great uncle that had warned us about the dangers. He had worked in the microwave division at Raytheon so he knew first hand after he had become blind that this stuff was bad news. I was not told the story behind his ailments until recently. Maybe I would have been an activist earlier in life? My parents had taught me to never raise a stink, we were conservative and only pothead hippies did that sort of thing.

    I will never forget the days I woke up at 3:12am, along with migraines, heart palpitations, ears ringing, depression, strange nightmares, leg cramps, metallic taste in my mouth, tingling sensation over my body, and memory loss. I remember camping and the symptoms vanishing. Then I recall begging the power company to take it off and was met with a negative response. Ten months later they complied. Then after a couple of months they sent modulating pulses of low frequency into my house via powerline. I had enough and moved into another power company territory. My health has been incredibly improved and everyone I know has taken notice.

    Today, March 27th 2013, The Arizona Republic had an article written by Ryan Randazzo located in the business section. It was titled “APS to analog users: Pay up”. Interesting title….it’s just what mob hoodlums would say. APS wants to charge $75 initial and $30 a month not to hurt you with a class 2b carcinogen. The company expects only 4,500 to opt out. Just wait till the whole valley finds out why they are awake at 3 or 4am! Michael Goguen, director of customer operations, said “That if someone is concerned about it, they seem to spin up others”. I say to him, you would do the same if you knew what I know. I surveyed an entire neighborhood to make sure it wasn’t just me that was having a problem. Many hours and dollars were used to research this phenomenon. Traveling helped prove my findings.

    Power companies need to look at the use graph and take notice of power used right after a 3 or 4am reading. No, not everyone will get out of bed but I bet a whole lot of lights are turned on. Open your eyes and ears, ask people if they are waking at the times of major information transmissions. Do this please! Not for me, but for your family and friends.

    • Richard says:

      …and be sure to support your assertion with data; otherwise your family and friends might simply attribute their waking to a normal human sleep cycle.


      * Read the entire string; it’s priceless 🙂

      • Paul H says:

        Normal sleep cycle waking up at 3? Are you serious? This is the time when most people are in the deepest sleep. Why does it only happen in a smart meter neighborhood? It’s just a coincidence that started at the same time the meters were installed?

        Should we just ignore the fact that the pineal gland produces melatonin when it doesn’t sense light, which happens to be electromagnetic? I heard somewhere that it produce serotonin when it does sense light. The smart meters transfer their data via microwave radiation, at an elevated wattage, at the same time as people are abruptly being startled from their sleep. The problem vanishes once we are away from the smart meters.

        It’s all just a coincidence? If I can’t wiki it then it must not exist?

  2. Cindy Shaw says:

    Free city wide wifi off of resident’s smart meters? Completely unjust.

  3. Ronny Rat says:

    Why do we, the people of California, continue to pay the wages of these CORRUPT officials of the CPUC when all they care to do is HIDE behind their desks & pretend
    to represent the ‘best’ of our welfare? Just how LUDICROUS does it get? And yet
    they get paid WELL w/EXCELLENT benefits & working conditions & most likely
    FREE of ALL the ill effects of these toxic meters in their ‘lavish’ home environments.

    When a ‘business entity’ of ANY undertaking including GOVERNMENTAL hires
    employees, in which govermental employees are NO EXCEPTION, are to be repri-
    manded or FIRED when failing to carry out their duties as hired to do. I for one, am
    a former (retired) business owner & would vehemently oppose any of the wrongful
    misbehavior these unjust officials (employees) of the CPUC are undeniably, SPITE-FULLY & CONSCIOUSLY getting away with against their BOSS, in this case WE the TAXPAYERS, & hold them TOTALLY LIABLE & PUNISHABLE to the full extent
    of the LAW whereby executing their ‘earned’ DISMISSAL from ‘duty’.

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