Silver Spring Networks Stock in Accelerating Free Fall

It appears that shares in Silver Spring Networks are now plunging ever faster downward– a decline that has picked up speed since the large international smart grid firm went public on March 13th.   SSNI provides wireless telecommunications systems for most smart meter brands, and is based in Redwood City, CA.

Silver Spring is an unethical, predatory company that knowingly violates FCC rules in the ways that smart meters are deployed- colocated in banks, exposing people at 20cm or less, and installed by temp workers.  Maybe the risks they are imposing on the general public are coming back to haunt them as the market sees big red flags and future unforeseen liabilities.

Is this the beginning of the implosion of the stupid grid?  Are Silver Spring and Al Gore and all his buddies going to require ever more heaps of public cash and “stimulus” money to bail them out as the stock collapses?

Who exactly is going to be holding the bag when the smart hits the fan?  (Hint- you know the answer).

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One Response to Silver Spring Networks Stock in Accelerating Free Fall

  1. anonymous says:

    If there’s a donation fund to the families who have been victims to the criminal
    smart meter and utility co’s, we’d be more than happy to contribute. keep
    these coming — it’s time to start demanding wireless-free zones, wi-fi free zones, smart meter free zones and then BAN THEM – we can not be forced to microwave radioactive poisoning,

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