LA City Council Directs LADWP to Give the Lawsons an Analog; Seven Weeks of Living Without Electricity Apparently at an End

The Lawson family attended yesterday’s Los Angeles City Council meeting to describe their challenges with LADWP, and the utility’s failure to address the family’s urgent health issues that came about after a “smart” meter was installed on their home.   In tears, the family talked about what happened to them after the new meter was installed, and the difficulties that living seven weeks without electricity has caused them.

The Lawson’s new meter (photo courtesy EON)

The LA City Council seemed to be shocked (maybe uncomfortable is a better word) and instructed LADWP to give the family an analog meter.   Late today we received word that the utility had re-installed what appears to be an analog meter on the Lawson’s home.  However, as we ahve seen before, appearances can be deceiving.  Whether this meter is a true analog, or a “trojan horse” analog with wireless-ready components remains to be seen.

Sometimes the utilities just can’t seem to take no for an answer.  Stay tuned….


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4 Responses to LA City Council Directs LADWP to Give the Lawsons an Analog; Seven Weeks of Living Without Electricity Apparently at an End

  1. czehfus says:

    I am thankful and happy for them!!!! This SHOULD happen for all of us nation (and world)wide!!! I hope someone can test the meter for them, too.

  2. That is a non-RF meter.

    Still, please remember that all electric meters, analogs included create magnetic fields within 2-3 feet of the meter in all directions. Having an analog meter does not make it “safe” to spend time next to it, especially if the head of one’s bed is in close proximity. ELF magnetic fields have received the IARC Group 2B classification as well as RFR. A household can have no RF transmitters and still have harmful 60 Hz magnetic and electric fields.

  3. Terri says:

    Thank goodness they’re getting their power back! I just hope, as you wrote, that their meter has not been tampered with. God bless this precious family, and their fight for safety and health! Your assistance, StopSmartMeters, is MUCH appreciated.

  4. Maureen says:

    Why was this ONE large black family of eight TARGETED for Smart Meter deployment and no other in this entire neighborhood? When the entire family gets sick from the constant radiofrequency (microwave) radiation ….and the utility company laughs.

    -No heat in winter for 7 weeks.
    -Children cold and sick for 7 weeks.
    -Food and baby formula spoils without refrigeration for 7 weeks.
    -Cooking for 8 people on a gas stove for 7 weeks.

    Why was this family chosen for this torture? I smell a lawsuit on so many levels.

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