Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness Finally Wins the Official Right to an Analog (After much Blood, Sweat, and Tears)

The analog meter that SMUD is installing on "opt out" customers' homes.  Unlike many 'trojan horse" analogs that are wireless or wireless ready, this appears to be a real, genuine analog meter.   The real thing at last and a departure for the lying sacks of smug at SMUD

The analog meter that SMUD is installing on “opt out” customers’ homes. Unlike many ‘trojan horse” analogs that are wireless or wireless ready, this appears to be a real, genuine analog meter. The real thing at last and a departure for the lying sacks of smug at SMUD

Eleven months of hard labor paid off in March as the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (or SMUD aka SMUG) bowed to public pressure and officially allowed customers to use an analog meter.

SMUD customers call SMUD at (916) 732 7281 to get on the list (45+ day wait).

Eleven months of relentless effort has paid off in California’s capital.  Starting in May of 2012, two Sacramento residents Eric Windheim & Bernie Gough started to vehemently object to the SMUD Board about health, safety billing and privacy issues.  Eric and Bernie brought in five more key members right away, and a number of people from Bay Area environmental health groups provided technical assistance.

The group spoke consistently twice per month at each SMUD Board meeting. SMUD was put on notice about the illegality and unconstitutionality of their smart meter program.

Sworn Declarations of people injured by SMs were served on the SMUD Board.  Letters were presented (served) each and every time: some were 15 pages long with charts and attachments.  All letters were posted on the SMUD website and all meetings were televised and recorded for archive.

SMUD realized the opposition was not going away and the group was growing in numbers.  Six ADA accommodations for disability were filed and denied 60 days later via an unsigned “Legal Decision” from SMUD.   SMUD was forced to admit that their claim regarding the number of Radio Transmissions of “Only Six per day” was false.  (see below) They admitted that the meters in fact transmit 13,381 times per day.

In October, a woman named Rosa P. brought her nightgown that had been stained by the bloody noses that were caused by the bank of smart meters mounted on her bedroom wall, and placed it on the overhead projector.

Directors reacted with horror and the public has been forbidden to use the projector to this day.

Armed guards at SMUD meetings were tripled from the October 4, 2012 “Day of Action” forward: when the group spoke at the Board meeting they would stand behind the group with their hand resting on gun holster.

SSMA directors & members effected a Smart Meter Update Workshop for 2/21/13 thereby negating the 1/1/13 service disconnect that SMUD threatened to impose on those refusing the SM or the Digital Meter.

SMUD spent thousands of dollars on outside experts to sing the song of how safe the SMs were at the workshop.  Paid SMUD speaker, Yakov Scholnikov PhD from Exponent Inc. stated: “The human body gives off more radiation than the SMUD Smart Meter.”  The audience laughed.

SMMA directors made three, ten-minute overhead presentations along with 15 other public speakers including those sickened and injured by SMs.  A permanent steel railing barricade was installed to keep the public back 25 feet and the public speaker podium was moved back 25 feet just in time for the Workshop and remains today.  SSMA are calling for a dedication plaque.

SMUD formed an Ad Hoc Committee (in secret) and recommended to the Board to allow Analog meters.  Finally, SMUD Board voted (3/21/13) unanimously to allow Analogs but with a stiff extortion fee of $127 up front and $14 per month.

SMUD says the “New Analogs” will not arrive for at least 45 days and many people are in critical health with some having been to the ER room 11 times for A-Fib since the SMs were installed.

Eric Windheim warned SMUD in writing at the 3/21/13 Board meeting that slow analog meter restoration (45+ Days) could lead to an otherwise avoidable “Health Incident” that may lead to a “Liability & Legal” situation for SMUD.

Heroes who gave up (and are still giving up) their free time and paid work to defend the public interest.  Be a hero in your community!

Heroes who gave up (and are still giving up) their free time and paid work to defend the public interest. Be a hero in your community!








SSMA is still working on these issues:

  • Fighting extortion fees: AKA ‘Opt Out’ Fees
  • Educating the public about the health hazards associated with ‘smart’ meters.
  • Notifying SMUD Customer-Owners about the deceptions of SMUD regarding   the true number of RF transmissions per day.  This is a standing liability for SMUD.
  • SMUD does not want people to know about the restoration of Analog meters and has threatened to raise the Extortion Fee if more people request to have them restored. Is SMUD going to notify its own employees?

If you live in Sacramento, or have friends and family who do, SMUD is not easy to deal with.  Here are some very important points to adhere to (good advice for anyone dealing with their utility):

Keep a diary log of your contacts with SMUD. Deal with them in writing if you can.  If you must call, write down all calls and outcomes of each call

I.          Call SMUD Customer Service:

Michael Moriarty is the contact at SMUD with whom to request an analog meter.  Please contact him directly at or 916-732-7281.  He has called himself the “Smart Meter Customer Advocate” but in reality he is in charge of the SMUD meter shop.  He will do whatever SMUD tells him to do which in the past included deceiving people (orally and with print documents) so be alert!

Identify yourself and get the name and operator ID# of the person you are speaking with.  Be firm and formal (never beg).

Request to have your “True Analog Electro-Mechanical Meter” restored to your property.

II.         State this: “I will not accept any meter that has any of the following”:

. SMPS, Switch Mode Power Supply

. RF Transmitter or transmissions

. Antenna

. PC printed circuit board

. Interface port for upload or download of data.

Ask SMUD does your selected Analog Meter meet these requirements? Get a clear Yes or No

If they cannot be absolutely clear demand to receive a brochure by US Mail of the exact make and model of the selected meter. Period.

III.        If they ask you if you want to Opt-Out do not fall into that contractual trap.   Here is the suggested language:

“As a private person I never Opted-in nor was given a choice to by SMUD to do so.  I simply want the True Analog Meter restored to my private property: can you do that for me or do I have to back to my SMUD Board Director?”

SMUD never Fully & Truthfully Informed me about the:

. True Factual Nature of the Smart/Digital Meter,

. True RF Transmission activity of 13,361 per day

. Potential Negative Health Health Effects

. Violation of my 4th Amendment rights

. Provided me any “Proof of Human Safety” Studies for RF, HFVT, EFT or DE for the SMUD Smart/Digital Meter.”

“SMUD NEVER got my personally hand written express consent to allow SMUD to put a Radiation producing & emitting,  Wiretap Surveillance Device on my private property.

I simply want a “True Analog Electro-Mechanical Meter” Restored to my private property.  “I want it this week. When can you do it?”

Get an install date & time. Demand that SMUD come only when you are home so you can inspect the meter for final personal approval before installation: Period.

IF you have Health Symptoms warn SMUD that any delay may precipitate an otherwise avoidable medical emergency and an otherwise avoidable “Liability & Legal Problem for SMUD.”

Warn them that if they attempt to or actually deceive you into accepting anything less than the Analog Meter as described above SMUD will be committing Fraud.

Moriarty will try to sell you on the so-called “Non-Communicating Meter” and I strongly advise against it since it has a SMPS and in fact is a Wiretap Surveillance device.  Please contact Eric Windheim at e[dot]windheim[at]Comcast[dot]net to let him know how your ‘opt out’ attempt went.

Eric says: “I am here to help if you keep good records!”

Important Note:  Sacramento will host a screening of the film Take Back Your Power on 5/16/2013 @6:55 pm.  All the details  and trailer are here: “Take Back Your Power” Smart Meter Agenda Revealed

Spread the word!!

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24 Responses to Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness Finally Wins the Official Right to an Analog (After much Blood, Sweat, and Tears)

  1. Angel De Fazio says:


    Seems like Exponent is raking in the bucks trying to push the ‘the s’meters’ are safe’ campaign!

    I am curious, what happened to Yakov’s sidekick, partner in lies, William Bailey?

    Eric, your hard, unrelenting work was finally rewarded! First barrier over, now, to fight the raping of the customer over the ‘analog’ acquiescent.

    • Thank you Angel, It is really sad to see officials that swore an “Oath of Office” to support and defend the Constitution for the United Sates of America act in such a fascist manner. I would prefer to believe that the SMUD Board of Directors has been deceived into doing this rather than on purpose. Someone up the chain of power duped the Board into doing this to us.

      It is only a matter of time until the SMUD Board sees personal injury from the SMs in their own bodies, own family or the SMUD organization. What will they do then? Perhaps they are too deep in this rabbit hole of deception to be able to back out. Maybe there is a great deal of monetary pay off to them? Something has caused them to shirk their sworn responsibilities.

  2. Maureen says:

    Congratulations on winning the Opt Out battle! Next step…removing the ‘smart’ grid from the neighborhood!

  3. merijoe says:

    what about in Orange County CA?

  4. I recently sent a letter to the Cleveland Illiminating Company. This is part of it:

    My daughter and I live in Chardon, Ohio there are high tension power lines 50 feet from the house. My grandchildren play under them. The horses run under them. We walk under them. Here’s what my daughter said today, “The shock from the power lines tonight HURTS! It’s cause it rained. Ouch!”

    I have walked under them with the kids and stop. Then when we touch, we can feel the power running through our bodies. The Illuminating Company also installed a so-called “Smart Meter” on the side of the house about two years ago without our knowledge or permission. There were two healthy, beautiful tall Maple trees 25 feet from that meter. Last year the Maple trees did not grow right. The leaves were very tiny. This year, the trees are both dead! There is no other reason the trees died that quickly other than that they are in line with that Smart Meter! If it killed two trees within 2 years, what is it doing to us?

    From my daughter Jennifer-“You should see the kids ride their bikes. They hold their legs out because when they ride under the power lines, if they touch the metal, then they get shocked. Another fact of the day, the horses have to have rubber bits. Learned that the hard way; had a regular bit in horses mouth and couldn’t figure out why this good horse was rearing up. Here she was getting shocked. Plus you can hold a florescent light bulb under them, and at night it’ll light up!”

    So tell me, what kind of danger are we really in living here? I am not stupid. I know that the “Smart Meter” gives off more radiation than the old analog ones; apparently a lot more! Then add the power lines and we are exposed to a lot more.

    We can not afford to move, or we would. So what are we suppose to do to protect our kids? I hope you will think about this, and give me a straight answer.

    Susan Jeavons

    I have not received a reply yet. I forgot to tell them that my daughter also gets migraines a few times a week. The meter is on the side of the house under the porch, so are exposed often. I am afraid for my grandchildren. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Susan- ELF fields from high tension power lines are carcinogenic- no question about it- the industry has been lying about it for decades. Read The Great Power-Line Cover-Up, by Paul Brodeur Get away from there if there is any way. Re the smart meter- you have a right to have it removed, and you need to do so if you want to protect your family’s health. Demand that the electric company remove the meter and don’t take no for an answer- it is your home!! No one should have to live like this, yet many do, as the power company executives give themselves higher bonuses and laugh all the way to the bank.

      • Richard says:

        “… high tension power lines are carcinogenic- no question about it…”

        Playing the devil’s advocate: how certain are we?

        A quick search review of wikipedia’s page on leukemia will show the following: “…the World Health Organization concludes that ELF exposure, if later proven to be causative, would account for just … 0.2 to 4.9% of the total incidence of childhood leukemia…” >> So, I would not agree that there is “no question about it”.

        Now, don’t get me wrong… I wouldn’t wish leukemia on anyone; but one should be careful about making definitive statements about what one believes may be the cause…

        FYI, here’s another reference to consider –

        In that work, the researchers found… **Increased odds** for those living within 50 m of “very high voltage” overhead power lines. In contrast, there was **no association** with living beyond that distance, or within 50 m of a “high voltage” OPLs.

        Susan – So with regard to your situation, maybe the first thing to do is to learn about the voltage in the lines… If they are VHV lines (225-400 kV) as described in the article, then (according to this latest analysis) you *might* have a real concern regarding leukemia. I hope not. Wish I could offer something more concrete, and I hope this helps as a point of reference.

        • czehfus says:

          Some people are more susceptible than others. Some people have metals or chemical buildup or heredity factors or illnesses that make them more likely than the “norm” to be affected to an additional environmental challenge. Just like smokers: some get cancer and others don’t. So, your “general odds” research does not apply to everyone.

          • Richard says:

            cz – You’re starting to irk me just like PaulH used to. Instead of responding to the one highlight that caught your attention, why don’t you try reading the entire post… I was trying to provide a helpful point of reference for Susan’s further consideration; not trying assault anyone’s predisposition to cancer.

    • Snowy says:

      If anyone becomes sickened by this level of continuous and cumulative exposure described above, by then it would be too late.

      Once non stop exposure to this continuous tasering and subtle electrocution reaches a certain limit,and once the threshold of the limits of bio-electrical body tolerance have been reached and have been crossed, then the nerve switches which have been overtaken and forced to polarize and depolarize billions of times a second ultimately reach a point of no return, the potential victim then becomes chronic from then on, seriously disabled, which then takes over their whole life.

      (if you and loved ones intend to stay well or even if you just want your family to survive intact):

      Remove all forms of wireless from the home, including portable home phones and cell phones, all wifi, all wireless features of the computer, make certain that the modem is permanently disabled from wireless as its default is to turn its wireless feature back on even when shut off, remove from the home any microwave sources, walkie talkies, all of it.

      Shut off the circuits to all bedrooms, since wireless is drawn to energized lines and will prevent body repair while sleeping.

      Put all essential appliances possible on individual appliance-specific wall outlet plug-in suppressors

      Buy an affordable battery operated electrosmog radiation monitoring device to measure your continuous exposure to this radiation wireless and other pollution

      Hire an electrician to install a very well designed, UL approved, industrial grade whole house suppressor, in order to smooth out the sine waves and to suppress the total harmonic distortion caused by wireless pulses and surges which are coupling to all home circuits encircling all biological occupants of the home, human and pet.

      Hire a professional to install a basic rf choke which is wrapped around the electrical mast, the kind used by ham radio hobbyists

      Research and apply a safe, correctly designed shielding device to the meter. Be sure to also install radiation absorbing carbon sheeting on the interior side of the wall behind the meter.

      Get those kids and those horses as far away from the power lines as possible – this is a deadly activity for any living being.

      If you rent? Move

      If you own?
      Be prepared to take a loss but not as big a loss as the permanent loss of health.
      (It is rare but not unheard of for people with these complaints to have their properties bought by the power transmission corporation)

      Take your industrial grade suppressor with you to the next house, hopefully out in a rural setting, away from other hoes with these meters.
      Make certain if you buy again that the next home purchased only after it and all appliances isn it are first assessed by a certified professional radiation detection expert able to use thermography and other means to measure invisible harmful frequencies, a home carefully chosen for its degree of safety.

  5. anonymous says:


    many kudos to our heroes!

  6. SDSU Brain Cancer Cluster and Smart Meter Dangers

    A Warning for all folks in California and the Nation! I lost my beautiful, Young Son from Glioblastoma Multiforme brain cancer in October 2008. My Son had attended SDSU ( San Diego State University ) and was working and living in San Diego at the time of diagnosis. Dr. Vrijish Tantuwaya ( Poway, Neurosurgeon ) told the family that his brain tumor was caused by a cell phone. Dr. Richard Marschke ( Oncologist in the Colorado area ) told the family that this was,” Not genetic.”

    August 7, 2009 while at home in CO., and approximately 9 months after my Son’s death, I found articles and a video about a – Brain Cancer Cluster on the SDSU San Diego Campus. My Son is the graduate student mentioned in these, and I’ll put them below. I immediately started to contact the SDSU Administration and found this futile. I then drove to San Diego staying the month of October 2009. I met with a couple of Professors off campus for meetings. Both Professors told me that my Son spent long hours in Nasatir Hall, room 131. This is the building area that most of the brain cancer victims were located. My Son was a TA for Nancy Speckmann and would be in this building and room long hours grading papers, meeting students and studying on weekends.

    After arriving back home the SDSU Administration sent me an – Epidemiological Report written by Dr. Thomas Mack. 3rd Paragraph of this report he mentions that he has,” No known knowledge of chemical or radiation concerns, and therefore are none.” I e-mailed Dr. Mack and he called me at home. I asked him about a specific HUGE cell tower directly outside of Nasatir Hall. Dr. Mack denied this could be the cause and brushed this notion off rather quickly. I then told him of everyones concerns. He said,” They should be concerned.” This comment made me furious and made absolutely no sense!! Because of Dr. Mack’s report the SDSU Administration will not conduct a toxicology study. The Professors requested one and were denied. I have requested one on several ocassions, never receiving a response. I contacted the Governors office and area Representative Marti Emerald. Both sent me back to SDSU.

    I decided to look into this cell tower on my own. It is a HPWREN – High Performance Wireless Research and Educational Network, a Backbone Node to the UCSD Supercomputer Center in San Diego. It is also GWEN GSI – Ground Wave Emergency Network, with emissions known to hug the ground. Nasatir Hall room 131 is located on the bottom 1st floor of a 3 story building. There are 2 HPWREN cell towers on campus. One on top of the Communications Building ( which towers above Nasatir Hall ) and one on top of the KPBS News Station on campus. Both are located at the highest points on campus. These Backbone Nodes are connected via the Lambda Rail or Tera Grid – SMART GRID. It is the engineers and scientists behind this grid developing Smart or AMI meters. These are on many college campuses across the U.S., and other Countries.


    RICH FARVER – my Son, diagnosed and died October 11, 2008, 1 week after his 29th Birthday/ Nasatir Hall, room 131. Lived in the Ocean Beach area.

    LOU TERRELL – diagnosed with Primary Brain Lymphoma ( Brain Cancer ), 2008/ Nasatir Hall, room next to 131. San Diego County

    RICHARD FUNSTON – diagnosed and died from GBM Brain Cancer, June 19, 2008/ Nasatir Hall, room 131. San Diego County

    DWIGHT ANDERSON – diagnosed and died from Different Form of Cancer, ?/Nasatir Hall, room 131. I believe La Mesa County?

    MS. LAUREL AMTOWER – diagnosed with GBM Brain Cancer, November 2009, died August 29, 2010/ Arts & Letters Building, right next to Nasatir Hall. Parents live in Rancho Santa Fe, or San Diego County

    MRS. KATHY O’HARA – diagnosed with GBM Brain Cancer, May 2008/ KPBS News Station on campus. Ocean Beach area.

    RICHARD FUNSTON – diagnosed with GBM Brain Cancer and died in 1993 with cell tower present and taken down in 1995 to once again, be replaced/ Nasatir Hall, room 131. San Diego County


    After the death of Ms. Laurel Amtower on August 29, 2010, I contacted San Diego NBC Producer Paul Kruger. Paul was interested in doing a story and wanted me to send him my information. Silence. A reporter from the – San Diego Tribune called me at home. This gentleman ( who would not reveal his name ) told me that this story would,” Never get out in San Diego, because of money.”

    My Son exhibited several symptoms I can now associate with – Electro Sensitivity Symptoms. Headaches, Nausea, Endrocrine Problems ( excessive underarm sweating which mysteriously disappeared after leaving SDSU ), Memory or Concentration Problems. My Son was applying for Law School in the San Diego area at the time of diagnosis. I recall a conversation. My Son said,” Mom, I don’t know if I can make it through Law School.” I asked,”Why?” He replied,” I cannot seem to remember things.” Sinus Problems ( daily nose bleeds ), EXTREME Fatigue, to name a few. These symptoms are REAL and should not be taken lightly! This story was instrumental in the WHO – World Health Organizations Classification for Non-Ionizing radiation changed to a Class 2B carcinogen same as DDT and Lead, may 2011. This Classification was VERY close to being a Class 2A carcinogen!!

    Non-Ionizing Radiation – WiFi, Smart Meters, cell phones, cell towers emit radiation that damages cells or DNA ACCUMULATIVELY! The more received, the more damage.

    Ionizing Radiation – XRays, damage cells or DNA instantly.

    ” If I Was The FCC, I Would Bust These GUYS”

    ” Because I Can”


    • Paul H says:

      Wow! That’s quite a comment you have there. That tower was acting like an invisible spot light. It is producing the same wave as a ligh wave. The eye senses it and doesn’t send the correct signal to the pineal gland. Melatonin is not being produced like it should.

      For those that doubt me try this at home: Find a cheap crappy 900MHz cordless base station and hook it up to a timer (the type used when you go out of town and want the lights to turn on and off). Next, have someone else set the time to turn on to something like 2 or 3am. Place this in your bedroom without anything blocking the antenna. For an even better affect place that base station right next to the bed. I promise you that you will wake up at that time. It’s identical to suddenly turning on the lights.

      There you go, Richard! Anyone can do this and experience your wanted “EHS data” first hand. Try it! It truly sucks!

  7. anonymous says:

    could the utility companies also be shutdown, etc for deceiving the public
    and installing fake analog meters of the past several years? to be sued for the illegal extortion opt-out fees that we are paying for?
    believe we might be paying for one AND the past $75 fake analog installation fee – plus the $10 fake opt-out fee.
    as well as the health damages and privacy intrusions, is this not considered theft in legal law?

  8. anonymous says:

    To SSM:
    Is there a way to find out and verify if an analog meter that has been “re-installed” is a
    trojan meter or not? And if so, where can we send the results (as evidence of violating their contract.) Can’t they be sued for misconduct,deception and bad faith?
    thanks so much.

    • Ron says:

      One way to tell whether your replacement analog is a true Trojan is to get a EM radiation meter and take some readings. Here are some samples of average readings taken recently given in mW/square meter :

      –cell phone in active use 0.5000 –same cell phone connected to WIFI 150.0000
      –original analog meter, still clinging to the wall 0.0045
      –neighbor’s dumb meter
      -most of the time 4.5000
      -spikes every minute or so 1827.0000

      So much for utility claims that smeters are safer than cell phones.
      Up is down, black is white, dangerous is safe.
      Good luck with the Trojan.

  9. King Reggin says:

    You psychos are denying PROGRESS! YOU ARE ALL TRAITORS TO AMERICA!

    • Paul H says:

      I think you forgot something at the end? Heil Hitler? He was not only a progressive but a eugenecist too.

    • czehfus says:

      I love America, where free choice about products is supposed to reign. Where FREE SPEECH and freedom of thought and use of information and OPINION should be for ALL. Where the Constitutional right to pursue happiness should not be trashed by a utility that forces a radiation emitting product on your home in order to get service.
      “Progress” is in the eye of the beholder. America allows many views and individual power over one’s own property and health. The traitors are those standing in the way of individual freedom, for heaven’s sake.

  10. Pingback:

  11. Amy Johnson says:

    Thanks to you all who fought for the analog meter!I received one in 2 days and it was offered at no 127 charge as they wouldn’t let me have one when I first opted out. I thought I would get my original analog back. I had no idea anyone was fighting but I contacted Rob Kerth last fall Oct 7th when my meter was changed to a non communicating meter. The only difference was white out on the non communicating part! He said he thought they were lying to us before I said a thing. I looked up the model online and it all said smart meter. Do you think I was charged an extra 300 in fees last year for a smart meter? I was charged the fees while having the original smart meter from May until October even though I had the same smart meter as everyone else! Is that your experience? Rob thought that was stupid and refunded some. My mom is involved in the movement in Michigan and they have the ability to opt out and collected studies. I gave numerous movies and studies to Rob on their effects when he came to my door running for office. He said stucco has metal mesh and that may protect from some rays? They go 90 feet I guess so I am getting radiated by my neighbors. I have a friend in an apartment complex with 65 or so smart meters on his wall between pg and e and SMUD! I now have a billing dispute. My bill in 2011 for July was 30 and this year was billed 452 for 2 months! They informed me all my bills are estimated based on the fees I paid last July to have the meter installed! They read the meter when switching it to analog in August but it hasn’t been read since February and even when it was read they are not adjusting the bill to reflect actual usage and it doesn’t appear they are doing this automatically for anyone else. All my bills say estimated and they agree and don’t seem to even know how to do it in the opt out dept. I am paying around double now for the year of my actual usage. Are you having the same experience? It’s robbery! In fact I am told I have to call in my own read and was given a brochure that was never sent before explaining that my bills are estimated so I had no idea. I thought I was paying 14 a month to have someone read it. I have made tons of calls with hours of explanation and they just keep adding to my bill even though the actual usage is less than estimated. I am never allowed to talk to a supervisor or the board members. I am told I am the only one having a problem with this but I bet most people don’t know.I feel Smud should have sent mailers to all their customers like PGnE notifying them of the option to opt out and the deadlines and I feel the fees would be less and it’s their right to know their options. I already have friends with disabilities getting letters they use to much energy and it won’t be long with smart appliances they will shut it off or large families will wash at night etc in the name of conservation. I object to smart meters on privacy issues and health issues along with fire risks in older homes as the wiring cant handle it and insurance and the energy companies won’t cover the loss of the home.

  12. Rachel Verdon says:

    The last comment made by Amy Johnson reads in part:
    “My bill in 2011 for July was 30 and this year was billed 452 for 2 months! They informed me all my bills are estimated based on the fees I paid last July to have the meter installed!”

    Which brings into question, how many times have you called your power company and contested the meter measurement’s accuracy and your bill?

    1) how did the power company measure energy usage prior Smart Meters?
    2) Was this previous analog system accurate, or creating too many errors, mechanical or made by the meter maid?
    3) Do the energy providers have inaccuracies in bookkeeping and billing?
    4) Are the Smart Meters more accurate in measuring energy consumption and directly radioing the results to the power company than with the analog meters?
    5) Was this new Smart Meter an example of overkill, deliberately designed to fail, like Obamacare, to facilitate a State takeover of the energy industry and help nationalize the economy?

    What’s going on here?

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