Cindy Sage and LADWP Discuss ‘Smart’ Meters

From EMF Safety Network:

Last week at a Woodland Hills City Council meeting, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) presented information about their Smart Meter deployment plans, while environmental consultant Cindy Sage, co-editor of the BioInitiative Report, presented information warning of the deployment risks.

Marcelo Di Paolo, manager of the LADWP Smart Grid project said they received a $60 million dollar federal grant and that the research institutes of USC, UCLA and Cal Tech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) doubled the project funding for a total of $120 million dollars.  Hmmm… what does a Jet Propulsion Lab have to do with smart meters?

Di Paolo stated this is a demonstration project and would be in three areas around UCLA, USC, and Chatsworth.  LADWP is planning to deploy 52,000 Itron smart meters.  Hmmm, 52,000 meters is a demonstration project?

He also said the meters only transmit 3 times a day!  Hmmm….Haven’t we heard that before?  PG&E used to say their meters only transmitted 6 times a day. Then they admitted up to 190,000 times a day, per meter.

Di Paolo also said that the project is “purely a volunteer optional program” and that the community can “pick and actually choose whether or not to participate.”  

In stark contrast to Di Paolo’s optimism was Cindy Sage who warned about the evidence for health problems from the  pulsed radiation Smart Meters emit.  She stated,  “Those wireless impacts are biologically very similar to the impacts you would have from a cell tower.”  She wisely urged them to learn from the mistakes the Investor Owned Utilities have made.  She asks, “Is this a smart business model, to provide a device for energy conservation…if there are going to be unintended consequences in terms of health impacts for people?”

Di Paolo said the deployment would start in a couple weeks, but two LADWP customers  said they already had Smart Meters on their home, that they were sick from the exposure and that when they complained, LADWP refused to remove it!

Meanwhile, although the manager claims LADWP sent out letters stating at the bottom of the letter that participation was voluntary, nowhere in the Smart Grid L.A. Letter  does it say the meters are optional. At the end of the meeting Di Paolo guaranteed the meters were optional and provided his direct line for people to call: 213-367-1388.

PastedGraphic-1-9Deploying Smart Meters at a time when multitudes of people worldwide are complaining about the health and safety impacts is beyond super dumb, and reckless endangerment of innocent lives.  Our children are the most vulnerable.  Chronic exposure to pulsed radiation is harming everyone’s health.

Thanks to Ecological Options Network for providing the videos of the event. Here’s Part 2 of the meeting:

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5 Responses to Cindy Sage and LADWP Discuss ‘Smart’ Meters

  1. Paul H says:

    Oh boy, we’ve all been around “basically” and “actually” type of people. I wonder if he’s thinking……”this is an experiment on actual human beings and basically my ass is toast if Cindy Sage’s report is true. I know people are upset about health issues and basically the people complaining have been actually confident in their story. I actually have been a good student and basically my teachers have taught me that everything is going to be fine.”

    Will he realize he was wrong when his family becomes sick or when his wife becomes cold complaining of insomnia, tinnitus, and migraines? I wonder if he will put 2 and 2 together when he or someone in his family starts waking up when the smart meter sends that 3 or 4am data communication. Will he say anything with his hands because he’s Italian? Or run and hide because he got caught up in something way over his head. He seems like a really nice guy, just caught up in drinking too much coolaid.

    By the way, someone forgot to make sure this puppet actually shaved and basically wore a t-shirt underneath a white dress shirt at a town hall meeting. They chose the right guy for this project.

  2. lori bengtson says:

    Beware of hub smart meters that are strategically placed on individual homes that can still transmit through hundreds of surrounding homes.

  3. czehfus says:

    It is true, Marcelo, transmitting utility meters are making us sick nationwide. Please do not do this to your people. Do not be the useful idiot for the smart grid scheme. Its top-level planners do not care about local impacts and harm to individuals or the environment. But you can make a difference for your people. Listen to Ms. Sage. Be a hero.

  4. Published: Wednesday, Jun. 05, 2013 / Updated: Wednesday, Jun. 05, 2013 04:20 PM
    City of San Bruno: Entire CPUC Legal Team Resigns from San Bruno PG&E Explosion Case
    San Bruno Calls for Investigation into CPUC “Saturday Night Massacre” over PG&E Penalty
    The entire legal team of the California Public Utilities Commission charged with investigating the deadly Pacific Gas & Electric Co. explosion and fire has resigned from working on the case, the City of San Bruno has learned, leaving no CPUC legal experts with detailed knowledge of the case during the final penalty phase against PG&E.

    Mayor Jim Ruane of San Bruno called for an immediate investigation by the Attorney General of the State of California and the State Legislature into the resignation of four lead CPUC safety division attorneys. He said he believed an investigation is the only way to provide fairness and transparency for San Bruno and the public in the penalty for PG&E’s safety failures.

    “This concerted action by these dedicated public servants, who spent the last two-and-a-half years of their careers investigating PG&E and documenting its safety failures, raises serious questions about the propriety of these proceedings and leadership of the CPUC,” said Ruane.

    Ruane referred to the resignations of CPUC’s legal team as a “Saturday Night Massacre,” referencing President Richard Nixon’s dismissal of the independent special prosecutor, and the resignations of the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General during the Watergate scandal.

    He said, to his knowledge, the resignation of so many public servants from a single case has never occurred before in CPUC history.

    “One has to publicly ask: why did these—and other CPUC public servants—resign or were forced out? Is it because they did not want to see nearly three years of their work turned into a conclusion that lets PG&E off the hook?” he said.

    San Bruno has argued before the CPUC for significant fines and penalties against Pacific Gas & Electric Co. for its willful negligence in killing eight San Bruno residents, destroying 38 homes and leaving a hole in the center of its city and its heart.

    Ruane said he believes the issue at stake is that the leadership of the CPUC safety division portrayed their call for $2.25 billion penalty against PG&E as the largest in utility history, but in reality the penalty would amount to much less, as the utility would be given ‘credit’ for $1 billion it has allegedly spent since the Sept. 9, 2010 PG&E explosion and fire as well as state and federal tax deductions worth $900 million.

  5. Just an FYI for LADWP: We just measured two of your meters located on an apartment building in West Los Angeles (Itron meters). We double- and triple-checked our work on three different days. The meters are pulsing every 27 to 30 seconds with an output of 8,000 to 14,000 micro watts per square meter at 3′ away. The pulses continued to be measurable at 20 feet (albeit at far lower power densities). The measurements were taken by a seasoned professional using top-of-the-line equipment.

    No doubt about it!

    These two meters have been in place since 2008 and, as far as we know, there is absolutely no reason or explanation for this. If they aren’t even transmitting data, why are these meters popping out RF 86,400 times a day, all day, every day?

    What say you, LADWP?

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