Are Smart Meters Part of the Plot?

Edward Snowden- A Modern Day American Hero

Edward Snowden- A Modern Day American Hero

The United States Government is spying on our e-mails and telephone calls.  A lot of us certainly suspected it, but now it has been confirmed thanks to the brave actions of Edward Snowden, a former CIA operative who revealed the extent of the US National Security Agency’s monitoring of US and foreign citizens through an extensive interview with the UK Guardian Newspaper last week from his hotel room in Hong Kong.

Some might say, “who cares, I don’t do anything wrong.”  But when you have state sanctioned surveillance of ordinary people’s communications, combined with store loyalty cards, shopping records and other records, and this information is kept for years, the potential for misuse of this data is vast.  Maybe you clicked on a link someone’s hacked e-mail account sent you.  You could be instantly labeled a child porn collector.  Maybe you said something critical about the police. Evidence that you are a terrorist.  These examples might seem extreme, but governments have done much worse in the past.  What makes us think that our present day governments are immune to these abuses?

Constant vigilance is required.  Along these lines,  a reader of StopSmartMeters.Org wrote to us yesterday:

“Could smart meters be an NSA program??  Is this the reason it’s been kept under wraps by the media, etc…..why the government has subsidized the “deployment”….and that the utilities seem to have been given free reign?  Is this the missing link as to the true WHY of smart meters….and who is behind it all?”

It’s a very good question, especially in light of the revelations made by Snowden.  We can’t say for sure of course whether the smart meter is a pet project of the NSA (with the public footing the bill) but it would not surprise us.   What we can say is that the detailed monitoring of home utility usage records– when combined with internet and phone records- provides a remarkably complete picture of your private life.  And there does seem to be a secret driving force behind the relentless roll out.  Clearly some people in power badly want to have smart meters on every home.  For profit certainly.  And for data collection.   But how far up does the impetus for this program go?  How will data gathered now be used in the future?

Hopefully some brave individual with answers will come forward- someone who loves their country more than their paycheck.  Someone with the answers who refuses to stand by while their country devolves into tyranny.

Whatever the case it is becoming more clear every day that the US government, working with major corporations, is spinning out of control and undertaking criminal espionage activity against its own people.  People in numbers can stop renegade governments before they become truly dangerous.  The question is- will we?


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5 Responses to Are Smart Meters Part of the Plot?

  1. Greg & Poppy says:

    Our Utilities Claim That The Data Being Collected By Smart Meters “Has No Value Other Than Total Energy Consumption.” Here Is A Link To A Company By The Name Of “Grid Glo” That Analyzes Said Data In Order To Monetize It & Proves Otherwise. Energy People Meter??? More…Data Mining??? What is Data Aggregation?
    Data aggregation is the process of combining multiple databases to get a more comprehensive profile of an individual or company??? Check It Out People!!!

  2. Paul H says:

    Barrie Trower

  3. sj says:

    Maybe you’ve already shown this smart house information, but here it is:
    Might want to also take a look at plans for using technology to rule in this book:
    Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. Seriously. This is not good.

  4. anonymous says:

    let’s get to ban data mining and ending the data mining centers in Utah and everywhere
    part of our world. who’s holding them accountable and in unlawful, unethical, and criminal punitive offense?

    “Smart Meter Activist Liz Barris – Smart Meters Kill”

  5. Ron says:

    We are told that Snowden has narrowed his amnesty destination choices down to Ecuador or Iceland.

    There is an interesting correlation between these choices and a world map that was part of a power point presentation by a representative from Arizona Public Service at a recent city council meeting in Sedona, Arizona in which the plan for city-wide deployment of smeters was being debated. The map, titled “Countries with Remote Metering” is shown at approximately 12:30 into the second video (Item 3A, Part 1 of 4):

    Just as in our own country, the map shows that most of the world already has “Remote Metering”. There are, however, notable oases of freedom from the technological leviathan, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere: nearly all of Africa, New Guinea; and within South America, Venezuela, Guyana, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, and Ecuador. In the Northern Hemishphere, you have Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, and most of Central America. Last but not least, in conspicuous nonconformity to virtually the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, appears holdout Iceland.

    In a mildly shocking, backhanded comment, the utility presenter resorted to revealing, atavistic, outmoded language to describe the countries that have adopted the Technology. He did not refer to them as industrialized, developed, technologically advanced, forward-thinking, free, or any of the other typical pc euphemisms. At about 12:20, he says, “Around the world, every civilized nation is deploying this technology as well.”
    So, with a very broad brush of implication, whole nations who have lagged behind the rest of the world in their acceptance of the Smart Grid–for whatever reasons–have just been demoted from the status of tin-foil hats to heathens. Pray for us.

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