“Smart Grid Advancement Act” Introduced in US Congress; Take Action to Stop it Today

Two members of congress (Jerry McNerney, D- Stockton, CA and Matt Cartwright, D- PA) have introduced a congressional bill (HR 2685) that would apparently require all electricity providers (including rural cooperatives and municipal utilities) to join the ‘smart’ grid and install ‘smart’ meters.

In addition the bill would require appliances with the Energy Star label to include wireless transmitters that cannot be turned off, in order to communicate (and presumably cough up your private data and respond to orders from Big Brother Smart Grid to switch you off at a moment’s notice, as happened to dozens of people in Northern California recently when their not-so-smart-AC program cut off their air conditioning at the height of the recent heat wave.)  The bill would also establish a “smart grid information center” that would presumably create pro-smart grid propaganda at the taxpayer’s expense.  Sounds like the marriage between industry and government is about to be consummated- unless you take action and restrict this perverse love affair.

If you enjoy being radiated, and having your appliances speak to the utility and law enforcement, and want to force even small utilities to install smart meters on an unwilling public, just sit there and do nothing.

If you’d rather not see this bill passed, make the call today.

The bill will go first to the Energy and Commerce committee which includes Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and Henry Waxman (D-CA).  What you can do:

1)    Contact bill authors Jerry McNerney  (209) 476-8552 and Matt Cartwright 202-225-5546  and encourage them to KILL the BILL.  (what are they thinking?)

2)     Contact your congressional representative, and urge them to oppose HR 2685.  Find them here. Tell them why.

You can find the text of the bill here.   Please spread the word to your networks, and encourage swift and widespread action to stop this bill.  The smart grid is already a public health and safety disaster- let’s not make it worse.

In the meantime, do you know which appliance manufacturers hide wireless chips in their products and which do not?  Why not call them up and ask them today?  If you have newer appliances, they may already be ‘talking’ to your utility without your consent or knowledge.  If you have information for appliance manufacturers, please leave the information in a comment below so we can all support companies who choose appliances that protect your safety and privacy.


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64 Responses to “Smart Grid Advancement Act” Introduced in US Congress; Take Action to Stop it Today

  1. Paul H says:

    What about the energized wiring the microwaves travel on? The meters need to go….period.

  2. Valerie Turner says:

    I am vehemently opposed to such an intrusion as HR 2685.
    Where does this Big Brother stuff stop?

  3. Shirley Arndt says:

    HR2685 provides the opportunity for more intrusion by the government in our private lives. Please kill the Bill.

  4. kathy ravithis says:

    I am very much against this bill HR 2685….I will not join and hope others will do the same and not join this un Godly bill….. Why was it introduced and passed on???

  5. kathy ravithis says:

    I will no join such a bill HR 2685…why was this bill even put out and not stopped??? Where are ur heads America????

  6. Hank Rearden says:

    The idiots in congress all need to read Richard Muller’s book “Energy for Future Presidents.” It has some very common sense ideas for reducing our energy and meeting the energy needs of the country. It is also backed up with science.

    • Eileen K. says:

      I just did, Paul; thank you for the link.

      I agree; “Smart Meters”, because of the radiation they emit, pose a serious threat to human health; namely different forms of cancer. I wonder; is this another method of extermination by the planners of Agenda 21? Yes, these evil scumbags are planning the extermination of at least 80% of the global population, including 90% of the US population. These two Congress critters who introduced HR 2865 are accomplices to this most sordid crime.

    • Kim Jarvis says:

      I just signed the petition Paul. Thank you for the link.

      I refused the ‘smart’ meter when they came to install it on my house a few months ago. They are not safe & if somebody hacks the electric company’s computers, they will know if somebody is home or not based on their usage of electricity.

      I also don’t want the government involved in my life any more than necessary. The NSA is out of control with their spying & I don’t want cops showing up at my door, telling me that I’m using too much electricity.

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  8. I disliked smart meter in my bedroom. I really need to sleep good all nite. I wish smart meter not to spy in bathrooms and other rooms.

    So leave us alone.

    Do it now…

  9. janice says:

    Kill the bill, we as Americans are loosing our freedom slowly. We do not want anymore invitation of privacy. Our health is in jeopardy also from this new smart meter!!! How smart is it if it can potentially kill? Not so smart!!Do not let this happen.

  10. Fraser says:

    Agreed. IMO, the best way is to be self-reliant and stop depending on corporations and the government to supply our power.

    It is actually very easy, and saves you money. Just please don’t rush to put up your standard solar panels without researching a little first (most are crap, 30-50 year old technology that cost more energy in their manufacture then they can ever produce in their lifetime)..

    1) Get the newest tech out of Japan: CIS solar panels

    2) Never feed power back into the grid

    3) Learn to happily live with much less energy!

    I’ll admit that as a professional in this field I’m biased, but IMO the best way to get started is a permaculture course or consultation from a pro.

    A Smart Meter law, whether it can be defeated or not, only matters if we’re dependant on the system. 🙂

    • Paul H says:

      Solar panels produce nasty fields of dirty electricity:( Just give us our analog’s back!

    • Deborah Cooney says:

      Dear Fraser,

      Unfortunately, your last comment is dead wrong, pun intended. Even if we are not participating in the Smart Grid, it is still filling our home with harmful radio frequency and microwave radiation, from our neighbors Smart Meters and other Smart Grid equipment in the vicinity of our homes. The airwaves in our homes are being usurped and used for someone else’s benefit (primarily corporate profit). This is unlawful trespass. And it is injuring and killing us.

      Based on this premise and over 40 other violations of state and federal law, I have filed for an injunction against the entire California Smart Grid. I encourage others to do the same. I give permission to copy my work. We MUST take legal action to restore our rights. All the solar panels in the world will not solve this problem.

    • Laurie says:

      Thanks Fraser for the tip on solar panels. I’m a permaculture design practitioner also and wholeheartedly believe as you do that we need to learn to live outside the parasites’ prison. My words, not yours… I think you may a little nicer than me. 😉

  11. Robert says:

    so sad how tyranny keeps getting more of a foothold into our lives under the guise of safety, security, green, save-the-environment, et al. perhaps this is a good wake-up call to simply installing free energy in our houses and avoiding the onslaught altogether. the best answer to all of this is to reduce government to only those issues the citizens deem appropriate and we have the constitution that will allow us to begin getting back to where we once belonged…

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  13. Ted says:

    This is part of the NWO’s “Agenda 21”.

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  15. us citizen says:

    I have stopped mine for a little over a year now. They came around our neighborhood installing them. I called Edison (my company) and told them I opted out. They told me I would have to pay a $75 dollar fee (extortion fee) and be charged and extra $10 a month. I said, NO, I do not approve of this. I now lock my gate so they cant come in the yard. They bothered me for about 4 months over this with phone calls, knocking on the door and letters. I ignored them all. Finally it stopped. I think there must be some sort of clause or law that says if you dont agree to the charges they can not do it. I dont know. BUT I have not been charged any of these fees and it has been over a year now.

    • SuperLuminal Man says:


      Remain VIGILANT; they are incredibly TENACIOUS and will probably come BACK. Some of these assholes are ARMED. Stay alert …

    • Kim Jarvis says:

      I was told the same thing when I refused the smart meter. There is a doctor somewhere who is suing over the $10 a month charge to have his meter read.

  16. Janet Kitsmiller says:

    The costs associated with this bill should be enough to squash it. We don’t need anymore computerized gadgets that could be used as spying tools.

  17. L Skidmore says:

    I traveled to Romania about 15 years ago. I was surprised when I was showering at 10 P M and the hot water was turned off. The government there controlled the utilities and put parameters about electricity usage in place. I can see Smart Meters being used to control energy expenditure without the consent of the user. I think it could be a good thing if used correctly but it can and probably will be used to nationalize the energy systems of the USA. In a socialized nation the government owns most things.

  18. Gary Helfer says:

    I have had enough of this government forcing us, without choice to do their will! It’s got to stop, or eventually there will be rioting in the streets.

  19. Marty Johnson says:

    I KNEW it the day the electric man installed it. NOt only am I sensitive to electromagnetic fields, but I suspected this was yet another invasion of my privacy.
    We MUST not allow such technology to continue to erode our health and sense of privacy.

  20. Donna says:

    Wow! Congresses never listen their own people. Shame on Congresses.

  21. Donna says:

    Hi Paul H. I signed the petition. Thanks!

  22. Joan Bakke says:

    Very dangerous. Can kill people. Do not put a smart meter on my house

  23. A.CPaleet says:

    I do not want a smart meter in my house and close to me for the above mentioned facts.
    I rejected the meter in my house. I DO NOT support the new smart meters at all.

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  25. Pam M says:

    I already have one of these so I am only signing this for those who do not want them as if you have a choice. We have to stand up for US because nobody is going to stand up for US.

  26. John Phillips says:

    I think the government needs to butt out of mine and the lives of my family. This is another way to make slaves out of the consumer!

  27. ShamusJ says:

    I DO NOT and WILL NEVER EVER support any bill proposed such as this. Kill the bill HR 2685.

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  29. Walker Bennett says:

    Ontario, Canada tried :”smart metres” last year. That lasted four months because everyone’s bill INCREASED by 30%. Because that had included Ottawa, Parliament made all of the companies remove them.

    • Terry says:

      Them they throw them into the trash and charge customers for the whole boondoggle. Fire the CEO, take back his bonus, and impeach the public utility commissioners for going along. Clearly, if thepower companies don’t have enough electricity to keep my refrigerator on, then they need to cut power to manufacturing 1st because I pay higher rates. This is a national emergency when we don’t have enough power to supply our manufacturing! If it’s just my refrigerator and my air conditioner that needs to be shut down, while they talk directly to our brains bypassing our ears with their smart meter wi-fi. Our brains are susceptible to mood alterations, and negative health effects thru unheard frequencies thru the grid. End the Grid! We demand individual home power generation units, else there should be no more trips to the moon or outer space when we can’t even supply enough electricity to keep a house running.

    • Dan says:

      I am in Ontario, Owen Sound area and my smart meter is still active. They read it automatically each month. I will admit I did not have a 30% price increase, but it did go up a bit. I have signed the petition. I want off the grid altogether.

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  31. Peter Myers says:

    Thank u so much for exposing this horrifying situation. I’m no Congressional expert, far from it, but I think Fred Upton, the House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman has the power and influence to kill HR 2685 IN COMMITTEE SO IT NEVER EVEN REACHES THE FLOOR OF THE HOUSE. It needs to die and horrible death in committee and be used for kindling in DC fireplaces in the coming Winter months. And the treasonous so-called Congressmen who introduced it should be impeached from office for violating the public trust of the nation and violating their voters’ trust. They have violated the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the latter of which grants us freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. What right does the NSA have to know when you do your laundry? Instead, why don’t we Fedex them all our dirty socks and let THEM wash them? Hey, the media would eat up that stunt? Dirty socks mailed to the NSA in protest of HR2685.

  32. Lon H says:

    Here is what will happen in the long run.

    When you or your appliances exceed parameters, you will pay premiums or be cut off or cut back or fined. These parameters will be set by Government that they deem the appropriate allotment based on your ethnic, economic and social classification.

    Excess premiums and fines will transferred after the usually government overhead skim to those they added or want to add to the government dependent class to assure power via votes.

    This will grow companies who depend on government for customers such as GE with their dumb light bulbs and who prefer to have a locked up market and locked down technology to keep out competitors with newer innovation due to a lack of a marketplace.

  33. For the utility companies: Please don’t try the whine about how something that could be used for evil purposes won’t be used for those purposes. Even if you the industry spokesman are a wo/man of your word, you’re not immortal. You wouldn’t try to tell me “I’m leaving your car window rolled down and the keys in, but only for my own convenience–I don’t WANT to help someone else steal your car.” You know any thief who happened to see the car would steal it. So don’t try to sell us espionage devices, either.

  34. Debra Alley says:

    I say NO to this… I want to exercise my freedom and shower when I want and how often I choose to.. The govt already has the car manufactures places a box in our cars they can control if they want remotely. Little by little they are controlling our lives in every way. If we do not stand up to this and other things we will be completely controlled by morons in the government. It is probably being pushed by a marketer of this device. I say NO!

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  36. steve says:

    The Mideast had their Arab Spring, now it’s time for an American Spring.
    Both Party’s are hopelessly corrupt and are owned by the lobbyists. First Monsanto poisons our food supply with GMOs, then our water gets poisoned with fluoride, now this.
    Time for a second American Revolution

  37. Raji Nevin says:

    They are absolutely 100% giving us ALL false information! Period. They want one of these SMART METERS (no matter what names they choose to call them) on EVERY home and business. Huh….wonder why they are doing this simultaneously all over the USA and in other countries -can we say RED FLAG anyone? OMG! It is like a very, very bad SciFi movie and if we do not ALL talk to EVERYONE we could ALL be very, very sick, very, very soon! It will not just be the “sensitive” people – it WILL affect EVERYONE! PLEASE STAND UP AMERICA – FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE – ACT!!! AND ACT NOW!

  38. Linda Smith says:

    This is the end of democracy as we know it.

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  40. Bob says:

    At some point, people will not take this crap anymore. It starts with one voice and grows.

  41. Xotic says:

    You’re being farmed for profit by central bankers. Your like your farm prison enough to put up with stuff like this. The farm was intentionally designed this way. So shut up already. Nothing is going to change until the central banker DNA is removed from the human species on planet Earth. Tell me who is going to do that? No one, that’s who. Your fellow human beings are collectively too stupid, like a stupid group of farm animals, to have any impact at all.

    Good luck out there, and welcome to reality! Perhaps it really is best that unelected central bankers take control since the super-gullible farm animals are too stupid to do anything about it.

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  43. Paul Von says:

    Most of you folks do not understand the real issues. The entire worldwide electrical grid is an engineering mistake, and a massive biological hazard. Alternating current (AC) power inherently produces electromagnetic induction effects in biological cells. It’s biophysics, plain and simple. Nicola Tesla was a fool, and his insistence that AC current supplies are more efficient than Direct Current systems, are not supportable by the physical realities of how centralized electrical power is distributed. There is nothing efficient about sending electrical power down millions of miles of copper cable, with all the attendant step-up transformers, power pylon towers, step-down transformers, and switch-mode power supplies we now utilize at our own environmental peril.
    The entire worldwide grid needs to be condemned for the pathetic pile of engineering junk it actually is. Small, independent DC power supplied (and publicly owned) at a local or municipal level is the only safe way to the future. The conversion to all DC systems will take massive collective efforts over a period of many years. There is no other reliable or credible way of saving your planet from the hazards caused by pulsed AC radiation poisoning. Total destruction of biological life on Earth, is a high price to pay for doing the dirty laundry of the corporations and criminal agencies that are killing you off for profit.

    • Laurie says:

      I like the way you think Paul Von. Do you have any knowledge that you can impart on the subject? I’m looking for immediate solutions. The political fixes may never happen, meanwhile we simmer in radiation………..

  44. When Leesburg Electric, in Florida, advised that it was mantatory to install thiese new meters our responce was no, Hell NO! The person on the line when I called was very clear that radio waves were not a provlem. My question was,”how is the government interacting with these meters?” She said, “the government has nothing to do with it. It is a requirement of the electric company.”

    We saw the installers and avised that it would no be put on this house. So far the people reading the meters do it the old fashioned way.

    We do not ever wish to have the government shut of our power. We pay are bills and do not wish to have the “BIG BROTHER” telling us what to do!!!!!!

  45. Terry says:

    It’s all about mind control with a new quantum cubit super computer that can access all our thoughts in a two-way manner. When Lucifer inhabits the infinite quantuum mind of the new cubit supercomputer in Utah, he’ll have a communication channel to each and every one of our thoughts instantaneously and he can then reward us or punish us – igniting or erasing your personality until you’re a thoughtless automaton “stepford household” that blidly follows obediance! Did you really think they needed to talk to your refrigerator or stove that uses half the power of your non-talking old unit? The grid wraps around your house like a neural network cacoon.

  46. Terry says:

    With Smartmeter wi-fi, why would we need internet, cable, and phone connections and charges? Why is this open to the NSA, but not the me the ratepayer?

  47. Eana Miles Cox says:

    I wont to help stop these smart meters,but i’m affaird I already have one.
    I don’t have money but if I can help with my big mouth let me know when and how.thanks Eana

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  49. Lynn says:

    When I heard of the appliances being ‘upgraded’ to smart ones and then the stories about not being able to sell a home without approved appliances. I tossed my stove. Tossed the micro (which aren’t good for you anyway) and turned off the hot water tank. I’ll get it on a timer eventually. Twice a day activation is plenty of hot water. I asked about smart meters here in NW Washington and I got the stupidest answer. People are told they know nothing about any ‘plans’. If you can’t stop it at least get it place on a pole instead of your house.
    Time to ask local Commissions how they are going to proceed to protect citizens against this health invasion AND personal invasion by government.

    Remember the SOB BHO is not the only person with a pen or a phone!

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  51. Jordan Van Voast says:

    Remarkably, in one of the high tech hubs of the world – Seattle – these things haven’t been introduced yet, but the local utility is pushing it and the local politicians have signed on to the smart grid concept. A few of us are fighting it. There will be a hearing at the end of this month and I am hoping to inspire some folks to come and speak out about the health effects, the Constitutional privacy violations, the corporate deception…
    Question – does anyone know what is happening with HR2685? Is it dead in the water, or? This whole issue seems very linked to the NSA spying scandal which Snowden broke open. So perhaps he bought us some time…just curious what other folks are thinking in terms of where to strategically focus or energy to stop the latest machinations of Big Brother.

  52. Dale Johnsen says:

    i am against the smart meter deal. i want it stopped. mine and millions of others are controled by our crooked governments and it is against our constitutional rights. this country is going to hell by our crooked governments invading our privacy

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