Bait and Switch: PG&E Breaking Deal to Return Analog Meters

PG&E advertises that people can ‘opt out’ and get an analog meter- indeed they are required to offer this option by the CPUC.  The reality- as Patrick from San Francisco discovered, is not that simple.

In Sacramento, after SMUD relented to months of pressure and allowed people to use analog meters (at least on paper), many people showed up in person at the SMUD board meeting the following month to report that they had been refused analog meters by call center staff.

Have you had luck ‘opting out’ of the smart meter program?  Been given the runaround?  Let us know.

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6 Responses to Bait and Switch: PG&E Breaking Deal to Return Analog Meters

  1. We had the same problem with SMUD last month but they seem to have informed the phone reps to realize that the Analog is available. The big problem is that SMUD is keeping both the opt out and particularly the Analog meter as secret as possible.

  2. Maureen says:

    We are having the same problem in SCE territory where SCE is telling customers that analog meters are no longer available, but Opt Out Customers can have a digital meter instead.


    Perhaps PG&E should re-read the CPUC ruling:

    IT IS ORDERED that:

    1. Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s SmartMeter Program is modified to include an option for residential customers who do not wish to have a wireless SmartMeter installed at their location to have an analog meter.

    2. Within 15 days of the effective date of this order, Pacific Gas and Electric Company shall file a Tier 1 advice letter in compliance with General Order 96-B. The advice letter shall be served on the service list in Application 11-03-014. The advice letter shall include tariff sheets to modify PG&E’s SmartMeter Program to include an opt-out option for customers who do not wish to have a wireless SmartMeter installed at their location and to implement a SmartMeter Opt-Out Tariff. The Advice Letter filing shall:

    a. Establish procedures for residential customers to select the option to have an ANALOG METER if they do not wish to have a wireless SmartMeter.

    b. Establish procedures to inform customers that a SmartMeter opt-out option is available. A customer currently on the delay list shall be informed that the customer will be scheduled to receive a wireless SmartMeter unless the customer elects to exercise the opt-out option.

    c. Adopt the following interim fees for residential customers selecting the opt-out option:

    For Non-CARE and Non-FERA Customers:

    Initial Fee $75.00

    Monthly Charge $10.00/month

    For CARE and FERA Customers:

    Initial Fee $10.00

    Monthly Charge $5.00/month

    d. Establish new two-way electric and gas Modified SmartMeter Memorandum Accounts to track revenues and costs associated with providing the SmartMeter opt-out option.

    3. The September 21, 2011 Assigned Commissioner’s Ruling directing the utilities to allow residential customers who had not yet received a wireless SmartMeter to RETAIN THEIR ANALOG METER and to be placed on a delay list shall no longer be in effect for Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

    4. Pacific Gas and Electric Company shall comply with the guidelines stated in Section 7 of this decision.

    5. Application 11-03-014 remains open.

    This order is effective today.

    Dated February 1, 2012, at San Francisco, California.

  3. Mia Nony says:

    Did he ever opt in and is it a mandatory program?

  4. Heartacher says:

    Is there a deadline to opt out of an existing PG&E Smart Meter (in No. Cal.) and get an analog meter instead? Due to chronic health problems and heart trouble, want to get rid of Smart Meter. What is the procedure to get rid of the Smart Meter and go back to Analog?

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