Memphis Elec. Workers Union Plan Anti-Smart Meter Billboards

Picture 9From Memphis Daily News: “The union representing Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division employees, including meter readers, plans to take its problems with Smart Meters to the road – the side of the road.

Leaders of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1288 said Monday, July 8, they intend to put up billboards warning the public of what they say are the dangers of the new meters the utility plans to seek city funding for later this year.”  Continued…..

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3 Responses to Memphis Elec. Workers Union Plan Anti-Smart Meter Billboards

  1. anonymous says:

    wow, awesome. fully supporting the rightful action.

  2. Catherine says:

    Hi, National wireless smart meter protest petition. Will you sign it, and pass it on? Thanks, Cath

  3. Jumpin jimmy says:

    I see the union is angry about smart meters. I don’t want them either. But I bet you fools voted for the socialist obozo regime which is behind the government grants that ar being used to bring you these meters. I guess voting for the filthy socialist elitist pig obozo is biting you in your collective union asses. You were warned but you didn’t listen. It’s all about the control of your lives by this despot wanna be banana republic dictator. At least you get inferior government controlled healthcare in exchange for your freedom that you gave away. I don’t want the meters, I never did. But you deserve what you voted for.

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