Tell the FCC: Wireless is Harmful at Currently Allowed Levels

Joel Moskowitz, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley

The FCC needs a lot more than input on their recent consultation (like someone in charge besides the industry), but at least they can’t say we didn’t tell them so.  See important message from Joel Moskowitz of UC Berkeley below:


FCC Needs Input about Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure

Picture 11The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering changes to the exposure policy for radiofrequency (RF) radiation in the United States. The agency has requested comments be submitted by September 3, 2013.

We need to deliver scientific information to policy makers in a credible and understandable fashion to protect the future health and safety of our children and grandchildren.

Grassroots Environmental Education has launched a comments web site to help scientists, medical and public health professionals, and technical and policy experts from around the world to submit comments and peer-reviewed publications to the FCC.

RF Rad Comments is a cooperative project bringing together individuals and organizations concerned about reducing human exposure to RF radiation (e.g., cell phones and cordless phones, Wi-Fi and Smart Meters). The site describes two options for submitting comments: (1) through the RF Rad web site, or( 2) directly to the FCC.  The site contains a list of key issues and reference documents. Since the site is a work in progress, your comments on the web site are appreciated. Please send them to

Please feel free to forward this message. We greatly appreciate your assistance in this effort.Picture 10


Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

News Releases:
Twitter:                 @berkeleyprc

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5 Responses to Tell the FCC: Wireless is Harmful at Currently Allowed Levels

  1. anonymous says:

    reduce, yes for now, but we need to get rid of current wi-fi teccnology and the radiocative eyesore of a sight cell towers
    It’s actually backwards OUTDATED unhealthy technology – saying the least.

    Bring in the independent brilliant innovation to fill the niche and ethic & give
    what the people really want.
    One day soon there will be. Tired of the corporate monopoly.

  2. It’s great to see efforts being made to bring attention to the harms caused by electromagnetic radiation. I hope the comments help convince the FCC to bring change.

  3. Mia Nony says:

    Cooking for Dummies 101:
    The entire wireless safety pyramid scheme for the entire planet has as both its foundation and its pinnacle one single sham.
    It is called SAR. The safety of the entire world has been predetermined by and predicated on a demonstrably false premise, a gel dummy soup head called the SAR or SPECIFIC ABSORPTION RATE dummy head.
    That is IT. Not even relevant to the smart grid and nor is it science.
    How many are truly familiar with how this retrogressive SAR exercise in futility is employed in a backward, simplistic version of a global shell and pea con game?
    Fact: The very existence of the SAR dummy gel head is in and of itself an admission of guilt.
    It measures heat. How come?
    Why are they measuring a source of heat after all even though we are told there is no problem with heat? Isn’t it that the telecoms and utilities actually are discussing how MUCH they can heat us and get away with it?
    So then ….What happens when thermography reveals that human tissue continues to be heated, even at ultra low frequencies? Is that still non thermal? Or is it also invisible thermal effects made visible thanks to refined themography?
    The SAR dummy is supposed to represent the hollow head of a human being, which is then filled with a liquid which is suppoed to represent the brain inside the dummy.
    However, the SAR gel head is first removed from all sources of RF and microwave influence, including all cell towers. It’s isolated inside an anechoic chamber, which prevents all the frequencies from actual multiple cell tower sources from ever reaching or interacting with the cell phone attached to the SAR dummy head at a predetermined distance and angle of incidence.
    This makes sense how?
    The SAR dummy head wearing the cell phone harness has been first shielded from all cell tower frequencies?
    The chamber cannot possibly turn around and replicate multiple cell towers feeding a single cell phone, any claims to the contrary.
    The gel head is then filled with liquid and the hollow dummy head has a temperature probe inserted into the top of the gel head skull.
    The liquid is then slowly heated and measured.
    Feel safer yet?
    SAR was created to measure just how hot liquid brains can get and prove that soup heads will still be just fine when heated up to a predetermined level of safety.
    SAR is supposed to “prove” how safely localized that heat is.
    Localized where? Inside the head.
    SAR igores not only cell towers but the fact that cell tower frequencies pass through everything and everyone all around each user and provide constant whole body radiation exposure for many people as well as the user, on their way to sustain the cell phone contact with the tower. Lower signal, higher frequencies.
    SAR is supposed to measure how much heat the human head can stand….”safely”.
    Essentially the argument is that one can sustain a fever all the time as long as it does not go over a certain raised temperature.
    Or as physicist Tony Muck, author of Safety Code 6 admitted: “Well sure, we know we are heating them up a little, but only within limits”.
    Although the entire global smart grid is an untested continuous exposure experiment on all biology, SAR is referenced by all utilities everywhere,as the basis for all safety codes.
    Utilities encourage humans to stay focused on one thing only, their own navel, oops, node in the smart grid system, meaning their own little round plastic meter piece of the big picture, their own meter amongst billions of other frequency overlapping meters.
    Does every single meter create electronic trespass and continuously and exponentially radiate all the other occupants of homes around it? Of course. Doe this mean so long as it is within land use setbacks one can have a missile launcher located in one’s backyard?
    The utility says “See? You don’t hold a smart meter against your head so everything is fine.” And people actually believe this?
    In the same breath the utilities admit that their goal is the creation of a seamless frequency blanket within which every frequency source enables and emits frequencies which dramatically overlap and compound every other frequency source. This means there is no such thing as a way to gain any “inverse ratio” distance from the smart grid – anywhere as every component in the grid must have enough range to exceed the distance it is designed to go in order to overlap with all other grid components.
    SAR is archaic junk science which intentionally leaves out all the science factors of the nature or interactive frequencies. SAR is based on incomplete frequency equation which leave out all the key elements of the equation – which is to say, it ceases to be a frequency equation at all. Meanwhile, governments and utilities ignore everything made of water, meaning not only humans but all biology, the entire ecosystem,. Which agencies granted such corporations the right to ignore all biology, all forestry, all fisheries, all agriculture, not to mention all electrical and all building codes, and to get the easily led to ignore all other frequency sources other than meters, such as collector hubs, smart towers, cell relays, all backhaul equipment, satellites, all other components of the smart grid system.
    In all international “safety” equations they have consistently left out the human bioelectrical component entirely. What IS under discussion conspicuously ignores the fact that humans are made of water molecules which the utilities have now decided to assure us don’t heat up when exposed non stop to microwaves at an absurdly high “low” level. Canada’s SC6 is unique in that it admits that there is a missing mechanism and that it will be rewritten once presented with expert testimony of the weight of evidence of harm. They already have such evidence in hand and are ignoring it. After 40 some years of a “missing” mechanism, , in 2010 Health Canada & Industry Canada were provided with expert witness proof of exactly that “missing” mechanism of harm, before the Standing Committee of the House of Commons, Parliament.
    The “missing” mechanism of harm is called electrical induction.
    Unlike with ongoing academic white paper wars debating and prolonging the “pro and anti” harm argument, electricity is a black and white science. There is no “theory” for electrical induction. It is a proven fact. Electrical induction precipitated by electromagnetism is causing mass bioelectrical failure. Meanwhile utilities admit they have not considered ANY biology in their own safety related abstract frequency equations. The utilities are the DUI drivers of global electrical induction.

  4. Arlene says:

    This issue really gets to me. The entire UN Agenda 21 needs to be stopped. I am very sensitive to the wireless tech and want out of the city as it is to get away from it. I will try to get the word out as much as I can. Its global and that ain’t good.

  5. sj says:

    I am an educated citizen, but not a scientist. That site looks like it is for experts. Is there another place for regular, informed people to comment?

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