‘Smart’ Meter Warning Stickers Now Available!

Picture 1Due to popular demand, Stop Smart Meters! has created warning stickers to spread awareness about the hazards of ‘smart’ meters and other wireless technology.  Much appreciation goes out to Zavier Cabarga for the design work, and to Amy O’Hair, who helped develop the idea.

What you don’t know CAN hurt you!  By raising awareness with these visible and Wireless Kills Stickerbold stickers, we hope to encourage people to take action to make their families and communities safer, and stand up for their rights.

The stickers are printed on high quality vinyl.  They are easy to peel, scratch-proof, weather-proof, sun-proof, and last outdoors for 3-5 years.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to ensure that you affix these stickers in a legal and safe manner.  Stop Smart Meters! is not liable for any misuse or mischief.

‘Smart’ Meter Warning Sticker

We’re excited to be teaming up with Take Back Your Power to distribute the Smart Meter Warning sticker.  If you haven’t yet seen (and shared!) this stunning film with your community, please spread the word: http://ykr.be/ukramryv4

Picture 1


Dimensions: 4.25” x 2.75”

Colors:  yellow and black ink on white vinyl

‘Wireless Kills’ Sticker

(fits on smartphones!)

Wireless Kills Sticker


Dimensions: 2.13” x 2.75”

Colors: black and red ink on white vinyl


If you would like to order these stickers, Take Back Your Power DVD’s, or smart meter awareness brochures, please visit Stop Smart Meters! new online store to purchase (discount for bulk orders available).

Thank you for sticking it to the smart grid!


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2 Responses to ‘Smart’ Meter Warning Stickers Now Available!

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  2. Josh says:

    Great work Josh and team!

    For those who would like a sign (8.5 x 11) to put in a car or house window, check out the .pdf files I created and made available at the following link:

    I’ve currently got CellPhone.pdf in my rear windshield, and it gets a lot of interest from other drivers. One thing I noticed was that using very strong language (i.e. “cancer” or “kill”) in signs about microwave radiation dangers tends to turn people off, perhaps because they are more likely to believe you to be a conspiracy theorist (plus, when it comes to their toys giving them cancer, it’s something they really don’t want to hear).

    For the smart meter signs (SM1, SM2, SM3), I focused on privacy issues because I think the NSA scandal has made it apparent to just about everyone that once data exists the NSA will be able to have access to it. When I spoke with Josh Del Sol at a Seattle screening of Take Back Your Power, he indicated that he had found in his research that this was the aspect of the smart grid issue that most resonated with the public.

    Let’s make #NSASMARTGRID a meme!

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