AAEM Calls for Moratorium on Smart Meters: New Research “Clearly Demonstrates Adverse Health Effects”

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The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has adopted a position statement calling for a moratorium on any further installations of ‘smart’ meters, after reviewing compelling research showing a clear pattern of health problems following deployment in the Australian state of Victoria.

The research- by Dr. Federica Lamech, MBBS, Self-Reporting of Symptom Development from Exposure to Wireless Smart Meters’ Radiofrequency Fields in Victoria, is in the process of being published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and is not public yet. However, Stop Smart Meters! has had a chance to review it in advance, and this is indeed groundbreaking research.   We agree with the AAEM that the study is scientifically valid.  Its findings are also consistent with the thousands of cases reported to us over the last three and a half years.

Many utility commissions and industry representatives claim that there has been no research connecting smart meters to adverse health impacts.   This study- when it is released- appears to provide just that, further undermining the smart grid industry’s shaky claims of safety.

You can download the AAEM’s letter in pdf format by clicking here, and the text of the statement is also below in full.

AAEM Letter on the Smart Meter Case Study Research

Founded in 1965 as a non-profit medical association, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) is an international organization of physician and scientists interested in the complex relationship between the environment and health.

AAEM physicians and physicians world-wide are treating patients who report adverse, debilitating health effects following the installation of smart meters, which emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and radiofrequencies (RF).

The peer reviewed, scientific literature demonstrates the correlation between EMF/RF exposure and neurological, cardiac, and pulmonary disease as well as reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, cancer and other health conditions. The evidence is irrefutable. Despite this research, claims have been made that studies correlating smart meter emissions with adverse health effects do not exist.

The AAEM has received a case series submitted by Dr. Federica Lamech, MBBS, Self-Reporting of Symptom Development from Exposure to Wireless Smart Meters’ Radiofrequency Fields in Victoria. AAEM supports this research. It is a well documented 92 case series that is scientifically valid. It clearly demonstrates adverse health effects in the human population from smart meter emissions.

The symptoms reported in this case series closely correlate not only with the clinical findings of environmental physicians, but also with the scientific literature. Many of the symptoms reported including fatigue, headaches, heart palpitations, dizziness and other symptoms have been shown to be triggered by electromagnetic field exposure under double blind, placebo controlled conditions. Symptoms in this case series also correlate with the Austrian Medical Association’s Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF Related Health Problems.

It is critically important to note that the data in this case series indicates that the “vast majority of cases” were not electromagnetically hypersensitive until after installation of smart meters. Dr. Lamech concludes that smart meters “may have unique characteristics that lower people’s threshold for symptom development”.

This research is the first of its kind, clearly demonstrating the correlation between smart meters and adverse health effects.

Based on the findings of this case series, AAEM calls for:

· Further research regarding smart meter health effects

· Accommodation for health considerations regarding smart meters.

· Avoidance of smart meter EMF/RF emissions based on health considerations, including the option to maintain analog meters.

· A moratorium on smart meters and implementation of safer technology

· Physicians and health care providers to consider the role of EMF and RF in the disease process, diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Passed by the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine October 23, 2013

Please note: Smart Meter case series research to be released upon publication

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4 Responses to AAEM Calls for Moratorium on Smart Meters: New Research “Clearly Demonstrates Adverse Health Effects”

  1. czehfus says:

    What do you do when the PSC rejects the AAEM? They say there is no “medical code” for electromagnetic hypersensitivity, nor does “traditional” medicine accept its existence. I include AAEM info., but the powers that be REJECT them. Truly evil to not accept the medical doctor and alternative medicine CHOICES of American people as reputable. Truly evil.

  2. Longshot says:

    When you log onto your account with DTE (Detroit) it has Opt Out link (which is not an Opt Out), then it has a link called MYTHS concerning these toxic meters.

    Damn bunch of Liars. I’ll give them Myth.

  3. Dear Readers,
    Those who deny that the Electric Microwave so-called smart meters have no adverse effects upon humans and animals are either living so far away from civilisation and have no recourse to radio and or television or the internet. Others making the same stupid and unscientific claims are either stupid or have already sold their immortal souls to Satan by working in this Microwave manufacturing industry as designers or builders or sales people to support this truly wicked industry for filthy lucre.

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