Dirty Electricity from ‘Smart’ Meters: Answers from the Experts

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Last week, after we solicited opinions from readers on the following question:

Others were wondering how the switch mode power supplies (SMPS- that convert AC to DC within the meters) could cause so much more dirty electricity than those contained in other electronics.

We received the following, intriguing answer from Hugh Hinskens, a Canadian  Electronics Engineering Technologist with a B.Sc. in physics and a background in microwave circuit engineering.  According to experts, the switch mode power supply (SMPS) contained in millions of ‘smart’ meters (but not their analog predecessors) has essentially ‘polluted’ the electricity coming into our homes with high frequency transients.  Which means at the end of the day, there is no “opt out” when the “smart grid” is being deployed in your area.  Even with no RF microwave wireless antennas, a “smart” grid of SMPS-equipped meters can still threaten your health.

“Why more so than other electronic devices?”, we asked…


It’s not that each individual power supply is more powerful, but rather because every smart meter is of exactly the same design and construction, each SMPS is emitting the same spectrum of harmonics, which are all in phase with the 60 Hz of the power grid and therefore in phase with each other. For consumer electronics, including desk top computers, which have SMPS’s that are higher power, the variety of manufacturers, designs and components in their construction prevents the constructive interference (due to phase coherence) of identical harmonics which manifests with the identical smart meters.

Also, consumer electronics are plugged into a single branch of a house’s wiring system, so the distance to other branches is longer, allowing more dissipation of the energy from the single branch before it reaches the other branches in the same house, or back into the main grid. The meter is at the root of the branches in the house, so each branch acts like a separate antenna for the harmonics, causing a more well distributed field throughout the house. And because the meter is right where the grid is connected to the house, it’s closer to its peers on other houses, allowing a shorter path for the coherent pulses to combine with other meters’ pulses.


Didn’t anyone even test this thing? Harmonics matter…. Smart Grid FAIL!

The total energy of the harmonics from the consumer electronics is likely higher, but an analogy would be that their emitted harmonics are like a dim light bulb that’s on virtually all the time with frequencies spread out more homogeneously, while the smart meter harmonics go from low energy to high peaks at particular discrete frequencies like a bright strobe light. I would think that this coherent pulsing is the cause of the greater negative effects attributed to smart meters. The wiring of every house in a neighborhood is an antenna system transmitting these pulses throughout the neighborhood. The Tacoma Narrows bridge disaster is an example of constructive interference in a harmonic system of mechanical energy resulting in a combined energy that caused total destruction, a possibility which escaped the engineers because they only analyzed individual harmonics occurring in isolation. The harmonic emissions of smart meters were not likely analyzed in a real world scenario with thousands operating at once.

There is another possibility that smart meters just happen to produce a harmonic spectrum that is particularly aggravating to the human nervous system because the frequencies exhibit a particular resonance with it. It’s an extremely complicated topic, because humans are extremely complicated “devices” and radio frequency emission is a complicated topic in itself. Trying to predict the interaction of the two is only more difficult. Without extensive testing, the above is all an educated guess. Field strengths from radio frequency emissions get more difficult to predict as the variables of antenna geometry, number of antennas, transmitters, and reflective surfaces increase.

Hugh is on the board of Stop Smart Meters! Canada


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35 Responses to Dirty Electricity from ‘Smart’ Meters: Answers from the Experts

  1. Question From Michigan says:

    So is there a way to filter the noise/harmonics from the SMPS? Is there a device a homeowner can buy in order to do that? While I wait for an analog meter option in Michigan, I would like to stop the noise in my home. Turning off the antenna via our state’s opt-out program did seem to help, but we are still experiencing lots of constant noise in our home that interrupts sleep, causes headaches, makes us irritable, and is generally irritating. I want to be free from that. I want to be able to hear the birds sing outside my house again without this constant ringing noise blocking them out.

    • Paul H says:

      I have had excellent results with Stetzerizer filters in conjunction with an electromechanical meter. There has not been one complaint from all the people I have helped so far.

      Make sure to get the meter to measure as sometimes it takes just a handful of filters to clean up a home. When placing them in the bedroom one should always place the filter the farthest from the bed.

    • Mia Nony says:

      Whole house filters installed between the meter and the panel are supposedly designed to even out the pulses and spikes of smart grid sine waves and may or may not be worth researching …but that is not to say that this is any kind of tacit endorsement for military grade whole house/structure suppressors.
      Thing is that wireless can still couple to home wiring circuits located past the filter or suppressor.
      That said, it is not the worst idea to look to the military for both the origin of the weaponized frequency problem and their attempt at amelioration or mitigation of the pervasive problem of domestic deployment of military grade frequencies, a scenario which they themselves have created and protect via the IEEE.

      • Question from Michigan says:

        Mia, do you have any references for such devices? There is a power transformer on a utility pole near my house (and an ATT black box just under the transformer). Our neighborhood has a smart meter mesh grid of signals. We have turned off the radio transmitter for our meter, but our neighbor’s meter faces our house. My power and phone lines, and my neighbor’s power and phone lines, extend above my concrete driveway. This is essentially a canyon in which I think the signals bounce around and so I am doubtful that filters will help. Any ideas?

        • Mia Nony says:

          Consider what the function is of an industry or military grade whole house suppressor (like, for instance, one able to handle frequency suppression generated heat, such as a sine tamer, just for one example). Consider might be capable of doing to reverse what is going on here.
          Hugh has nailed it. Under a pervasive microwave blanket, there is no opt out since to resist one node is not at all the same as to be safe. What hold outs are actually resisting is the worst effects of one SMPS on their own home. Zigbee chips all around your property can still read your own chipped appliances, meter or not.
          When each household holds out against one single grid node, they still remain exposed to the impact of compound frequencies & transients passing back & forth between all grid nodes. Everyone is being forced to slip into siege mode & bunker thinking while unelected corporations govern lives & are illegally creating total harmonic distortion of the entire ecosystem.
          Not for nothing is the aim to blanket every square inch of the planet, with an end to signal drop everywhere. Obama promotes “free wifi” & expansion of the Outernet. The trick is to not get caught up in navel gazing at only your own piece of the harmonics puzzle & go for an overview of the entire NM&CE or network management & communications equipment devices system.
          Electricity wise, even prior to the military style deployment of the spy grid communications system, which is supplanting & replacing the energy distribution system right under our noses, many homes are already incorrectly wired, or grounded to water pipes, or not grounded at all, or installed by electricians who did not correctly twist wires to cancel wiring fields. Additionally, systems in almost all homes used plastic coated Romex wiring, which, unlike BX wiring, offers no corrosion protection or insulation at all.
          Even prior to the grid the majority of transients already originated inside the home. These days, who knows the %? Throw in the griddle & your home & neighbourhood are under full assault, complete with invisible infrared red lights flashing from some but not all of these so called meters, detectable only by special night vision military goggles.
          Is it any wonder that people’s eyes, ears, noses are bleeding, pacemakers are failing, hearts are in arrhythmia? Or that the unshielded wiring & metal in their homes is arcing & corroding? Or that firewalls separations are compromised because everything is depolarized billions of times a seconds at strobe light speed? Or that the rivets holding brand new condo balcony glass sheets in place are so rapidly fast corroded that the glass sheets are no longer held in place & are crashing down into the streets below?
          Can anyone chime in & explain why not have a high end transient suppressor installed in every home? Why wouldn’t the immediate, legal, yet potentially revolutionary response be to use an industrial strength suppressor able to handle heat that is generated when microwave harmonic distortions are suppressed?
          Why not stop demonizing these vulnerable electronics?
          Why not smooth out the sine wave by redefining what resistance is?
          Why not cut off corporate profit at the knees?
          Why not make things truly subversive by encouraging everyone all around you to consider doing the same thing, even just for privacy reasons, even if they are not feeling sick?
          After all, industry uses military grade suppressors to save money. Why not do it to protect lives?
          Aren’t grid generated transients the real money maker here? Maybe I missed a step?
          Maybe this is incorrect, so feel free to step in here but …..Isn’t this a different method of energy delivery? And aren’t the microwaves themselves indispensable to the utility to facilitate privacy & health invasion, not to mention bill gouging? Aren’t the pulses themselves absolutely necessary for turning transients into profit? for conducting data mining? maybe even for frequency graphing & profiling? Anyone want to add to this line of reasoning?

          • Vishus says:

            You ask “why not have a high end transient suppressor installed in every home?” and, “Why wouldn’t the immediate, legal, yet potentially revolutionary response be to use an industrial strength suppressor able to handle heat that is generated when microwave harmonic distortions are suppressed? I agree.. where Can I get one? Is one expensive?

          • Mia Nony says:

            Sorry for taking this long to reply, it has been a very eye opening long journey to independence in mid retirement.
            Because I refused to allow MY electromechanical meter to be taken from MY property and home, the ultimate predictable result is that I am now off grid, and delighted to be so. Demand management of one’s own energy usage has now taken on a whole new meaning. The feeling of autonomy is indescribable.
            Sine Tamer is the name of the only frequency neutralization device I trust, and it can be used on or off grid.
            Just because smart meters are dirty does not make solar inverters clean. The trick is to prevent the so-option of home wiring by any frequency interference, including AC inversion and fields generated by solar arrays on one’s roof, (best to not use the kind with individual inverters on each one).
            Regarding protection granted by using this device:
            Despite the lifetime “no questions asked” warranty, still, I took most of one year of research. I also demanded to be supplied by ST with objective scientific proof of attenuation and expected to be able to compare the ability of ST’s effectiveness and oscillation track record, compared to every other “suppressor” device on the market making similar claims. Of course this is no mere suppressor. And it is not cheap, either.
            That said, the difference the science revealed was night and day. We have a completely hard wired house, but still, we experience frequencies from other smart meters hundreds of feet away. So I needed to be able to determine in advance the reliability of the ST regarding frequency attenuation, filtration and suppression of many differing levels of frequency conflict and determine for certain its capacity for prevention of interference from area wide smart meters, collector hubs, range extenders, as well as even from the pure sine wave off grid inverter we knew we would later use, off grid.
            I did confirmed this device’s ability to even out invasive, damaging oscillation frequencies which turn whole house electrical wiring systems and even phone wiring into dangerous frequency enabling antennas, as described in this article.
            I was very exacting prior to purchase of this device and consider it to be the most comprehensive and effective one on the market, by far.
            Of course I nearly drove the rep nuts with endless in depth questions which went on for the better part of that year.
            The Sine Tamer is an industrial grade sine wave tracking frequency attenuation device with variable clamping and works to eliminate the smallest harmonic distortions.
            In fact since wireless is drawn to energized lines, I have found using measurement equipment that this device also deals with wireless, though given that all wireless is radar, it would still be foolish for anyone to continue to use any form of wireless, in the home or otherwise. The reason this device reduces bills, prevents private data extraction, and stops harm to health is because the smart meter uses the pulses and surges it generates and enables for all of these, billing, data theft, and harm. Additionally, the smart meter has no surge arrestor and no ground. Hence fires can be caused by this low flashpoint piece of dangerous junk. However since this Sine /tamer device is located AFTER the meter and base, and attenuates everything passing through the circuit box and since it gets installed in about 15 minutes (by a licensed electrician) in two 15 amp circuits in the service panel, (it can also share such circuits since it carries no juice), the fact is that it may still be necessary to protect the analogue meter base from ramped up grid harmonic distortion and dirty electricity frequencies by getting an informed ham radio pro to help with installing an rf choke on the electrical mast at point of entry into the home.
            The Sine Tamer works equally well for cleaning up any inverter frequencies.
            Unlike the stetzer, which is a shunt capacitor, this device renders the smart grid irrelevant. And it costs less than the number of stetzers and the measurement device needed for an average sized home.

            • S Norris says:

              Thank you Mia! This is so helpful. To spite the thousands of dollars I spent to mitigate the meter, Wi-Fi, and cell tower issues nothing works very well. Perhaps this will finally make a difference. Thank you

      • Lori says:

        Yes, I have recently purchased the whole house filter and it significantly reduced the annoying thumping sound.

  2. Hi Michigan!

    Yes, there is a way! It is effective and has a 60-Day Feel Better or Money Back return policy. I use it all the time in my EMF abatement service here in Sacramento.

    You will need this even after your own Smart Meter is removed because the SMPSs in all of the neighbors Smart Meters will still send pulsed 50 Khz frequencies of Dirty Electricity into all of the wiring in your house causing pain and discomfort. Here is a video I made about how to do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LotupK7lQBs

    You need to measure the Dirty Electricity (DE) with a Stetzer Meter at each outlet in the house and apply plug-in Stetzer Filters at the hot spots as needed to bring the readings below 50 GS units.

    Contact Shaun at http://www.stetzerizer-us.com/A1. He is very skilled and knowledgable. He has helped thousands of people regain peace and serenity in their house by cleaning up the DE on the wiring. You will feel it.

    Look me up on Google if you have more questions but contact Shaun first please.


    Eric Windheim
    Director, Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness
    Owner, Windheim EMF Solutions

  3. Mia Nony says:

    So much wisdom …only then to be reduced ing the final paragraph to becoming akin to a plug for glorified shunt capacitors with questionable safety which do not address the smart grid spectrum and for which there are many reports of exacerbation of suffering.
    Stetzer Units are not in the table of weights and Measures and never will be.

    • Toni says:

      Mia Nony you are so wise! Thank you so for giving us the big picture. I want to know more about the high grade suppressors to which you refer.

      Stetzer Filters (glorified shunt capacitors) have done nothing to help me with the problems caused by smart meters. I had installed these and kept telling myself that they had to be helping because people claimed that they help, but I knew that they were not helping. Finally, I turned on a Trifield meter one day when plugging in a Stetzer and found that the magnetic field went from
      .1 mG to 6 mG not only in that room but in two other rooms below it. To make a long story short, my house had wiring errors like most houses in America because electricians often wire incorrectly and do not check their work with a gauss meter.

      • Mia Nony says:

        Please see my reply above, december 7th, 2015 (if it gets posted)

      • Mia Nony says:

        Hey the first electrician we used crossed the ground and neutral, inverted them, when transferring that which we deemed to be a pared down version of essential wiring over to the the generator sub panel for a future off grid option, as step one.
        Did we know he did this? Of course not.
        Did my ears tell me something was very wrong? Absolutely.
        This meant electrical detective work, but it took us awhile to realize we have been taken by a dangerously incompetent electrician who later lost his ticket.
        We later had an electrical inspector friend examine the panel, and sure enough, he instantly spotted this grave error, and told us it would have blown the place sky high, so if we have “tried the new set up out first”, if we had plugged our generator sub panel into the generator and then started the generator up we would be dead.
        We learned that our water pipes need to be bonded, not grounded, totally different, and as it happens they were, and yes, some homes are incorrectly grounded to water pipes (an old practice since discontinued as dangerous). If done, the water pipes then can carry messed up frequencies everywhere. Real eye opener, to learn that electricians are not always literate about stray voltage or wireless frequencies or even about correct wiring, so one cannot be too careful. Get your home wiring checked first and foremost, preferably by an inspector, hopefully one who really understands what to look fork since they, too, can be incompetent.
        References really matter too.

  4. Question From Michigan says:

    Well, I’m certainly not jumping into spending more money to try to fix a problem that seems to be quite complex. We took some measurements in our home this past week with a gauss meter and a radio frequency meter. The gauss meter shows a magnetic field travelling in our copper water pipes, and in the vicinity of the gas meter in the basement (metal piping) a magnetic field appears to transfer to a nearby copper pipe. The radio frequencies in our house are not as high as the frequencies outside. It seems to me that in older homes like mine, the problem of reducing a magnetic field traveling into the house via a power line is difficult if not impossible to fix. There are probably wiring and grounding errors (for example, we found an old grounding wire that disappears under some duct work, carrying an elevated magnetic field…from where to where?).

  5. You people are NOT waking up. The entire electrical grid is a biological hazard and needs to be torn down. It’s an engineering mistake. Grow up. Get rid of it before you collapse the entire ecosystem. There’s plenty of evidence we’re destroying the planet. We don’t need to light up cities like Christmas trees. Hello?
    The entire wireless grid is also a biological hazard, and is NOT NEEDED. Cancer from wireless is not a joke. Pulsed digital communications is an engineering mistake in terms of it’s effects on biological cells. Read the 2012 BioInitiative Report. The truth is obvious.
    The entire plan for large centralized AC power grids is 100% monopolistic, hazardous, grossly inefficienet, and plain stupid. Get a grip. The power grid needs to be scrapped. Low power DC (direct current) grids should be supplied and controlled at local and municipal levels. This removes the monopoly interests, solves the dirty electricity problem, and provides a cost efficient source of power to individuals.

    • Jessica says:

      Paul, I’ve read many of your comments on various sites related to EMFs. I have a couple of specific questions and you seem like the best person to answer them. Could you contact me at bobbinna@aol.com? I can’t find a way to contact you privately.

      Thanks so much, Jessica

    • Allie says:

      Paul, I too have read many of your comments on various sites…especially on electricsense.com. I have a few questions for you which I think only you can answer well. Please email me at tualpianofun@gmail.com and I will in turn reply.
      Thanks much,

    • S Norris says:

      Sounds good, but how do we get the corporates to bow out or transfer to DC? Are you leading the cause or movement to do so? I’d follow.

  6. Lori says:

    How do I get rid of the thumping noise the meter makes?

  7. Question from Michigan says:

    @Paul Vonharnish,
    I agree with you that there are serious problems. Maybe it’s futile to try to correct a problem within a single home. I like to believe it will help to improve the environment of my own home, and if I can do that successfully, I will share the information with others.
    For now, I try to focus on two things.
    (1) There are some exposures I can control, and I can always improve in doing that (health-behaviors such as exercise–which for me means taking a daily walk in a local park).
    (2) Many people are waking up to the problems with electromagnetic field impacts on health, hence this website and hundreds of others.

  8. Certainly seeing some strong opinions for and against the introduction of these smart meters.

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  10. Pete says:

    I can hear this meter-from sounds like birds chirping to low/high bacon frying. I had a 1st meter that drove me out of my Home. The 2nd SM makes it very hard for me to go to sleep & when I wake, I feel exhausted, brain dead to like a massive hang over
    Metal shielding that is grounded does no good. With the courts so dirty don’t expect any help from any of the Hoardes of Agencies-I sent emails of the Extech 480823 readings to 197 Gauss, Nodak Electric refuses to answer & Walsh Co sheriff wild threatened me with arrest. Read the Georgia Stones saying to cull 90% of the population, they will turh off electricity to the masses thru the winter-or there maybe an EMP used. Call me a tin foil hatter but social security is broke, the world is refusing the worthless fiat FRN-so the entire system is aboot to collapse

  11. Lori says:

    Do”off the grid solar systems” protect us from the neighbors transient power spikes?

    Does anyone know how to set up a solar system (and what type?) so that it is healthy for humans in the home?

    At what distance from our neighbors are we then not effected by their smart meters? is there a general guideline?

    Last, if I was required to have a smart meter because there isn’t an OPT OUT in the area, do the Stetzerizer Filter’s harmonize the home to such a degree that it is comparable to homes with analog meters?

    I purchased a SM filter from smartmeterguard that seems to help me greatly when I travel to homes of friends with SM’s on their dwellings. So, I wonder if I were to move into such dwellings if the Sterzerizer or GreenWave filters will zero out the negative effects. I’d like to hear from those that are informed.



    • Pete says:

      The micro wave pulse travels 2 miles or more. I looked at the damned SM n a branch was fried. I slid a 2nd branch in front & in 3 days it had wilted away

    • Paul H says:

      Hi Lori,

      Solar inverters produce some of the worst dirty electricity I have seen. It takes a special series of filters to short the high frequencies from the home’s wiring.

      Show me a home with solar or in a high density solar neighborhood and I’ll find a sick person every time.

      Hope this helps,

      • Mia Nony says:

        Paul, no offence intended, I usually enjoy your input, but I have to say, as a radical remission stage three “terminal cancer conqueror who cured myself, I take NO risks, NONE, and what I used cleaned up even those very slight pure sine wave inverter pulses that otherwise might manage to couple to and travel along home wiring. This is partly true due to the choice of a well researched pure sine wave inverter which we used to go off grid, and the sine tamer neutralized this source, for certain, measured by a wonderful and competent trained bau biologist. We also built a faraday cage to surround both the bat box bank and the charge controller, and inverter, to be extra sure, but the frequency attenuator we use does deal with this. I venture to add it is the only one I found which does so.
        I a the original canary in the mine and feel everything beginning with the Frey effect from the slightest interference. I know this off grid system has been managed and is fine, plus that friend with ultra uber radiation measurement equipment measured it all and confirmed it.
        Good to go.
        Much more energy than I had at fifty or sixty or even more recently at seventy.

        • EJ says:

          Hi Mia,
          What is the exact model number for the sine tamer that you got? Are there different kinds and is there a link? I just bought several Stetzer filters and they seem to work, but I needed 6 of them on one circuit (my bedroom) to get under 30 GS Units. Thanks!

    • Mia Nony says:

      Please see my reply above regarding the filtration device we used.
      If you can arrange for solar AND then be strategic and instead of making the mistake of asking for them to disconnect you, arrange it so that they leave you, perhaps begin to only pay usage, not opt out fees, for instance, but only, once you are all set up and good to go. Biggest challenge is to reduce reduce reduce usage until solar becomes affordable which is done by changing all of your energy habits yourself, for your own benefit. Once you do, it comes in reach, since solar has dropped dramatically, while utility rates are skyrocketing.
      Try competing with friends with similar goals to see who can reduce down to the lowest number of kWhs per day. Your bill should tell you your daily average. A great incentive for a way to go minimalist.
      We did not spend m, we switched to our fab BBQ, out of the elements but still outside, we switched the whole house over to LED 4 watt lightbulbs, ten year warranted ones by Cree, on a super clearance sale, paid about $2 each, and we turn on the HW tank for at most 15 minutes only, use alternative heat, puck lights, low demand electronics, energy efficient fridge, things like that.
      That is what I recommend, so that you end up disconnected, once you are ready, this is best. Otherwise they charge you and still show up to take away your analogue meter as a condition of disconnection. The minute you are physically severed from the grid and no longer share a transformer with other home, once the wires no longer carry the harmonic distortions into your home, IF you also use the correct filter for solar, the difference is unmistakable.

  12. marilyn says:

    I hear a constant “buzzing” in my house. Friend said it was dirty power. I hear it when tv is on and when off. It changes in intensity at different times of the day. Electric company sent someone out…they told me it was ringing in my ears!!! There are 3 ham radio operators in a block radius, one is 2 houses away from mine. I am frustrated. for 5 years I have not been able to find an answer, just get a run around from the electric company. Even the cable company couldn’t find anything, put “resistors” on the tv cable line, but still no help. Can you advise steps I should take to track this down? And today, the gas company showed up wanting to install a smart meter! I had opted out, but apparently hadn’t paid a fee…though I was never notified about the fee. I had opted out of the electric smart meter, and paid a fee and 3 years of a $10 charge (though they have tried to collect a 37th $10 payment from me). Any help will be appreciated.

    • Paul H says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      I used to have the same problem. Over exposure to man made electric and magnetic fields was the source. Without knowing your exact circumstance, I would suggest exploring the possibility of moving to an area where neighbors are far and few between. Living with as many breakers shut off as possible and sleeping underneath a Swiss Shield canopy is another suggestion if you have to stay in the same location.

      Hope this helps,

    • Mia Nony says:

      Ask the ham radio guys about the pros and cons of an rf choke on the weather mast where the utility wires enter your home, to prevent your home picking up their radio tower stuff as well. Otherwise they are part of your problem

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