Look Up! Look Out! DAS Blanketing Urban Areas

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  1. c zehfus says:

    Recognition of the cancer risks of RF is growing:
    IARC scientist, Dr. Arthur Miller, this month stated that radiofrequency should be now considered to be a PROBABLE carcinogen, not just a “possible” carcinogen, based on studies since the WHO gave RF a class 2b, possible carcinogen, classification.
    In light of this update, these antennas provide PROBABLE cancer development. But who will stop them?

  2. Aluna says:

    for SSM and readers:

    please check out the new grassroots, independent film – Aluna –
    the Kogis are descendents of our ancient Incans and are able to see
    and work with thought and a consciousness beyond technology (detecting
    star systems without ever having seen it with a telescope or computer).
    they are a beautiful ancient people and they are (as many Indigenous Cultures now being recognized) part of the key of restoring balance to our earth, ecosystems,
    and how to even function prosperously without the profileration and abuses of technology.

    They know and see Earth, she as an actual living being, not a dead one.
    If we take out the petrol, coal and minerals of our Earth, then we are disrupting, collapsing the fertility of Earth and all of Life’s ecosystems, the blood of earth that was never meant to be abused
    and extracted by the damaging machines.

    If we cover our Earth with technology, then we disrupt our own consciousness,
    connection to Earth and her intelligence, our own abilities to connect with the star systems, innate knowledge, etc.

    Wi-fi is disruptive for our chakra centers – life force – energy, organs, third eye, our brain (the Seed of All Life) and intelligence.

    Are cell towers and all of the like obstacles to natural communication with Mother Earth and All of Intelligent Life?

    Cell towers must go.

    “The core message of ALUNA is that the Kogi understand – as we do not – that there are critical interconnections within the natural world. It is a subtle and hidden network, and interfering in one part has a major impact on other specific parts. The words of the message are “protect the rivers” but the question is how? The answer is to draw on indigenous understanding of environmental impacts, and the obvious follow-on is to engage indigenous expertise in environmental impact assessments. This involves significant adjustment not only on the part of Western development projects, but also indigenous communities themselves to provide that assistance and guidance on request. Systems need to be established for this, and it may well be the next task of the Trust to assist with this.”

  3. Aluna says:

    here is the link:


    thank you SSM!
    freedom and responsiblity!

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