PSREC Comes Clean About Their “Smart” Meters

You’ve got to hand it to PSREC– at least they are being straightforward about the health risks of their constantly transmitting “smart” meters.  Ummm….we’ll take the Safe Analogs That Won’t Kill You- at no extra charge please.  😉

OK we admit that’s not actually what’s on their sign.   But it IS what they are selling.  And we’re not buying it.   Smart meter opt out fees are not acceptable in any way, shape, or form.  We’d rather live without electricity than participate in an extortionate relationship, paying $300/ year to protect our health, privacy and safety.

PSREC- Turn our electricity back on. Drop the fees. 

And hold the free wi-fi please- though high speed ethernet sockets in your waiting room would be nice…..

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6 Responses to PSREC Comes Clean About Their “Smart” Meters

  1. Drew Lewis says:

    You must be kidding me. Is this really their sign in front of their utility office?

  2. Julie Ostoich says:

    Great sign – the truthful one that is. Smart meters are not safe by any means.

  3. Nina Widlund says:

    What a sad man. A blockhead. Can’t think outside what he has been manipulated and told by corp0rations. And what is even sadder, none of those behind him opened their ears to what was being said. If they had been listening they would, out of love for themselves and their families, looked into the perpetration which has been put upon all of us.
    Before this becomes a real issue for the populace so many will become sick and die because of it.

  4. Notosmartmeters says:

    Maybe you could call and rent one of these, not sure if that is possible but worth a try. This solar generator is awesome.

    This is a smaller, under $400 solar generator, do not know much about this one.—day-glow-blue/pzz15085.html?gclid=CJ2Rx9eO_bwCFdBcMgodoDkATw

    Would something like this help you get by?
    Absolutely shameful that they cut off your power with a medical condition in winter. Stay strong and take good care. Hope your case wins and the utility criminals are forced to stop torturing innocent families in their own homes.
    SEnding blessings and donation. Thank you for all of your brilliance and strength.

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