Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters! Challenge to Ruling that Smart Meters are “Safe Enough”

MAineStopSMartMeter LogoLegal update from Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters!:

After a 3 year PUC investigation into the health and safety of smart meters following a Supreme Court remand, the Commission ruled smart meters were basically “safe enough.” There was no vote held by the two commissioners and one of them recognized RF could probably cause adverse health effects and thought no cost opt outs [using a smart meter with transmitter disabled] should be available when suggested by a physician. Because the opinion made little sense and Central Maine Power never met their statutory burden to show safety was ensured with smart meters, opponents have appealed the decision, once more to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

You can read the text of the legal brief here.  Well worth a read for anyone fighting smart meters, it lays out the arguments and evidence nicely. Now let’s hope the Maine Supreme Judicial Court is independent enough to make a just decision.

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