Silicon Valley Event Brings Experts Together to Speak About the Hazards of Wireless Technology

Dr. Joel Moskowitz

Joel Moskowitz of UC Berkeley

Google and other Silicon Valley based tech companies are about to get a double dose of reality right in their backyard.  Presented by the Santa Clara County Medical Association Alliance Foundation, experts in the field of wireless health impacts will gather on October 10th at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts for Health and Environmental Hazards in a Wireless World.  Speakers include Toril Jelter, Victoria Dunckley, Martin Pall and Katie Singer, and even the former CPUC President Loretta Lynch. Experts will present their findings and discuss what measures can be taken to protect public health from the increasing levels of carcinogenic “electrosmog.”

If you are in Northern California, or plan to be here, this is a do-not-miss event. To find out more information, see here and to buy tickets in advance, click here.

The event’s website states:

Are wireless devices making us ill? Join Dr. Joel Moskowitz and other scientists to discover the science and personal stories behind the recent international scientists’ call for safer wireless radiation standards. Links to autism, cancer and infertility, effects on wildlife, cell phone safety and wi-fi precautions will be discussed. Refreshments served.

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3 Responses to Silicon Valley Event Brings Experts Together to Speak About the Hazards of Wireless Technology

  1. Norm Hutton says:

    it would appear that the electrical power companies are all of one accord and that is to remove all analog meters and deploy smart meters in their stead.
    Until this situation can be reversed, I suggest all those having health issues , privacy concerns, etc place a faraday cage over the smart meter and run a ground wire from it to a ground rod. Attach the faraday cage with a couple of magnets to the meter base.
    Once this is done, also place a tag on the cage with a note similar to this:
    Property of ————– address ———– Remove for inspection, and please replace afterwards.
    This identifies the cage ax yours, and also allows inspection.

    This cage will reduce 95% plus radiation but will not reduce dirty electricity. You still have to pay for your electricity.
    I make these myself, and they work!
    Never give up, never, never, never!

  2. J Dark says:

    I will not let those utilities companies write my death sentence and hope others don’t. This has gone one enough that, if they change their mind now, it will be too late to get me back as a customer. As soon as my stand gets rebuilt for the panels, I will be done with them for good. I really do not see all the people that have paid the cost of panels, because it was that or a smart meter, wanting to go back. It takes years to break even! I do see them though expanding their systems to meet more demand, but this does not include the utility company either.

    Most areas you can not opt out, so if they keep it up, their greatest fear will be reality: everyone on low EMF DC solar [the only safe option].

  3. I protested the smart meters at the public forum at the San Miguiel Power Cooperative Borde Meeting in Feb. 2012, In Ridgeway Colorado. Having EHS, and suffering tremors ( only evident under stress ), from this all my life, I was extreemly nervous, but was glad to see several dozen other folks there too!( only folks with frequecny illnesses knew what this even meant ). I had carefuly researched my comments of protest. Others spoke against these meters too. The Borde members lounged and yawned, and dismissed us as nuts, while thanking us for coming and making our comments. We would have to pay $25.00 a month to opt out, which doesn’t make any sense since once a whole neighborhood is wired up, that dirty frequency runs thoughout all the electrical wires. At least these are hard wired. My level of sensitivity has caused me to feel like I’m living in a world that rejects my condidtion as insanity, and so I do many things to mitegate these effects, and carry on the best I can with God’s grace! Over the years since I realized I had EHS, since 2007, I have witnessed the increase in illnesses in the general poplulation, ( I work as a health aid ), and am continually amazed that more people don’t yet get it ! I try gently to keep reminding folks to turn off their wi-fi when they are not useing it, instead of leaving it on 24/7 !

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