Guide to North American Smart Meter Policies

Analog MeterAnalog meter choice bills are being considered by a number of US state legislatures this year, in response to a drumbeat of public complaints.  These states include: Missouri, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

For a list of existing smart meter policies throughout North America (courtesy of BC’s Coalition to Stop Smart Meters), click here. Please notify Sharon Noble of any updates.

Do not assume that just because your area does not have an official “opt out” policy, that people are not able to get service using analog meters. You have a legal right to refuse smart meter technology on your home and property.

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4 Responses to Guide to North American Smart Meter Policies

  1. Lois Dennison says:

    In Michigan our Mpsc id saying they only do utilities rates, lies. They are guilty of breaking Michigan legislature laws mcl460.62 to protect public PEACE HEALTH AND SAFETY. Also mcl 750.539d Invasion of privacy. Other states would do well to check their stste legislature laws for laws ALREADY on the books.

  2. Courtney says:

    I am having difficulties finding alternatives to smart meters in MT. Anyone know about this state? The electric company says smart meters are all they offer and I am not sure who to speak with in the company to debate this if possible? I am fine with buying my own electromechanical analog meter but they act like it will not work with their system

  3. Angel Fuller-McMahan says:

    Maine……..Can not find an opt out option. Attempted to send customer service an opt out message for help but website kicks me out.

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