Tom Wheeler Dodges Tough Questions at FCC Hearing

Also, see here for a journalist account of security intimidation at the FCC meeting, after he requested to see a t-shirt carried by an attendee with a wireless safety message on it. The repression and intimidation of the press and of the public by agencies which we fund and ostensibly serve us– is not acceptable.

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  2. is wireless unnerving our nervous system to a breakdown? says:

    let’s get wireless out of publicplaces like libaries, schools ,cafes, airports and traveling
    places (motels, b and b’s) – the frequencies that wireless operates on is injurious
    to the nervous system and cellular healing – analog or other public-consented
    decisions on alternatives to wireless and radiating cell tower technology is
    needed – to begin recovering and repairing our mental health, our ability to sleep normally and experience a calm, healed nervous system, the children’s physical health for their future …. traveling to another location and staying in a wi-fi motel, one has to work overtime to find inner peace within the body and sleep quality is different with wireless technology (and the communication that is harmful to our cellular life from the wi-fi and wireless pulses emitted 24/7 continuously, without reprieve). when you are off the wireless, “smart grid” for an entire day or an hour, there is a relief and the nervous system is safe.

  3. anon says:

    This’ll be the wrong place to say this, but I think I might have become a smart meter convert – they are poorly designed and so can do users favours designers likely didn’t intend.

    Our Secure Liberty gas thing, NOT in smart mode, will open its test valve for 30 minutes by simply keying in:


    This means the gas will come on even when the meter has turned it off, such as insufficient credit, too much debt, or not enough profit coming in for the biller.

    We are currently our of credit and in dispute with the gas billing company, so are not in any mind to give them money. But this trick should keep us going and hopefully a blag will come along where the debt is wiped out.

    The meter not having smart shite turned on might matter, the instruction pamphlet only talks about smart functionality but our meter’s 0 key behaves differently to the documentation. Perhaps when in smart mode, there is a UI for the same diagnostics and the same valve test trick can be done?

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