Smart Meters Not Even Needed, Say EU Industry Insiders

Europe-1Last month, electric power industry insiders admitted at the Eurelectric Conference what experts have known for years– that an efficient, advanced electric power system does not need smart meters after all. This is another blow to the smart grid industry, after Germany canceled plans to widely deploy smart electric meters there, due to the lack of a sound economic case for the meters. Read more in the article linked below.

Smart meters ‘not needed’ after all for European power grid

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One Response to Smart Meters Not Even Needed, Say EU Industry Insiders

  1. Jennifer Symonds says:

    I see British Gas are offering free weekend electricity to anyone (idiotic enough) to sign up to have smart meters installed. i assume they’re getting desperate to off-load the ghastly things possibly because so many people are “saying no to smart meters”; wont be surprised to see other electricity providers doing similar. Rather a sick ploy I think

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