Did Switzerland Just Halt 5G Wireless Over Health Problems?

On Feb. 12th, the Financial Times reported that Switzerland has halted 5G due to health concerns about the technology- specifically the beam-forming characteristics of the new technology– essentially streetpole-mounted equipment that can emit “microwave lasers.”

The next day (predictably) the global telecom industry via Mobile World Live published an article claiming that this was not in fact the case.

We took a look at the original letter translated from the German- it sounds to us like Switzerland put a halt to 5G installations because of concerns about public exposure.

Here are some key quotes from the letter:

“With adaptive antennas, it is possible to send the signals in the direction of the users or the mobile devices (beamforming) and to reduce them significantly in the other directions.”

“There is still no standard worldwide….”

“…further clarifications on exposure must be made and, if possible, tested in real operation.”

“This work will take some time.”

Sounds to us like it’s pretty much an open and shut case– under pressure from the populace, Swiss regulators are getting cold feet about authorizing new 5G infrastructure that could seriously harm the population.

This moratorium is the result of a huge grassroots effort in Switzerland to ban 5G, including large street protests and this petition that has garnered tens of thousands of signatures. Take a stand for community health and our common future.  Oppose 5G!

More info: https://stop5ginternational.org/

Click here to download the full letter (in German/ pdf): BAFU letter_jan 31 2020

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  1. The City of Colorado Springs City Council and Mayor John Suthers have been well informed about the ill effects on health on the population. Information has been given at council meetings, e-mail etc, in person and to no avail. They continue to ignore and keep the agenda going forward. They hide the true meaning of their future turning our City int a Smart city with their PlanCos (future city plan) which should be titled by its true intent Smart City PlanCos. They also have been warned that they will ALL be held responsible and liable. The city is experiencing higher cancer rates across the board.

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