Photos of Analog Meters


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  1. Rachel says:


    I just had SDGE out to restore an analog meter on my home.
    They installed an ABB model without any digital screen is this one okay?

    and do I need to do something about the gas meter as well? The gas is not a digital screen. I have no idea what I am doing but want to be safe…I will say my lights stopped flickering through my house.

  2. Kim says:

    We have an analog meter, but PPL has been telling us for years, and just told me this morning over the phone, that they are reading this meter through the electrical lines and that they have been reading it this way for ten years. Can this be true??? Our meter has the little clock faces on it and no employee for PPL has EVER come to our house to read it. They told me years back they were reading it through the phone lines until I told them we haven’t had a land line in years. Now they say they are reading it through the electrical lines. I am confused.

  3. You don’t have a landline but did? Have you gone completely mobile telephony? If so, why worry about smart metering….much more personal data than that collected by smart meters can be induced through your cell phone/smart phone movement and use…not to mention similar or worse radiation hazards via pulsed microwaves. Get a landline. Abandoning our telephone landlines just plays into the hands of all the wireless industries and sadly it is becoming all too common, eventually they will discontinue the landline maintenance entirely…which AT&T petitioned to do here in CT!

  4. Eric says:


    Southern California Edison replaced my smart meter with a digital one, saying that they don’t have an all analog one available. They are saying that the digital one is ‘not a smart meter’ and complies with the opt out guidelines. Anyone have any advise on how to handle this?

    Malibu, CA

    • Hi Eric:

      1. refer them to the CPUC decision of December 2014 granting analogs (for a fee) to all CA electric customers of investor owned utilities. See:

      2. Let them know if they are having trouble getting a hold of an analog meter, you’ll be happy to acquire one and install it. (You can get one here:

      3. Let them know that if they continue to have troubles locating an analog, within a week you will have an analog you purchase yourself installed by an electrician. If they don’t do it, then DIY!

      That should do it!

      Don’t take no for an answer and tell them – don’t ask them- how it will be.

      Let us know how it goes! No matter what do not accept ANY type of digital meter.

  5. Mariya says:

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  6. Mariya says:

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