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  1. steve says:

    l live in fl . i told fpl i dont want a smart meter .they said they will replace my meter with a ditigal meter thats not a smart meter . are there ditigal meters that arent smart meters thanks

    • Hey Steve- Don’t let them get anywhere near your meter- FPL is playing games with you- defend your analog and send them a letter telling them you refuse their smart meter on your home. Getting your electricity cut off is far better than being exposed to a death meter- but they do not have the legal right to do that. We just got a call from a woman in Arizona who said that dozens of animals- dogs and cats- died after smart meters were installed in one town. These are seriously lethal and we all need to defend ourselves from this sick and twisted project. Assume that any digital meter is dangerous. The burden of proof is on the utility to prove that its safe and doesn’t emit EMF’s. Digital Utility Meters (DUM’s) have got to go!!

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      I don’t know what FPL has in mind, but yes, there are advanced digital meters that are not SmartMeters that PG&E has been using for about 30 years for residential customers. These digital E6/E7 meters were sold to customers who have solar systems and want to backfeed power during the day to the electrical power grid.
      The SmartMeters that PG&E chose are not advanced meters, and the telemetry( Silver Springs Networks radio smart grid) will not work with measuring the bi-directional flow of electricity.
      That is why anyone who currently has a solar or other generation system is not allowed (or I should say PG&E is not allowed to change them out with a SmartMeter), otherwise the customer would not get any credit for returning extra generated power to the local power grid. The digital meters like an E6 and the analog meters that run in reverse have always been read monthly by a meter reader, that is why PG&E will never be able to eliminate the meter readers.
      Unless you have a need for an advanced digital meter, if I were you I would refuse a digital meter, tell them that you want to keep your analog meter.
      The digital meters that are not called SmartMeter do not transmit a radio frequency, but if FPL puts some new digital meter in , you should check it with a frequency counter just to make sure.
      A radio frequency counter is used for detecting bugs, and any transmitter within range will be displayed as well as the frequency that it is transmitting on. This frequency counter is different than a field strength meter, as it does not display the power in watts, I suggest that people use both types of analyzers when it comes to the new SmartMeters.

      • Joe says:

        You DO NOT want digital meter. The rectification in it creates dirty electricity and creates all sorts of EMF’s that emanate from your electrical wiring.

    • Nick D says:

      They installed one on my home without my knowledge. and then i got an email explaining how cool my new smart meter is. Get or Make Orgonite

  2. Doug says:

    I have the one in the middle on the right(says Itron on it), and my power company says that it is not a smart meter, just a digital meter and that they both look the same.

    so basically my questions are as follows;

    1 is this true, could it be just a digital meter?

    2 if so are digital meter harmful to health? because everyone in our house seems to be having all these symptoms.

    3 they said that analog meters are no longer being made, so they can’t replace it for me, is this true?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that i was blatently lied to, and was looking for confirmation

    • Valerie says:

      Doug I typed in google is itron a smart meter and this is what I found . Yes, it is a smart meter. Actually it is called smart grid that is the same as a smart meter.

      • lynn says:

        My meter has the old looking meter style; however no numbers listed whether analog or digital, just the five kilowatt hours. It is listed as ‘itron’ like you had looked up, but I’m thinking that itron made the analog as well?

        Does anyone know if itron did the analog as well or just the digitial? The box around the meter looks new and states B174 and is quite small compared to the photos given as examples for analog but definitely doesn’t look like a digital- no numbers to read off- odd.

  3. Teresa says:

    Hi Doug, I am wondering the same thing here. Did you find out anything?

  4. Sean Cowlishaw says:

    I live in rural Colorado and my power company installed a digital meter. I was told I had to let them install it. I was told my bill would go down due to more accurate readings. My power bill has almost doubled. Question: no one has been out to read my meter how are they getting the information if I have my WIFI locked down? The nearest house is 1/4 to 1/2 a mile away so I’m not sure how they get my info to bill me.

    • Scott says:

      I live in Rural North Weld County Colorado. PVREA installed a smart meter without my knowledge 2 years ago, my rates skyrocketed by over 40-50% increase, I requested them to remove the Smart Meter and they installed a digital meter but non smart, I verified it at mfg website, Since that time my electric usage has gone back to close to what it was prior to smart meter in NOV2013 with the Smart Meter I could access my account and actively see usage on a daily basis and with the replacement non smart digital meter I can not, will reference it monthly upon it being read like they used to by a Coop rep coming out to read it now they can read it without driving all the way down my road from roughly 1/4 mile away. SO not SMART, but readable from longer distance but not 50 miles like a smart meter.

  5. Michael D baker says:

    Why are electric companies so adamant about us having smart meters? I wonder, is that they have been designed to read more KWh than what we actually use.

  6. That Dude says:

    This is another way for Big Brother to keep an eye on YOU as an INDIVIDUAL.

    Sure, you can call me a conspiracy theorist but isn’t global depopulation a priority according to UN Agenda 21?
    The World Health Organization (WHO) lists the “RF” signals given off by Smart Meters as possible Human Carcinogens. (Yes folks, cancer.)
    Remember the big scare a bunch of years back when is was thought that cell phone signals caused cancer?
    And “The Experts” rebutted with,”The amount from such short bursts was negligible”.
    Guess what? Smart Meters put this “RF” signal out 24/7……NOT IN SHORT BURSTS…as in a cell phone call.
    That’s just one theory.
    Ed Snowden provided us with the other.
    Big Brother is watching.
    What other reasons would the Gov’t need for building a HUUUGE electronic data storage facility in Utah.
    OOOOPS, we weren’t supposed to know about that.
    Nor the military base that’s been hidden in plain sight just outside Vegas.

    Ignorance is Bliss.

  7. Wim says:


    Yes, smart meters harm people. Just another crime against humanity. We are at war folks. Get used to it. What can you do, knowing what’s going on and why?

    You can decide to clean up your act, get your health as much up as possible given all the poisonous environments we daily interact with. Support your liver with herbs or alternative medicine.

    The “poor us” attitude really harms you and is the prime objective of all that’s going on. They are after your vital energy. Don’t give it to them, smile in their face. They will run away because the last thing they can handle is true compassion.

    Fighting energy companies doesn’t work. They are much better at that game than any of us. Fighting makes you a fighter, a warrior. Wars or worrying weakens you and gives them what they need to survive: negative energy.

    Protect yourself but don’t enter in a game in which “they” have far more expertise.

    What is it that you want or can do in positive terms?
    Why not go off the grid with a small diesel or solar generator?

    If you think you are powerless, you are.
    If you think you are in control, you are.

    What would Nelson Mandela have done?

    Keep your head up and let go of all ill feelings for yourself and the world around you.
    It’s the only thing that will keep you safe in the years to come.

    Go(o)d luck to all of you.

  8. lance says:

    they just installed a C1ST on my house.. is it a smart meter or just a digital meter ? dont understand the lingo below . its the description straight from ITRON..

    CENTRON C12.19 C1SD, C1ST, C1SL
    Multifunction Personality Meter
    The interchangeable personality modules snap into the standard CENTRON metrology base. The three multifunction modules available include a Demand module (C1SD), a Time-of-Use module with Demand (C1ST), and a Load Profile module with TOU and Demand (C1SL). These personality modules utilize the PSEM protocol.
    Non-volatile memory: All programming, register, TOU and load profile data are stored during a power outage
    Optical port communication allows each module to be programmed to communicate at 9600, 14400, 19200 or 28800 baud through the optical tower
    Self-read capability means billing data can be stored automatically at programmable times to be read later
    Includes 144K RAM for up to eight channels of load profile data
    Bi-directional metering: All three multi-function modules are capable of measuring and displaying delivered, received and net energy (kWh)

  9. Lynn says:

    We just installed solar at our house in Ct. The electric company is coming out to switch out our meter. I called to ask if this is a smart meter and was told no, it’s a net meter which is needed with the solar. I cannot find an answer on how safe a net meter is or is it just as dangerous as a smart meter? If so what else could be used to measure the electricity we use?

  10. FP Frainaguirre says:

    Get the dvd entitled: Take Back Your Power (Investigating the “smart grid) from your library. A worth while watch!

  11. Steve Sybesma says:

    I think there is some confusion here…you’re saying all digital meters are smart meters and that is not correct.

    The key is that not all digital meters have remote reporting capability (meaning that some have neither RF transmitting nor a BPL connection ability). The fact it displays digits means nothing in and of itself. The one below is like one I have and a meter reader has to come out each month to look at it.

    Also, the date on mine says 11/04. So, I should be in the clear. I will not allow a smart reader to be installed now that I know about this page.

    • Josh Hart says:

      Because any digital meter may contain hidden RF emitting components, and “smart” functionality, and because of the common threads of plastic, shoddy, fire risky, invasive and health damaging meters, on this site we refer to all digital meters (including fake trojan horse analog meters) as “smart”. Smart Grid industry and their lies and false propaganda be damned.

  12. Steve Sybesma says:

    Sorry, I meant smart METER, not reader.

  13. L.A. Kelley III says:

    I live in Gainesville, FL and Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) is my electric provider. The meter outside my duplex is digital and the only name it displays seems to be “Landis+Gyr” (patent pending). It has other letters as follows: “Type ALF 2S CL 200 240v 3w 60Hz TA=30Kh 7.2”. It also has what appear to be serial numbers, but that is all. Can you tell me if this is a smart meter or dangerous type digital meter?? When I first moved into this duplex last July 2016, I started getting headaches and depression I never had before. The meter outside is directly behind my LazyBoy chair inside. Please let me know since I complained to GRU and they denied that I had a smart meter. Do I have the right to request an analog meter?

  14. Erin Hunter says:

    I need to find out how to advocate on my situation, can anyone advise me? I’m extremely suffering in mind and heart with much torment.

  15. Kathy Serra says:

    I have solar and in order to get credit for the electricity I am making I need a bi-directional meter. Are there problems with these like there are with smart meters?

  16. bob mullen says:

    Is the Itron Watt Hour meter you show a smart meter, T U

  17. Esther Le Sieur says:

    Does anyone has a photo of the smart GAS meters PG&E uses in the San Francisco Bay Area? PG&E has notified us that they will be doing routine safety checks on our gas meters in the next few weeks. I opted out in 2012, but I’m afraid they will try to tell me my old meter needs to be replaced, and then replace it with a smart meter, possibly one that looks like an analog meter or tell me it’s just a digital meter. I’m electrosensitive, and need to be sure I don’t get hood-winked. Thanks.

  18. Concerned says:

    Most likely opt out meter may look like this one:


    “Smart” meter face should look like this one:

  19. Mariposa New Mexico says:

    I too am now being presented with the “Not Smart Meter, its digital”
    Went to Centron and of course its a smart meter.
    Have been playing the letter game and talking to the techs who really believe that it is not a smart meter that its a radio activated meter. “No moving parts”

    I’m looking for solutions.

    the next step in this dance is opt out with a higher fee. Why are they trying to force us to accept something they know has issues?

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