June 14th, 2011: PG&E Caught on Tape Threatening Homeowner with Service Disconnection for Refusing Smart Meter


Contact:  Joshua Hart, Director, Stop Smart Meters!

June 14th, 2011


Company Growing Increasingly Desperate After World Health Organization Designates Radiation from New Meters “A Possible Carcinogen”

Oakland- Two weeks after the World Health Organization formally announced that the type of radiation emitted by PG&E “smart’ meters is “possibly carcinogenic,” evidence has surfaced that the utility company is threatening homeowners with disconnection of service for refusing to allow possibly cancer causing radiation-emitting device on their homes.  Oakland resident Charles Pine discovered that his mp3 recorder was accidentally running in his shirt pocket after a confrontation with a PG&E meter installer in his backyard several days ago.

Mr. Pine had previously refused to allow Wellington Energy to install a ‘Smart’Meter on his duplex.  The PG&E employee arrived at his house and attempted to install a new wireless meter without so much as knocking on the door.  The PG&E representative is heard to say “they’re going to call you to discuss with you either cutting you off at the line or allowing us to put (the smart meter) in.”

While PG&E makes public statements like “we are working with communities and engaging in a conversation about how our customers can benefit from SmartMeter technology” the reality is that they are threatening the public with disconnection of electrical service, and ignoring pleas from electrosensitive people who are suffering so badly that in many cases they are being forced to leave their own homes.

Several weeks ago, the utility made soothing statements that made it seem like it would respect residents who did not want a wireless meter on their home.  The reality on the ground- as this incident demonstrates- is very different.

In response to the designation of non-ionizing radiation such as that emitted by “smart” meters in Class 2B- a possible carcinogen- by the World Health Organization, the most respected international health authority, a growing coalition is calling for the immediate deactivation of the wireless ‘mesh’ network, the right for residents to retain their analog meter, or have their ‘smart’ meter replaced with an analog meter at no cost.

Audio of the encounter can be found at: https://stopsmartmeters.org/2011/06/14/pge-caught-on-tape-threatening-disconnection-of-service-for-smartmeter-refusal/


One Response to June 14th, 2011: PG&E Caught on Tape Threatening Homeowner with Service Disconnection for Refusing Smart Meter

  1. cathy anderson says:

    I just read about that in the Consumer Protection Act. They cannot do that if your bill is paid. It’s against the law. The secret is we have to enforce the law. That means everyone is going to have to lawyer up. Class action lawsuits have changed the law. That is why you have warnings on cigarettes that did not used to be there. Class action lawsuits. Push the issue until they see you coming. Send certified letters to every official in your state. Talk to your neighbors. Ask your neighbors to just tell one person, and ask them to tell one person. When you ask people to tell 200 people they won’t do it. But asking people to just tell one person, and then give them some information and tell one other person, it’s likely to happen. Think of how that would multiply exponentially. If we want an America, we the people, have to do it ourselves. Stop depending on a government who screwed it up in the first place, to fix it. That’s like going back to an abuser and expecting them to fix what they did. They will not do that. We the people will do it ourselves. We need to accept this as a necessity and just do it.

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