Mar. 3rd, 2011: City of Monterey 29th Local Govt. in CA to Demand SM Halt


March 3, 2011


Confrontations in SF’s Marina District, Police Called to Council Meeting in Pacific Grove

Monterey, CA- On Tuesday night Monterey City Council unanimously adopted a resolution demanding Pacific Gas and Electric immediately halt the installation of Smart Meters and related infrastructure within city limits.  The resolution reads:

“The City Council demands PG&E immediately halt the installation and activation of SmartMeters on any and all homes, apartments, condominiums, or businesses of any type, within the City of Monterey…until concerns regarding safety of the SmartMeter are addressed.”  Furthermore, “Council demands that PG&E… remove the existing SmartMeters from houses of residents who do not want them.”[1]

Monterey is the first city in Monterey County to take formal action against ‘smart’ meters, and joins 28 other cities, towns, and counties around California in taking action opposing them.[2]

Opposition to wireless ‘smart’ meters has also increased in other states where utilities are installing them, such as Illinois, Arizona, and particularly Maine, where the Governor on Tuesday declared his support for residents’ right to decline having a wireless meter installed on their home.  Utility customer backlash is also being reported internationally.  In Australia, fires and electrical shocks from a series of poorly installed meters have been reported.

Confrontations between protesters and meter installers were reported in San Francisco’s Marina district over the last several days. Most Marina residents were grateful for the protesters’ intervention on Tuesday, with one building manager refusing installers access to his utility room, and changing the locks to prevent unauthorized installation.  The police were called to a Pacific Grove council meeting last night amidst strong feelings there.  Protesters plan to mount additional protests Friday, including possible acts of civil disobedience.

Protesters will gather tomorrow at Noon- Friday March 4th at the corner of Beach and Cervantes in the Marina District of San Francisco to reach out to residents of the Marina district and warn them about ‘smart’ meter dangers.



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