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Back to School Sale: 10% Off All EMF Meters in Our Store

Get Your Kids the Technology They Need to Measure the Wi-Fi and other Electrosmog in their Schools ONE WEEK ONLY!! BACK TO SCHOOL EMF METER SALE AUGUST 24TH- AUGUST 30TH Find Gauss Meters, RF Meters, Combo Meters, Brochures, DVD’s, Books … Continue reading

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Offline is the New Luxury

This documentary, Offline is the New Luxury, is well worth a watch. Although it does not address the issue of RF health impacts specifically, it does flirt with the issue a number of times. Adopting the EHS terminology of “white … Continue reading

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Tom Wheeler Dodges Tough Questions at FCC Hearing

Also, see here for a journalist account of security intimidation at the FCC meeting, after he requested to see a t-shirt carried by an attendee with a wireless safety message on it. The repression and intimidation of the press and … Continue reading

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Smart Meters Not Even Needed, Say EU Industry Insiders

Last month, electric power industry insiders admitted at the Eurelectric Conference what experts have known for years– that an efficient, advanced electric power system does not need smart meters after all. This is another blow to the smart grid industry, … Continue reading

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New Stop Smart Meters! Toll-Free Hotline Available for Your “Burning” Smart Meter Questions

If you have questions about organizing in your community to stop smart meters or other wireless technologies, feel free to call our new toll free US hotline (888) 965-6435. This is a service especially vital for those who do not … Continue reading

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