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Smart Meter Data at Crux of Arkansas Murder Case

Imagine this scenario: You just got a bonus at work, bought a new barbecue smoker and a large hot tub at your suburban home. Your 5-year old son (whom you have custody of) is at his mother’s home for the … Continue reading

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Smart Meter Injury Testimonials

If you ever think to yourself, “oh maybe it’s not that bad- maybe people are exaggerating the health threat posed by smart meters…” read this document (pdf) and print it out for your family. The document contains Stop Smart Meters! … Continue reading

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Back to School Sale: 10% Off All EMF Meters in Our Store

Get Your Kids the Technology They Need to Measure the Wi-Fi and other Electrosmog in their Schools ONE WEEK ONLY!! BACK TO SCHOOL EMF METER SALE AUGUST 24TH- AUGUST 30TH Find Gauss Meters, RF Meters, Combo Meters, Brochures, DVD’s, Books … Continue reading

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Offline is the New Luxury

This documentary, Offline is the New Luxury, is well worth a watch. Although it does not address the issue of RF health impacts specifically, it does flirt with the issue a number of times. Adopting the EHS terminology of “white … Continue reading

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Tom Wheeler Dodges Tough Questions at FCC Hearing

Also, see here for a journalist account of security intimidation at the FCC meeting, after he requested to see a t-shirt carried by an attendee with a wireless safety message on it. The repression and intimidation of the press and … Continue reading

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