Smart Meter Lawsuits

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Links on how to file your own lawsuits or complaint:
Medical Request not to have a Smart Meter


HEALTH —Southern California Edison
Plantiff claimed negative health effects after smart meter was installed (Legal Documents).
\SUCCESS!!! The judge ordered the Utilities company pay for health damages or remove the meter! (Settlement Documents

Privacy, Constitutional Violations, Security Risks–Kauai, Hawaii
Adam Asquith filed for a Federal Injunction against the instillation of smart meters (Court Filing DocumentsNews Story.
SUCCESS!  The Utilities Company offered a settlement (Settlement Document) and agreed NOT to install a smart meter on the plaintiff’s property. (News report)

Mark Naea, a neighbor of Adam Asquith (who won his case against smart meters) filed a formal complaint (Legal Document) that he should not have to pay the court fees and file a separate case to get the opt-out option that was court awarded to his neighbor.
SUCCESS!!! The Public Utilities Commission ordered (Legal Document) Kauai Island Utility Cooperative(KIUC) to address  his complaint.

A legal complaint objecting to multiple aspects of smart meters. Overview
SUCCESS!!  The court ruled that the Utilities company DID NOT adequately address health and safety concerns and now must do so. Bangor Daily News

Update 6/4/15: After a 3 year PUC investigation into the health and safety of smart meters following the Supreme Court remand mentioned previously, the Commission ruled smart meters were basically safe enough. There was no vote held by the two commissioners and one of them recognized RF could probably cause adverse health effects and thought no cost opt outs [using a smart meter with transmitter disabled] should be available when suggested by a physician. Because the opinion made little sense and Central Maine Power never met their statutory burden to show safety was ensured with smart meters, opponents have appealed the decision, once more to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. At this point, appellants brief has been filed, appellee’s brief is due June 30th and then opponents have 14 days to file a response. After this, oral arguments will be scheduled. More information and updates on the case can be found here.


Complaint that the PUC (Public Utilities Commission) did not address safety, Constitutional Privacy and health concerns. (New Story on Outcome)
SUCCESS! The Supreme Judicial Court findings are that they did not properly address these problems (health and safety) and MUST do so. The Court not agree the Privacy concerns were not addressed.


On July 9, 2010, Larry Nikkel died in a fire believed to be caused by smart meter.

Smart Meters have been “mandated” in British Columbia, however Plantiff contests that the wireless component is part of the mandate.(Press Release) (News story) (Formal Letter of Complaint – legal Document) (Letter of Complaint- scroll down)
Status: Appeal to be heard in October

HEALTH –Central California
Lawsuit filed against the CPUC (Central Public Utilities Commission) for ignoring evidence of harmful health effects of Smart Meters. (Latest updateLink on story
Status:Newly filed.

A top PG&E executive was caught spying and attempting to infiltrate a nonprofit to gather information about a forthcoming lawsuit. (Coverage of case) Curious and curiouser. (Legal Order to investigate)

Filed by an Electro-magnetic consulting firm,Wilner and Associates this Class Action Lawsuit list multiple ten grievances and is seeking $10,000 per customer who has experienced negative health effects. (Story) (Case Filing)

Residents have filed a federal lawsuit (News article) seeking an injunction to instillation (Court Documents)
Up to date info on the case
Status:Discovery phase of the case

Cases “Loss” (aka opportunity to learn so we win the next round)


According to the lawsuit, the Don Baker, plaintiff, is an engineer and was an AMI smart grid project manager.  He alleges the smart meters were not properly tested, and were seriously flawed. He found that the Sensus iConA had a “tendency to drastically overheat, and melt or burn”.  He was asked to keep quiet and was eventually terminated for failing to do so.

Status: The fire issue was not the focus of the case, it was misuse of Federal Funds.The District Attorney chose not to pursue the case, not based on the fire hazard claims, but claiming Federal Money was not misused. (case documents)


A class action lawsuit (Case documents) filed against Texan Utilities company Oncor. (News Story, Video)
Status: Case Dismissed (One analysis of why it failed)

(7/14) OVERCHARGING Bakersfield California
Initially an individual case alleging overcharging  of smart meters (Initial Filing), this turned into a class action lawsuit (News report).
Status: Initially SUCCESS! Then

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  1. AB OZ says:

    need info.

  2. AB OZ says:

    I am interested in analog of off- the- grid house electric meter for my home. Could consider solar energy.

  3. Randy says:

    I’m glad to see people standing up for there rights, but you all haven’t even began to scratch the surface. Let me give you more bad news, You know our weather, how crazy it is? If you look up the information, our weather was the first thing they kicked GOD out of back in 1946. WHAT!!!!, Look up weather modification, Look up Geo Engineering David Keith on you tube. Look up H.A.R.R.P and what it does. Anybody dealing with a very high pitch in there ear? Rining in the ear that is HARRP being used. Look up the patent for it, Because all the information is there. Look up the patent for space base laser weapon and what it can do the look at all the sink holes in the world. Look up massive animal deaths. Look up all the chemicals being dumped in our waters all around the globe. People you need to look up all the things being discovered with new technolgy. Our History is all wrong, We are just now starting to catch up with what they uised in the past. I know it sounds crazy, that’s why I can’t get anything done. Damn near gotr locked up for showing what I know. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska[clarification needed], and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).[1] Designed and built by BAE Advanced Technologies (BAEAT), its purpose was to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance.[2] The HAARP program operated a major sub-arctic facility, named the HAARP Research Station, on an Air Force-owned site near Gakona, Alaska.

    The most prominent instrument at the HAARP Station is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility operating in the high frequency (HF) band. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere. Other instruments, such as a VHF and a UHF radar, a fluxgate magnetometer, a digisonde (an ionospheric sounding device), and an induction magnetometer, were used to study the physical processes that occur in the excited region.

    Work on the HAARP Station began in 1993. The current working IRI was completed in 2007, and its prime contractor was BAE Systems Advanced Technologies.[1] As of 2008, HAARP had incurred around $250 million in tax-funded construction and operating costs. It was reported to be temporarily shut down in May 2013, awaiting a change of contractors. In May 2014, it was announced that the HAARP program would be permanently shut down later in the year.[3] Ownership of the facility and its equipment was transferred to the University of Alaska Fairbanks in mid-August 2015.[4]


  5. Helen says:

    Very sick, smart meters fueling disease and inhibiting my ability to heal; stealing my life! If one is going to make a class-action lawsuit, please contact me.

  6. Andie Traphagan says:

    Just got a $7536.39 PG&E bill. The new smart meter they said has misread the reading to our park for 4 months.
    Here’s the background on this park….we have 10 people in this park. The average bill before in our cycle is $1539.00 They are now estimating us to go over $3600.00 next month and we are now being billed back for 4 months of what they deem we owe for a past amount. All total over $11, 000 due by next month. Their reasoning ….. They say their new smart meter finally caught up and they were able to go back 4 months and in a sense guess what are usage was for the park…and what the usage will be.
    In the end we were told … To bad you have to pay what we think you owe or it will be shut off!!! This is criminal and I know were not the only one as I’ve been online researching this and we are finding the makers of this smart meter have had nationwide problems and to top it all off a Federal grand jury is investigating PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission for fraudulently working together!
    BOTTOM LINE—- There is no way we are using 3 times the electricity and the makers of the NEW SMART METERS KNOW THEIR PRODUCT HAS DEFECTS!!!
    We need to protest the new Smart meters and we all need to start a lawsuit and go after PG&E, the California Public Utilities Commission and the makers of the new smart meter for fraudulently raising our rates to pad their pockets with illegal price guessing!!!! We need to unite statewide and open a lawsuit against this company!!! This is extortion at its WORST!!!

  7. Pg&e are charging us an almost 4,000 dollar bill, because they claimed we didn’t pay a 857 dollar deposit which we were never told we had to pay, we are on disability and have life support machines at home, we have doctors note and gave them a copy, getting help from heap and Salvation Army is impossible due to the amount of the bill, we are currently on pins and needles with these money hungry lunatics

  8. Clarissa havens says:

    I became very I’ll in my home shortly after the smart meter was installed. I remained in the home 7 more years. I thought the house or something in it was making me sick. I slept not even two feet away from the meter. I became so I’ll that I could not work. I lost my home and moved into my motorhome in an rv park. Soon after I moved into the park my health began to improve. It’s been almost two years and I am feeling 90 % better. I became convinced that the house made me sick. Then I came across something online about smart meters and put everything together. It all made since now….all the symptoms…. Headaches, fatigue, dizziness, heart palpitations, body ache, nausea… Etc. This was everyday. Now I’m afraid to move into a house or apartment. I’m afraid of smart meters.

  9. Johnny Bob says:

    I live in Mt Vernon IL 62864 and opted out of gas & electric AMI meters from Ameren when they started installing them here a year ago. There were no extra charges on my bills until the current one where they’ve tacked on $24+tax for “Advanced meter refusal fees”. I read my own meters monthly over the past year and sent the results to them via email, demonstrating that it is not necessary for them to send someone out to read them. I’m now in process of engaging them legally. I have tried but so far am unable to arouse any public sentiment in my town to oppose them, so looks like I’m on my own. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

  10. Len Miskulin says:

    I am 65 year old and live in a shelters accommodation (40 flats) in UK. Last October I had offer of “free upgrade” for my electricity meter and as I did not know anything about “smart” meters and was not provided with any information my electricity provider fitted one. Almost immediately I got very sick, nausea, nasty headaches, disturbed sleep, itchy burning skin, muscle and joint pains and lot more. For last 16 years I was campaigning for fathers and children’s rights after divorce and that included two hunger strikes (2000 and 2010). I also suffered stroke in 2011 and that has possibly made me lot more vulnerable to microwave RFR.
    Google my name to verify.

    I personally believe that we are being deliberately irradiated to reduce population (google RFR effects on fertility) and that only course of action left to us is to fight back in the same way – delete the “elite”

    • Jerry says:

      live in tampa fla 7 years ago i moved into an apartment on the side off a house in perfect health the house had an analog meter when i moved in a year later a smart meter from tampa electric was placed on the home and months later my health scalated down hill and my life became a living hell, months after the meter was installed i developed pyrathyroid desiase ,hart arythmias ,positive lupus ana results and so on no doctor could figure out my issues and kept blaming my pyrathyroid for the effect off smart meter radiation like the constant weakness ,vertigo, burning off skin,skin pigment changes,bone and back pain,inflamed hands feets face,severe skin burning on chest ,neck and back,ringing in ears ,torturous sensations and pricks all over body, burns on my skin migranes ,head pressure in fore head and so on , then i started doing research on smart meters and speaking to building biologist and other individuals just like me and figured out the real issue wich is smart meter radiation destroying my health i have contacted tampa electric ,the fcc ,attorneys and law firms and no one helps ,please i have perfect evidence medical records,pictures dates,medical records reports and is a fact that all my issues are related to this greed corporate genocide many off us face today and i wanna ask if there is any attorney or law firm in florida that can take my case to please contact me via email ,, i want my health back and a normal life, i want this hell i am in and this human rights violations to end not only for me but for those who are effected just like me , some faster then others but we are all becoming effected ,please i want this all to stop and i want justice for my health and my life that has been destroyed by corruption and greed trew smart meters the military the feds and the globalist corruption many off us are victims off please help

  11. Yes something need to happen about this cause they went back 4 month’s on me and told me it nothing they can do i have to pay MLGW is a ripe off

  12. Anna says:

    This is what i found online:
    If you have further questions regarding California Smart Meter class actions, we encourage you to contact our firm. Paradis Law Group, PLLC, can be reached at 800-787-8954 or through our online contact form. We offer a free, confidential consultation to potential clients.

  13. Tara Jade says:

    my senior park auuthorized this “gift” of repiping and placing atrocious stupid meters in front of all our houses. Even though I said I “opted out” I have to get the smart meter put in, then become a sdge customer before I “opt-out”. Then they will come out, they say, and chenge the new meter to analog…

    Question..can I opt out of the power company altogether? thinking of setting up camp in my own house…

    Will solar options be an option? or do they depend on power companys’ meter etc?

    • Josh Hart says:

      You can definitely “opt out” from your power company and the more people who set up their own independent systems and deprive utilities of their monthly hunk of flesh, the better! It is your property and you do NOT have to go along with what they tell you. Here is a basic site on off grid living:

  14. MARY KWONG says:

    I notified SCE (southern california edison) that I was the new tenant of this house in Upland, CA 91786. After paying for the deposit and what is the residual bill balance for that electric acct. , the billing was transferred to my name. Over the next 10 years I had bills ranging from over $200 to $400 (summer months). I got notices about how I am using four times other consumers were using. I told my family to cut down. A little house history…our house was built in 1923 (according to Upland Historical House website) then another house on the same large lot a few years later. In those days owners don’t plan to divide their large lots into smaller parcels, so they save money by just joining the utilities. The newer house gets water and electricity via underground pipe and wires from the older house. Fast forward to the 1970’s when the two houses on a lot was bought by a family, holding title in a trust. The sole daughter /executor decided to sell this older house and keep the newer block corner house. The county assessor’s office accepted the large parcel divided into two parcels, almost equal in size. On record it was divided which allows the sale of one and both SFRs. Upland historical society obviously wasn’t informed of the sale of one sfr, and the city of Upland didn’t as well. The historical house society has on its website the current owner name is the previous owner. For the city who supplies water there’s no need to find another meter for billing. So who is the sucker in this? Me of course. SCE has assigned a SERVICE Account to the older house (mine) and sends bills to this house address. In 2002 smart meters came into popular use. The previous owner had each house installed one. Two smart meters, one account. The usages of both meter were combined. On the smart meters you don’t see a simple unit counter like the old meters (opt-0ut). The usages are sent into the billing via the wires on the power poles. No technicians need to come out to read meter. I end up paying for both usages since 2007. Then a giantic water bill came two years ago, then I got suspicious of the electric bills as well. I said if the water pipes were not properly divided, maybe the electricity did not get divided. The next two years shock after shock occurred. I told SCE I opt-out because both smart meters are being paid by me since I took over the account. SCE gave me an opt-out meter the day before Thanksgiving 2016.
    Still the bills were high so I looked around. In two old wall panels on the back porch, I saw wires cut and twisted back together. Maybe that was how the previous owner separate the electricity sharing but someone twisted the severed wires back together. I suspect the handyman house sitting her house next door wanted free electricity. My bills from Feb. thru Sept 2017 reflected more of my usage after I untwisted those wires. Then I was tempted by time-of-use to get even lower bills. I asked to try it for two months. For two months I was online watching for usage changes. For two months, my usages weren’t displayed. I called SCE customer reps asking about my usage. I did get a climate credit for my service acct. because I own it and it’s credit to my acct online. But why no usage since I got the smart meter for time-of-use. Answer is when you have two smart meters on one service acct., neither meter can use time-of-use or it messes the calculations. So my account cannot be calculated and therefore no display of usage and no paper bill can be sent out. On Jan 4, 2018 I opt out again now I know how this all works now. SCE is not admitting to two meters sharing same Service Account number, not admitting why I have no usage displayed and no bill in the mail. I am forced to pay for next door’s meter because SCE won’t change my meter right now.. The csr said when my current billing cycle ends is when I can opt out. On Jan 4 when I suppose get a new bill as stated on my acct page, I still see ” Your next bill will be available on or about Jan 04, 2018″ a nd “Due to a delay in your account billing, your usage details will not be available. Please try again later” Also, suddenly on a couple days before Jan 4, my billing method was “domestic-CARE” which is D-CARE., not t-o-u-CARE which was shown online there for four months . I told csr I didn’t called or requested D-CARE. D-Care is how SCE is about to bill both meters. SCE doesn’t care who pays for the usages, as long someone is. Even my opt-out allows both meters billed separately, but SCE does not want to admit that either.

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