EMF Safety Network to File Lawsuit Against CPUC

Is it just us or would the EMF Safety Network logo make a fantastic superhero outfit?

Yesterday, Sonoma County CA based EMF Safety Network, a close ally of Stop Smart Meters! announced it intends to file a lawsuit against the California Public Utilities Commission by July 11th for ignoring substantial evidence- in the record- of harm from smart meters deployed on  homes and businesses. According to the Network:

“The CPUC has NEVER addressed the health and safety impacts of Smart Meters.  They’ve only provided an opt out with a penalty.  The CPUC has buried it’s head in the sand and rubber stamped PG&E claims of Smart Meter safety!”

Lawsuits aren’t free.  Many people are working very hard– publicly and behind the scenes- to obtain justice for the growing number of smart grid victims out there.  We applaud the EMF Safety Network for sticking it out for nearly 3 years, fighting to obtain justice from a regulatory agency hopelessly intertwined with the industries it is charged with regulating. The Network is attempting to raise $25,000 for this legal challenge.

We will be donating to help meet that goal.  We hope you will too!

Click here to find out more and to make a donation today.

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9 Responses to EMF Safety Network to File Lawsuit Against CPUC

  1. SMR says:

    Michael R. Peevey is the President of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Prior to that, Mr. Peevey was President of Edison International and Southern California Edison Company. How much stock do you think he still has? Do you see a conflict of interest with that?

  2. Jessica Potter says:

    So it seems if I DONT want a SmartMeter installed, I have to “opt-out”, but that means they will charge an initial $75.00 set up fee for the analog meter, AND an additional $10.00 a month!! What can I do to file a formal complaint!?!?! I give PG&E enough money as it is!!

    San Anselmo Ca

  3. letta mego says:

    We’d have to take a course in human physiology to really get how harmful these smart meters are. I guess our lack of knowledge is what the utility company and government is counting on. The harm starts at the membrane that surrounds the living cell. That alone is reason enough to ban smart meters. Smart meters have 2 antennae. One beams radiation into the home and the other beams radiation outward. In the smart meter is an operating system (computer) and software that can definitely be hacked. There is nothing good about smart meters. They are just something dreamed ($$$) up by the telecommunication industry and the utility companies by people who don’t know a thing about biology or health…… Or don’t care…because we don’t immediately drop dead …and they know they’ll have their money and be long gone before the majority of the people wise up. It’s pretty mysterious how the world population is against smart meters but smart meters are still being forced on us. Crazy.

    • Shasha says:

      These meters are forced up on us, because we bent to their bullying and intimidation. The end result there of, is losing your freedom to chose and to express your self.
      Bending down to these corporations, which are only businesses means if we give in, losing our right to fight for democracy. This is now what is going on world wide. Recently, some part in the U.S. have criminalized the smart meter. also an area where it has become a “Smart Meter Free Zone”. How I admire the politicians who stand behind their citizens. Do not forget, that the so called elite which consists of corporations and other organizations are only the 1 percent.
      The power lies with us., the other 99 %. We must not give up, but keep refusing these meters. According to a fraud detective, very respectable. stated, that the electrical Co’s are guilty of deceit, fraud and possible extortion due to the fact, that they will cut your electricity if you do not accept the smart meter. That in itself proves, that there is something seriously wrong with the whole program. Many representatives of the electrical Co’s have refused interviews with their communities why? They cannot answer the questions honestly and know that the program is in trouble. They only wish for those who are in the dark about the risks of these meters. That only means, that those most vulnerable will be taken advantage of. Last but not least. The smart meter is not compatible with the analogue meter. The pulsation is 24/7 as proven by engineers, scientist alike and considered to be unsafe and should be banished. Check with the program of: http://www.citizensforsafetechnology o go globally and inform your self with what is really going on in the world.

  4. Finlay MacPherson says:

    Here in British Columbia the government enacted the Clean Energy Act of 2010 to mandate smart meter installation at the same time bypassing any public discussion or oversight by the BC Utilities Commission. BC Hydro is now controlled by Accenture, the same folks responsible for the Enron scandal. The global rush to install these deadly, illegal and unnecessary devices is the biggest monetary ripoff and violation of the rights of the general public to date, and it is no mere coincidence that people who can still think rationally are protesting this invasive technology. Those behind the smart meter scam must be exposed for the criminals and thieves they are, otherwise we will lose what democratic freedoms, health and hope for the future we still retain. I and many others refuse to have a smart meter installed and will not be dictated to by ignorant politicians who are really nothing but the spin doctors for their corporate paymasters behind the scenes. Take action now before these technocrats ruin our planet, our health and our survival.

    • Sorina says:

      Finlay I so agree with you. Advantage is taken of those who are not informed.
      Taken in to consideration that they have criminalized the smart meter and not to forget the other 56 counties and or communities, only proofs that there is a lot more to it. California truly stands behind their citizens. We need to keep in mind that we are bullied , intimidated and scare tactics used to get our analogue meter. My house looks like like an advertisement board. Two locks on my meter plus a heavy gate. Does it sound surprising to you that I feel like a prisoner in my own home? Those who try to control us, is this: oooooooo

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  6. I am a childhood victim of polio. My physical body gets weaker when I am around RF and EMF radiation like that from cell phones or smart meters. My health and mobility had taken a nose dive since April 2011 when they installed the meters in my home and since June 2012 I can not walk and require an electric wheelchair to get around even in my home. In August of 2012 I found out about smart meters and in September 2012 I found that SDG&E installed 12 smart meters against the wall where I sleep.

    I will be turning 67 before the end of the year and I can remember when government was on our side and not against the people as is the case now, with the Smart Meters. They used to require at least a warning label, like the one they made the cigarette companies to put onto each and every pack of cigarettes sold. You would think that Clean Electricity would be an area of legitamate concern for our government as is clean air and clean water. Instead, dirty electric and electromagnetic radiation are being protected so that business and utilities may benefit even as it harms it’s citizenry.

    Everyone who knows me, knows that I will not use a cell phone or allow anyone to use one in my home or my space. I chose to not allow cell phone energy around me because i learned that for me it is dangerous. I had polio as a child and apparently dirty electric or electromagnetic radiation causes my nerves that were damaged from polio to become more damaged and that the nerves then die. As a consequence, I have been staying away from these harmful radio frequencies as a vitally important matter of my health and ability to move around.

    Perhaps, If i had known that a thing called smart meter existed, I would have know enough to look for it, but I did not know about smart meters until last month when I read an article about it and later found out from SDG&E that they already installed smart meters in my neighborhood over a year and a half ago. Unlike cell phones, smart meters were not anything that i had agreed to and the harm that smart meters were doing to me was actively consealed from me. Information vitally important for my life was kept away from me intentionally and when I contacted SDG&E they told me the smart meters were harmless. SDG&E knows better, they lied to me.

    I have started a process against SDG&E because they should never ever do to people what they did to me. It’s so unbelievable that had it not happened to me, i probably would not beleive it. The truth is that they are against me and they don’t care about my health or if I have to use a wheel chair or not.

    If anyone wants to contact me to help sue the utility or to share information, please do so by sending me a note on my email.

    • john Puce says:

      My Son Who Is 5 Years Old Has Been Diagnosed With SPD sensory Processing Disorder. I Checked And Just Like You, The Power Company Put A Smart Meter On The Other Side Of The Wall Where He Sleeps Authoring Knowledge. I Am SaD And Mad About It. I Am Going To Put A Lawsuit Against The Power Company. Please Help Me On This.

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