Fake Cactus Smart Grid Antennas Damaging Real Ones?

A reader submitted these videos from Arizona- above is what appears to be a smart meter collector antenna disguised as a saguaro cactus.   Below are a number of real saguaros adjacent to a utility yard containing a cell tower.  Microwave sources are being measured by a HF38B Analyzer.   Is it any coincidence that the real saguaros are having a hard time even standing up in areas impacted by smart grid radiation?  The reader who took these videos says:

“This poor saguaro was here long before the imposter showed up. I wonder how much more it can take? Most are leaning or dying around the city unlike others found away from smart meters in the desert. These fake saguaros are placed in neighborhoods that never had cell towers. They now saturate neighborhoods with their constant 24/7 radiation. This one was found in Paradise Valley, Arizona.”

Is this the kind of society we want?  Where fake trees and plants irradiate us 24/7?  Where homeless people are only useful as wi-fi transmitters?  Where health and the environment are sacrificed for convenience and profit?  The “Smart Grid” is dehumanizing us and destroying our living landscape while hiding under the cloak of corporate greenwash.

Wake up and fight back, people.

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3 Responses to Fake Cactus Smart Grid Antennas Damaging Real Ones?

  1. C. Zehfus says:

    That’s the first cactus disguise I’ve seen. You probably know about this cellular “tree” tour in San Diego county?

    The disguised RF and microwave towers will fit in perfectly (and maybe even communicate to) the new “insect” drones planned for America. http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/swarms-of-cyborg-insect-drones-are-the-future-of-military-surveillance/

  2. Sharon says:

    It makes sense. Who in their right mind would want a transmitter a few feet outside their bedroom window? The cell transmitters are hidden in McDonalds’ Marquee where kids changing the signs get irradiated and in steeples where painters will get zapped. Now parents won’t know that their children are sleeping close to a major source of radiation, or playing within feet of a transmitter.
    Ignorance is bliss — at least ours is for the corporations.

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