“A Major Pain”: PG&E Tries to Suppress Electrical Interference Reports

"I think our baby just roared! No honey, that's just our new 'smart' meter"

Add to the growing list of ‘smart’ meter problems- electrical interference.  The San Jose Mercury reported yesterday that they have received dozens of complaints about interference with electronic equipment (such as baby monitors) from people’s new ‘smart’ meters.  What is interesting about these reports is that even with all the cell phone and wifi radiation all around us which is (at least in PG&E’s time averaged fantasy world) “13,000 times as strong” the meter is still the device that is causing all the problems.  These reports confirm what many electrically sensitive people have reported all along- that these ‘smart’ meters are among the most intense EMF pulses they have ever felt.  Even Silver Spring Networks, the manufacturer of the meters’ communications device bragged on its website that the impulse is “powerful enough to penetrate mountains.”

If I were a parent, I would be far more concerned about the impact of the meters on the inter-cellular communications between my baby’s brain cells than with wireless communications with the baby’s bedroom.  But maybe that’s just me….

What is even more disturbing is that PG&E is trying to suppress these reports, just like they are trying to suppress reports of inaccuracies and health damage from EMF exposure:

”(PG&E) decided that written complaints to Action Line could be responded to only if the customer signed a waiver of confidentially. “These either need to be notarized or signed in front of a PG&E employee at one of our service centers,” said spokesman Matt Nauman.”

This whole thing is turning into a bigger debacle day by day.  PG&E and the CPUC need to come clean, admit that somehow they failed to carry out adequate testing, and were ‘just following orders’ when they spent $2 billion of our money.  They need to halt the program and take responsibility for the damage that has already been done.  Continuing installation will only dig them deeper, and make the inevitable mea culpas that much more painful and difficult.

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10 Responses to “A Major Pain”: PG&E Tries to Suppress Electrical Interference Reports

  1. Did Ya Notice says:

    I notice in the Merc article that they say we will have to go out and buy new electronic devices with shielding. What I don’t understand is WHY is it OUR responsibility to have to go invest in all new equipment because of a SmartMeter that is installed on our houses by FORCE?

    • onthelevelblog says:

      That’s the way that PG&E rolls. They burden us with the carbon emissions from their dirty electricity, the EMF’s from their stupid meters, and then raise our bills to pay for it all and require us to buy new appliances. I’ve got to wonder- why are we putting up with this, and not demanding that our local counties kick PG&E out of the energy business and do what we should have done years ago- relocalize our energy supplies and take back the power from PG&E!

      • Did Ya Notice says:

        That makes sense, the county should take over from these scum.

        BTW, ever since the meters were put into my neighborhood, everyone is complaining about some high pitched constant ringing. Is that something you’ve encountered elsewhere?

        • onthelevelblog says:

          That sounds like a biological impact from the EMF radiation. You should all report this to the CPUC at 866-849-8390 and demand they remove your meters. How many people have reported this? If you can, you should get written statements from people, post them here, and send them to Sandi Maurer of the EMF Safety Network. sandi@emfsafetynetwork.org

  2. Did Ya Notice says:

    During our weekend BBQ here on the block, folks here were bringing up the topic in casual conversation thinking our equipment like the TV or cell phones are to blame, and truth be told, it didn’t even occur to any of us that the meters might be the reason until I read the Merc article which now has me wondering if our electrical equipment (unshielded of course) is responding to meter signals. Are there resources other than PGE that can test this? If there are I’d appreciate a rec.

  3. Did Ya Notice says:


    To clarify, the high pitched sound is coming from electronic equipment.

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  5. Derek Woods says:

    Can a smart meter interfere with a analog only few feet away

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