Denying Non-Thermal Wireless Health Impacts Growing More Untenable Every Day

While government regulatory agencies continue to insist that non-thermal health impacts from wireless radiation cannot be proven,  we now have what amounts to a smoking gun- that the function of the human brain is significantly altered by exposure to relatively low levels of EMF.   Carried out by the National Institutes of Health, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and covered by the New York Times among other media outlets, it seems that the official nature of this study is turning a lot of heads- and hopefully keeping them away from wireless devices.

Dr. Devra Davis who recently published the book Disconnect, the Truth about Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide it, and What You Can Do to Protect Your Family said in response to the study:

“Could the stimulating impact of cell phone radiation to boost brain energy explain some of the growing addiction many of us feel for our phones?”  Davis asks.  “That is one of the many research questions that should be addressed.”

With new analyses showing whole body exposure to microwave radiation being actually higher from a ‘smart’ meter than that of a cell phone, this should ring loud alarm bells in every place where wireless meters are going in.

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3 Responses to Denying Non-Thermal Wireless Health Impacts Growing More Untenable Every Day

  1. Brian Turner says:

    I live in British Columbia where the provincial government has negotiated a deal with an Amerivan firm to install thousands of these smart meters. Not only will it be a health hazard but I believe a tax grab when they go to “Time-of-day” billing.

    The government corporation that has decided to do this did not consult the people nor the government itself. I think they slipped it thru while the politicians were so busy protecting themselves over the HST taxation debacle.

    I would like very much to create a “Take Action Against” Group here in BC if one is not already organized.

    As retirees living on a fixed income this can affect our lifestyle dramatically.

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  3. Robin Masek says:

    Our Apartment Complex has recently switched over to Smart Meters. I have been having unusual trouble sleeping through the night. Is there anything I can do about this? Other than move?

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