“I Want to Die” — One Woman Realizes Her ‘Smart’ Meter is to Blame for Debilitating Migraines

Great new article by Jen Pleasants on Salon published Friday about her struggle with migraines, and eventual realization that her (not so) smart meter was to blame.   Her solution in the face of her utility’s refusal to remove here meter- install a faraday cage to block the radiation.  If utilities refuse to remove smart meters that are causing health problems, this is just one recourse that people have.  She says:

“Do we really want to wait until we have ‘dead proof’ before we start taking EMFs seriously?!  I am going with my gut as far as EMFs are concerned and so are thousands of other concerned citizens. Something is not right.  I felt it firsthand.
What I want to know is why are we not studying this more!?!  As our world becomes more and more technologically advanced and we have more and more devices emitting EMFs our health is potentially being put at risk.  We need answers.”
Read  the full article here.
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5 Responses to “I Want to Die” — One Woman Realizes Her ‘Smart’ Meter is to Blame for Debilitating Migraines

  1. Josh Finley says:

    A Farady’s cage-that’s such a simple, brilliant solution to the problem! I can’t believe I didn’t think to suggest it earlier. It makes me wonder what will happen with the utility, though-will they sue her, or what? How will her electricity usage be recorded and billed?

    Do you realize what an effective form of resistance this could be? I’m not sure how she managed to cover the back of the meter (a Farady’s cage generally has to totally surround the source of RF to be effective), but you should find out and let people who don’t want smart meters know how to make these. It’s not the ultimate solution, but for people who are desperate and sick it sure beats giving up your life and career and moving out of state.

  2. Julie says:

    Those in charge of the coffers simply do not care about the health of the masses. Period.

  3. Gary says:

    You should have put “realized” in quote marks, since the meter and migraines are totally unrelated.

  4. Todd says:

    I’m concerned just having brain surgery and moving to California in a couple weeks that my headache’s will get worse.

  5. Rick says:

    Static charges/EmF/radio waves all seem to play a part in migraine & it may be that migraine sufferers are simply more tuned in to effects that are actually killing everyone.
    It’s possible to get a low cost radio wave detection device and you’ll see that areas of the body producing electric shock sensations are often hot spots for radio waves. It’s also possible to trigger migraines by using a static shock or magnet on a trigger point.
    The human body is an electrical organism, it is bound to be healed, hindered or destroyed by magnetic fields , electrical fields or radio waves. Earthing and neutralizing is a very good idea.

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